idek where i got this but

This sketch was supposed to be cute and adorable… I don’t know what happened


I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.

im glad the warcraft movie flopped. idek who this is alls i know is shes supposed to be an orc but this is just a woman with spock ears and vampire teeth she won at chuck e cheese. shes the dream girl of the “i want to douse you in green paint and spank you like a disobedient avocado” man. youve got a race of the Incredible Hulks who dont know what the fuck a dentist is but u cant even make the orc ladies muscular ladies cause u still gotta pander to your sweaty male fanbase in 2016 with the Sexy Lady Chicks. where is the Muscle. where is the Scrunched Up Fucking Orc Face. obviously im aware blizzard has a problem with sexual dimorphism in this game but they didnt even try here!!! dont even get me started on male and female trolls or god forbid male and female worgens guess what blizzard dogs look the exact fucking same regardless of gender. going back to the dentist thing her teeth are completely white like shes been suckin colgates MintyFresh™ dick!!!! this is the lady that elitist gamers think about when they talk about fake gamer girls

but what if louis did an another man type shoot except reverse. like what if instead of a collar and a flowery meadow, he’s got a riding crop and is lounging on a chaise somewhere with some expensive wine an rugs or somethin. or what if they did black and white shots of him smoking, with his face cast at just the right angel where his features look so sharp and defined, but instead of being all broody and serious, he’s smiling in those pictures.

and what if when they took hometown pictures they have shots of him like laying on the ground in the park he used to go to as a kid, but he’s with his siblings and they’re on top of him like a dog pile. and what if they included pictures of baby louis when he was in the process of recording look after you like wow honestly i have too many thoughts about thissss

ambiguity of expression

(read on ao3)

When Derek comes back from winter break, there’s something subdued about him.

Dex isn’t sure where or when something changed. But there’s a quietness to the way Nursey moves now, a stillness in his words that wasn’t always there before. Nursey walks into the Haus and the smile’s still there, the one that hits Dex like a good check, but then he turns away from the kitchen and towards where Dex is sitting on the biohazard of a couch, and for a second Dex sees the smile slip off the planes of Nursey’s face. Just for a moment, when Nursey is facing that in-between zone, when Dex shouldn’t be looking but is, the tilt of Nursey’s mouth and the angle of his forest eyes suddenly feel heavy, restrained. And then their eyes meet, and Nursey’s lips are more smirk than smile, and the moment passes.

Dex scowls and returns his gaze to his laptop screen.

He doesn’t know how he feels about this Nursey.

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Confessions In A Blizzard (Carry On Countdown Dec 12th)

I could have done fluff but instead I give you this. Idek what I was going for tbh but I hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


Baz knew Simon was following him. He had gotten used to the way his footsteps sounded during Snow’s fifth year stalking phase. Baz sighed inwardly. He wasn’t particularly in the mood to fight with Snow.
The wintertime was when he was forced to go back to his house and leave his shared room with Snow. He always got moody when he thought about the separation.
Instead of going back to the room where Snow could safely corner him, Baz walked off the drawbridge and towards the forest. It was snowing pretty heavily and he hoped the cold would inspire Snow to give up his pursuit.
“Baz!” He heard Snow’s voice ring out.
“Leave me alone Snow.”
He heard the crunch of snow behind him and picked up his pace. Eventually Snow would have to give up in this kind of weather. Being a vampire had some advantages; one being that Baz could handle extreme cold better than humans.
“Baz…wait! I have to ask you something.”
He ignored him and found a nice patch of snow to sit on. It would definitely get his clothes wet and make him uncomfortable, but Baz enjoyed the idea of looking arrogantly cool sitting in the snow. He leaned his chin against his hand and smirked at Snow.
Snow looked completely disheveled. His uniform was muddied and wet up to the knees and his curls were plastered to his forehead with sweat. Even though he was quite tan, his cheeks were red with either physical exhaustion or sunburn. His unremarkable blue eyes were watering at the cold. Baz felt his whole body light up just looking at the messy teenager.
Snow glared at him.
“You do realize it’s like, a blizzard out here right?”
Baz shrugged, “That’s kind of an overstatement.”
“You might be able to deal with this kind of weather but I can’t.”
Baz grinned. “Precisely the point Snow. Go inside and be warm. I’ll be fine.”
“Because you’re a vampire.”
Baz sneered. “Don’t be so presumptuous. I’ve got fire magic, remember?”
Snow rubbed his arms. “Well can you use some of that on me?”
Baz rolled his eyes. “No I can’t. For one thing, you’re not worth it. And for another, I don’t want to encourage you to stay.”
Snow clenched his teeth. “Fine! Look all I wanted to say is that…well it’s kind of awkward.”
Baz closed his eyes. “You’re boring me. I think I’ll take a nap while you dribble on.”
He heard Snow crunch forward and sit beside him. Baz opened his eyes in surprise to find Snow sitting only a few inches away.
“What are you doing? You’re going to freeze.”
Snow shrugged. “I needed your attention.”
Baz put his face in his hands. “You’re not going to give up are you?”
Baz frowned. “Fine. I don’t want your death on my conscience just yet.”
Baz used some low burning fire magic to warm Snow’s body. It would melt the snow a lot faster but it was better than nothing.
Snow bit his nail.
“Look Baz, I wanted to ask you something.”
“So shoot.”
“Do you like me?”
Baz laughed. “Are you serious? I think we’ve established long ago that I hate you.”
Snow sighed and looked away. He seemed nervous about something.
“That’s not exactly what I meant. I…do you like me?”
Baz realized what Snow was getting at and felt his stomach dip. Snow must have caught on to him. Baz had thought he was being careful but what did he know really? Snow probably caught him staring at him during class and guessed.
“I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about Snow.”
Snow’s cheeks were as red as they could possibly be.
“I-I just want to know the truth. It’s not like it upsets me or something.”
Baz peered off at the drawbridge. He knew this was his chance to admit his feelings. Hell, Snow was even saying he wouldn’t be upset. But it didn’t feel like enough. It didn’t seem worth exposing his soul just to have Snow say it was okay. He wanted Snow to like him back, not accept him.
“Look it’s getting late. They’re going to pull up the drawbridge soon and you definitely can’t afford to get stuck out here.”
Snow sighed and followed him in the snow. It was coming down pretty heavily. Baz worried that Snow might actually be in some danger at this point.
“Baz I know you like me,” Snow shouted into the flurry.
“That’s kind of cocky of you.”
Snow pushed forward a bit so he was trudging next to Baz instead of behind him.
“You stare at me all the time. And sometimes you blush a little when I get too close.”
Baz felt a flicker of panic as he realized the sun was setting. They really would be pulling the drawbridge up soon.
“Maybe that’s just because I want to eat you.”
He felt Snow’s warm hand grip his arm. Baz let Snow whip him around. Snow’s eyelashes were starting to frost over and his nose was too red.
“Simon you need to pick up the pace! You’ll die out here if we don’t get inside in time!”
Snow’s eyes widened.
“You just said my name.”
Baz squinted against the snowflakes.
Snow smiled, his eyes brighter than the blinding white around them.
“You called me Simon, not Snow.”
Baz felt his cheeks warm. “Well that’s your bloody name you prat!”
Simon’s eye lidded warmly. “I told you that you blush sometimes.”
He rushed forward and kissed Baz. For a moment Baz felt completely shocked. Baz held himself back as he worried Snow was playing a trick on him. But then Snow growled and pushed his hands through Baz’s hair and he found he didn’t care if it was a trick. He kissed Snow back with everything he had. Baz poured years of anguish and desire into the kissed and groaned when Snow gave it right back. He wanted to keep going, to kiss Snow for hours, but he could feel the temperature dropping.
He ripped himself away.
“Fine! I like you! Okay? In fact I’ve been in love with you for years you fucking git. Can you please let me get you out of the snow now?”
Snow grinned. “Of course.”
Baz and Simon walked back hand in hand. They got across the bridge just in time. Snow was shivering by the time they got back to their room. Baz fussed over him and wondered how much fire magic he would need to use.
“Baz, I have another idea on how to warm me up.”
Baz wasn’t very focused on Snow’s expression.
“What is it?”
He felt Snow’s hand snake up his chest and into his hair. Baz realized what Snow was getting at. Giving up Baz nodded and let himself bask in Snow, his Snow.

I wrote a quick thing

Jack didn’t bother knocking as he swaggered into Baker Street. “I have seen a few things Sherlock Holmes, but you’ve really let yourself go, haven’t you?” Jack plopped himself onto the sofa and put his feet up.

Sherlock didn’t look up from where he was perched in his chair. “Mycroft sent you.”

“Naw. It’s all over. you’ve locked yourself in your flat and aren’t coming out, aren’t seeing clients. Just growing a beard of sorrow and taking all the drugs, apparently.”

Jack pulled an envelope out of his coat. “Got a puzzle for you.”

“As you so eloquently put it, I’m not exactly in shape to go chasing weevils.”

“Don’t even have to leave that chair.” Jack stretched. “You have dinner tonight?”

Sherlock scoffed.

“That’s what I thought.” Jack got up and dropped the envelope in his lap. “I’m gonna go get some chips. I’ll be back in fifteen.”

“And why am I going to help you?”

“Well, A) I’m bringing chips. B) You’re not doing anything else and C) because I’m cute.” Jack tousled Sherlock’s hair, plopped a kiss on the top of his head and made his way out, leaving the flat much quieter then before he’d appeared.

Sherlock narrowed his eyes in the direction Jack had gone, but his shaking hands opened the envelope he’d left behind.

what if

  • They’re in the thick of battle and Widowmaker takes a serious hit, whereby she got slammed into a brick/concrete wall or something. Her helmet prevented her skull from cracking, but the impact was hard enough to concuss. What if this triggers her mind to become Amélie again.
  • And she’s disoriented, dazed, terrified, because where is she? What happened to her body? Why is she stuck in a crossfire? Where’s her husband? Who is that man in black dual-wielding shotguns and protecting her? Shouting at her and calling her widowmaker like that’s supposed to mean something, like she’s supposed to understand.
  • “Shit” Reaper thinks to himself when he catches the fear in her eyes. Shit shit shit shit shit.
  • He says he’s Gabriel Reyes, your husband’s colleague remember?, when they have a moment to breathe. He won’t take off his mask. There are bullet cases all over the ground, lodged into the walls, smoke coming from a torn-apart building. They’re on a battlefield and she can’t breathe, thinking to herself that this isn’t happening, this can’t be happening.
  • Ou est mon mari?” Stuttered, scared, Amélie is shaking.
  • Gabriel shifts on his feet, pensive. He’s not wearing the Overwatch uniform. He won’t take off his mask. She crawls backwards, head aching, body aching, heart aching, back against the wall, trapped in all meanings of the word. 
  • “I’ll take you to him.” Voice gruff, a furtive glance cast over his shoulder, then back at her. It dawns on him that he needs to reassure her, win her over. Talon needs its best sniper and… Reaper holds out his hand.
  • He needs her at his back, for support. 
  • “Stay close to me, yeah.” He swallows reflexively, his mask making the sound like static. “You know Gérard would fuck me up if anything happened to you. Wouldn’t wanna risk my ass, not even over your pretty face” Lies are supposed to come easy to him now, easier than before. 
  • She’s still trembling and they don’t have time for this shit. Fuck Amélie, Reaper curses silently, we have to move now. 
  • Gabriel, what happened to me?” Her voice breaks along his name, her eyes are open-wide and vulnerable. 
  • There’s a pause. He holds onto her hand, gets her up on her feet and steadies her. “Overwatch, but we can catch up later.” Sirens are howling somewhere to their right. They need to move. Now.
  • “Take me to Gérard.” Amélie asks quietly, squeezing his hand.
  • He doesn’t squeeze back, doesn’t reply, but he holds onto her and starts to move.
  • She follows anyway.

or any excuse for those two to hold hands is nice.

Can we just appreciate this hilarious thought my brain just had?

Picture if you will, that Dean Winchester was born Deanna Winchester (yes @wincechesters I’m looking at you darling)

Picture Deanna spending her whole life fighting monsters with her little brother and their Father, taking down any baddies that go bump in the night on their quest to find the one demon who killed their mother.

Picture Deanna and Sammy on a hunt together, and they get ambushed. Let’s say they’re witches. Sammy’s trying to take out the altar while Deanna keeps the coven distracted.

Just… picture the fight. Deanna’s thrown a few good punches, but it’s three against one. There’s blood on her lip, a cut on her face, her stomach is inflamed from the knee she took just now. She’s shaking as she picks herself up, but she’s also laughing.

She’s spits the blood out her mouth as the witches stare at her in disbelief. How is this huntress still standing? they wonder. And Deanna’s still laughing as she picks her hands up.

“That’s the best you got?” She taunts them. “I’ve had period cramps that hit harder than you three bitches.”

Who is your daddy?

Request: Heyy I really love your one-shots. Soooo could you do a one-shot where Dean discovers that the reader has a daddy kink and she gets a bit to bratty so he teaches her a lesson on how to behave Thanks! by Anonymous

Words: 1206

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: smutty smut smut, Daddy Kink, oral sex, rough sex, dirty talking, spanking, idek what I’m doing with my life, this got out of hand, I got out of hand, so NSFW

@crowlorevstiel @castiels-little-grace @angelus320 :)

A/N: spill me with holy water and burn me afterwards

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i m sorry but saihara is kirigiri fanboi confirmed ((which is why he wanted to be shsl detective)) and he prob have kirigiri merch stacked sky high in his house

hc where pre-v3 kaito and saihara know each other and kaito would bully saihara for being a nerd, but saihara doesn’t rlly give a shit and thus after many occurrences the serial killer and the dr craze fan just kinda,,,got in a love hate relationship


anonymous asked:

How did u meet someone in a charity shop oh my god that's magical

hahha. its actually the best story. well, i was on my way into town to get my film processed but i …randomly decided to go into the charity shop on my way. (suchhh a coincidence!) and this is the shop where my beautiful beautiful friend works. so i was browsing for a long time and got a TON of stuff and i was stood there and starting asking about how the shop is closing (bc its closing) and then we talked about that and randomly got talking idek how! but he said he liked my trousers and said i looked like a model (which was terribly nice!) & we talked about his photography project thing because i mentioned i took photos and if he was up for modelling then we could hang out. and so we got our contact details and met up two days later !!!!! and things went from there…haha its a wonderful story actually

One sometimes has to question the Empire’s thought process.

I mean, look at them, they’ve got these badass troopers in white armor, freakin’ Sith Lord Darth Vader, gigantic stardestroyers, and then there are these orange lizard hippo things.

EDIT: I realized that they appear brownish-green in the movies. I play Star Wars Commander where the dewbacks appear orange, so that’s where I got that from. idek

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i just have a lot of feelings about annamis in s3.

there’s no doubt whatsoever about their mutual feelings and whether or not they can be a thing (obviously they can’t as far as they know), yet it’s almost the most domestic they’ve ever been. they meet, negotiate peace, support each other, try and protect the dauphin. they think alike, they act on the same instincts, they want the same things. they have the same vision. it’s like he wasn’t away for more than four minutes, let alone four years.

and he’s her rock, her one rock after she suffered four years of isolation, solitude and hostility. not once does he question her moves, even when they’re not her best ones. judging what she does or doesn’t do is beyond the point for aramis. no matter what, he’s got her

it’s so beautiful i want to stab myself.