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Woozi: The Many Rules Of Dating Lee Jihoon (pt 4)

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Summary: bad boy jihoon part 4 I honestly have no idea where I’m going with this series tbh…. WARNING: as per usual, swearing, mentions of smoking and underaged drinking, implied sexual content (that I am cringing at because I don’t want there to be any sexual content at all but I’m putting it in for character and plot development even though it makes me uncomfortable), don’t read this if you’re like under 13

Jihoon wrapped his arm around Soonyoung’s waist, pulling the boy closer to him. He breathed in the scent of the boy’s shampoo as he busied himself with curling his own body around the other’s. Soonyoung’s light chuckles vibrated through his chest, emanating through Jihoon’s body as well as the younger boy sighed and squeezed him even tighter.

“What’s wrong, Jihoon? You’re never this clingy.” Soonyoung said, turning around in the boy’s arms. He pulled Jihoon’s head onto his chest and ran a hand over his head, petting him much like he would his own younger brother.

“Y/N and I had a fight.” Jihoon said. He melted into Soonyoung’s side as the older boy curled his fingers in his—now purple—locks.

“Already? Haven’t you only been together for a month?” Soonyoung asked. Jihoon nodded, wincing at the thought.

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I just watched Kiss Him, Not Me and it was soo good?? Serinuma is literally me, except I’m not cute and I don’t have a lot of guys (and one girl) who are all in love with me lol

I went to see ant man

It was better than anticipated. BUT.

Like 3/4s of the film were devoted to the audience being told again and again that Evangeline Lily couldn’t helm the film for no discernible reason. It seemed like a pointed and gross meta to fans who have been literally begging for a female helmed superhero movie. Literally the whole film was like:

Evangeline: I am better at everything than Paul Rudd. I have a better tragic backstory, I am better at controlling ants, I’ve studied the science, I’ve gained the trust of the bad guy, and I went to the Natasha Romanoff school of wrestling dudes to the ground with my thigh tackle.

Michael Douglas: no. It must be this rando.

Evangeline: I was Tauriel. I have already proven my action sequence chops. There is no logical reason for anyone but me to be ant man.

Michael Douglas: but you can’t tho.

Evangeline: srsly say any reason at all.

Michael Douglas: NO!!!

Paul Rudd: ok but really you can’t be ant man. You are only in this film as a “daughter”–you can only have importance in relation to a man, not because you have any story arc of your own.

Evangeline: oh right, forgot for a second that I’m a woman. Thought I had motivations but it turns out I don’t. Wanna make out awkwardly even though this film has not focused on our romance at all?

james’s whole ‘hot piece of tail’ comment just has me thinking of james hitting on matt at the gym bc HELLO there’s a guy here he’s never seen before, and he looks great even though he’s just running, and james doesn’t usually get crushes but boy oh boy does he have it bad for matt. he starts hoping that matt will be there when he goes to the gym, hopes that his workout will impress matt as much as matt has impressed him so that they can start talking bc matt is hot and strong and james wants in on that, but he also knows that hitting on buff and probably straight men at the gym isn’t the smartest idea so. he just. pines from afar