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I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.

♡ first kiss ?

okay so like I’ve seen a lot of ‘reddie’s first kiss’ and stuff, so I’m doing my own twist:

okay so it’s thundering out and Eddie’s mom left the house and Eddie has been constantly calling Richie to come over because he was scared his house would get struck or something, so Richie finally heads over there. Eddie is kind of shy around Richie lately, and Richie noticed his cheeks were always red around him,, so of course Richie had to tease him a bunch, saying things like “damn did the lighting hit you first or is your face just naturally that red.” Eddie of course blushes even harder and punches Richie in the shoulder, making them start fighting and giggling hysterically as they rolled around on Eddie’s bed,, until lighting struck and it was super loud so Eddie got scared and jumped up and clung to Richie, quickly apologizing as he realized what he was doing and hid his face in his knees, rocking himself back and forth,, as Richie scooted over and slung an arm around him. “You okay Eds?” “What? Oh yeah, pfft t-totally fine.” He muttered, slowing his rocking, as Richie laid a hand on his leg, making Eddie look down and look up into Richie’s eyes. “You know what’s the best thing about lighting storms?” “Nothing is cool about lighting storms, Richie. They’re terrifying, and-” “the lighting makes your cheeks red, or maybe it’s just me.” Richie said, cutting Eddie off. “What? No it’s totally the lightning, that’s why I’m so scared and-” Richie pressed his lips to Eddie’s softly, cupping his cheek in his other hand,, as Richie pulled away a little bit and Eddie fell back onto the bed, blushing furiously. “okay, maybe it wasn’t the lightning.”


Lmao that sucks Idek where I got that idea from lol, but yeah sorry it was kind of long as well 😂💛

This sketch was supposed to be cute and adorable… I don’t know what happened

Les Mis Characters as Songs from Phineas and Ferb
  • (Idk why I did this but if you listen to the songs maybe it will make sense?)
  • Valjean: Chains on Me
  • Javert: Busted
  • Cosette: What'cha Doin'?
  • Marius: Gitchee Gitchee Goo
  • Eponine: Home on the Road
  • Montparnasse: Fabulous
  • Enjolras: There's a Platypus Controlling Me (no really, listen to this one)
  • Grantaire: Ain't Got Rhythm
  • Combeferre: Somebody Give Me a Grade
  • Courfeyrac: Squirrels in my Pants (idek)
  • Joly: Not Knowing Where You're Going
  • Bossuet: Give Up
  • Bahorel: Roller Coaster
  • Jehan: She's Got an Alien Heart
  • Feuilly: Carpe Diem
  • Gavroche: Come Home Perry
Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

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Part One - Part 2

A/N: Sorry this took so long to post! This high key sucks but Idk if little kids read these and I didn’t wan to get too invested if you know what I mean. I hope you guys enjoy and just know that you can always send in requests! (Please send in request cause I’m high key clueless) 

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{8/?} *:・゚✧ social media au where yoongi is an insta famous model and aspiring singer taehyung is the guy in his class who has a big ass crush on him. 


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idk if ur still taking fic requests but: kanej anastasia au (inej wants to find her family, we all know kaz is /only/ there for the money)

okay but this def calls for a multichaptered fic just bc i can’t smush everything into a oneshot bUT have some headcanons first (consider this a layout for the actual thing?? maybe??)
- inej’s a lost suli princess, obviously
- kaz as dimitri, jesper as vladimir, there’s a badass girl they meet on the train right before it break and she literally saves their asses and that, ofc, is nina
- matthias is bartok except he’s human /the Big Bad a.k.a rasputin is jarl brum (i considered pekka rollins but honestly?? jarl is way way more terrifying simply bc he’s an actual literal nazi fanatic and he has no remorse/ and matthias grows more and more unsure about his ~mission~ everyday
- inej: constantly trying to convince kaz he shouldn’t maybe,, deck people with his cane at the first minor inconvenience
inej: ? :)
kaz: [storms off]
jesper: ah yes young love
nina: jesper you’re young too
jesper: who me?? nah i have wylan in paris, i’m cool
- okay but imagine inej dancing to once upon a december except she doesn’t know HOW or why she knows it, she just does (that’s before she figured out her medallion was actually a music box)
- imagine kaz walking in on her twirling and she doesn’t notice him at first so he gets all red and then she sees him and it’s super awkward but inej smiles and makes everything better (it is a known fact that inej’s smile can make flowers grow)
- jarl brum sending his evil minions after her (also bc he has old hatred for nina and inej helped her escape that burning train)
- matthias tries to convince jarl brum to like,, chill the fuck out maybe but fails miserably
- kaz’s ptsd is still present bc it’s an essential part of his character (no matter what au this is), his background, his persona and so he can’t grab inej when she wakes up from that nightmare on the ship
- so he just tells her to pretend there’s a net, and he reminds her how much she hates nets and that she’s stronger than that so she climbs back up all on her own bc she’s inej mothereffin ghafa so eat a cactus jarl brum
- they get to paris and wylan’s like. blushing like an actual pepper (as wylan does) so jesper immediately seizes the opportunity and starts calling him little devil bc yknow red pepper hot yadda yadda yadda
- meanwhile nina actually acts like sophie and takes them out for waffles, shows them around paris, somehow gets in touch with the queen before wylan could even open the door
- KAZ SEEING INEJ!!!!!!!! IN THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ajksdjkask
- his fingers barely brush during the ballet scene at the theater but it’s like electricity (for both of them)
- kaz, who has spend so much time babbling about his precious kruge, the $$$$, the green goodies, just smiles at the happy reunion and retracts into the shadows
- the big battle has a lot of knife throwing on inej’s part and ofc kaz tries to talk jarl brum out of it and somehow persuade him to drop it
- then he tries to make a deal with him but that plan flops too
- and then inej plays it dirty and literally creeps up on jarl, giving him a good kick in the ass so the reliquary rolls out of his pocket and then it’s a stiletto death bitch bye bye
- kaz? dying? all inej had to do was whisper “kaz, KRUGE” and he was up and running, fresh as a cucumber
- inej’s parents see that her dream is to actually have her own ship and crew and help people who have to deal with assholes like jarl brum so they let her go and kaz goes with her under the pretext that he could get a lot of $$$$$ out of it
- last scene is matthias perched on a hotel’s balcony and suddenly nina appears (turns out she got the wrong room) and it’s the happiest ever after

Okay I just need to say...

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been obsessing over the White Princess and for the past few eps I’ve been so distracted because Jacob Collins-Levy as Henry VII basically looks like a future AU where Jon and Sansa had a son. I mean:

Look at those baby blue eyes and auburn hair matched with those L’Oreal curls and tell me that is not the future King in the North Jon Jr. 

Add that to the fact that his character is basically King of Extra and wants to wear black all the time and in short:

random Becky-related 451 headcanon: due to the amount of time Jonathan spent ranting to anyone who would foolishly stand near him listen about Becky after The Becky Incident, Edward started saying ‘ah yes…. the heretic’ in solemn tones whenever Becky was mentioned, because it drove Jonathan up the wall and everyone else found it hilarious. c’mon Jon, you do tend to sound a little bit like a preacher denouncing that awful witch woman who won’t just accept the light of Jesus Christ into her life when you go on about it. so Jonathan finally quit talking about it so much but the meme, and the name, stuck. 

so one day Becky is gonna wind up having to visit the Iceberg Lounge for some reason, and on that day she’s going to be excitedly greeted by a bunch of people calling her the Heretic. there’s a drink named the Heretic. she’s a minor legend/meme among the Rogues without even being aware of it. and hey, Harvey points out, if she ever decides to take off from the straight and narrow she’s made a name for herself already. which Becky probably responded to with ‘thanks but if i did i wouldn’t pick anything related to crane in any way’, but until then, her nickname among the Gallery remains the Heretic, and people eavesdropping on conversations remain confused about who that is

 (this event probably concludes with Jonathan walking in late and Becky passive-aggressively ordering the Heretic drink (which Jon is incapable of drinking because the alcohol content is much too high for him) and making small talk with Edward and Harvey while pretending not to notice Jon freaking out in the corner (Harvey’s fronting that night, not Harv, so he gives her a ride home and some tips on law school) and then being ridiculously, over-the-top polite to Jon when he approaches (they’ve both got Southern backgrounds, it turns into the most viciously polite conversation anyone’s ever seen) and all in all it’s a wild night) 

Who is your daddy?

Request: Heyy I really love your one-shots. Soooo could you do a one-shot where Dean discovers that the reader has a daddy kink and she gets a bit to bratty so he teaches her a lesson on how to behave Thanks! by Anonymous

Words: 1206

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: smutty smut smut, Daddy Kink, oral sex, rough sex, dirty talking, spanking, idek what I’m doing with my life, this got out of hand, I got out of hand, so NSFW

@crowlorevstiel @castiels-little-grace @angelus320 :)

A/N: spill me with holy water and burn me afterwards

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(I saw this on the back of a pack of gummy bears I have & suddenly got this idea with the ot4)

Izuku: *talking in a serious tone* Kacchan, Shoucchan, Shincchan we need to talk

Shouto: Yes Izuku?

Katsuki: What now Deku? I’m fucking busy

Hitoshi: What is it?

Izuku: Well you see….I’ve been cheating on all of you for the past week…

Shouto: *surprised* What?

Katsuki: Are you fucking kidding?

Hitoshi: *pins Izuku to the wall* Who is it your cheating on us with and what do they have that we don’t?

Izuku: U-um well you see… *holds out pack of gummies & shows them the back*

Katsuki: *flips the table* You motherfucker

Shouto: You got me there Izuku

Hitoshi: Play like that again and maybe we’ll take our revenge

Izuku: *laughs*