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one day i’m going to open a bar, okay, and the name is going to be a werewolf pun?? or a reference?? and it’s gonna be themed. just slightly. like, blue moon beer or a full moon cocktail or whatever. not too obvious but noticeable. and i’m gonna make sure all my bartenders and staff are like, kind of buff and hairy looking, right? and maybe one of them will wear contacts. they always avoid eye contact, but just enough where patrons might see it from the corner of their eye, just for a second. and it will always be closed on full moons and the days surrounding it, right? it will say some bullshit like “reserved for a private venue” every time but if anyone tries to book it, no matter how early they are, it will always, always already be booked. i might leave some torn slightly red-stained clothes in the corner behind the bar, just barely visible. i’ll make sure some of the staff/visitors that i hired or whatever are eating really rare, almost raw (not unhealthily but noticeably) burgers. one or more of them sniff people randomly. one of the bartenders constantly makes bad werewolf/wolf puns and jokes to anyone who will listen. all the staff and a few regulars will chuckle. patrons sometimes hear them mutter something about irony. some of the regulars and bartenders discuss hunting a bit too much. one of the deer heads on the wall looks like it was bitten into. several regulars are constantly overheard debating how inaccurate various tv shows and movies are, such as “twilight”, “teen wolf”, and “the wolfman”, which all dissolves into a debate over various plot points and who’s the best character. (”c’mon, it’s obviously stiles!” “but he’s not a werewolf, man, side with your own people!” they ignore the stares they get at that.) there are a few dog beds behind the bar that are covered in hair, but pets aren’t allowed in the bar, and no one has ever seen a dog on the premises. if anyone asks about werewolves who isn’t one of the staff or regulars, they’re immediately met with dead silence and judging stares. until they leave. they never return. there are pictures of various staff members with large… suspiciously wolf-like dogs… on the wall. people overhear staff complaining about how they ripped their favorite shirt last night and it was annoying. one of the bartenders has clear scars from long claws disappearing into their sleeves. another has a bitemark on their collarbone and too much chest hair. anyone who tries to get hired is also met with dead silence, except for when i’ve told them to come in, in which case the manager sniffs them up and down, gives them an intense look, and brings them to the back room for “privacy”. there are an unusually low amount of deer in the nearby forest. guys. guys. i’m gonna make everyone in town think my bar is a werewolf den. this is gonna be so fucking great when i have money and time and less depression

deh hc where evan just loves to be held especially by connor because he has the warmest hugs ever and comfiest chest to lean on and snuggle into but often has an awful wrench of pot so connor usually has to wear lots of cologne or something flowery because evan likes the smell of flowers and just freshness. connor on the other hand loves to hold him because a happy evan means a happy connor plus evan giggling in his arms is the cutest sight to see.


I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.

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Do you wanna share with us any otayuri omegaverse hc 👀👀👀? - same anon 🌺

Well I’m supposed to be working on my fanfic but I’m literally so stuck idek where to even begin so let’s hope this helps 

  • For the longest time, Yuri doesn’t even know he’s an omega until he goes into his first heat. He had planned on getting a blood test, but he never got around to it and he had to find out by waking up just a few days before competition in excruciating pain and soaking his sheets (thankfully his heat was over in time and he was able to skate and win gold because you know talent). 
  • Every omega has their own particular scent to it when they’re in heat, they just do - Yuri smells like ice and vanilla, with a hint of strawberry thrown in the mix to give it a curve. 
  • Otabek hadn’t met him yet, they had only just arrived for the competition, but he’d be damned if he didn’t smell him. 
  • Yuri could smell him too: cinnamon and cedar, with a translucent layer of hazelnut to musk it over. 
  • Yuri couldn’t stand, thankfully, but it took everything - everything in Otabek’s power to keep from following the scent all the way up to the hotel room and knotting him into the mattress. 
  • They didn’t realize who they were until after they had met and were already well into their relationship. They were long distance, and Yuri managed to avoid a lot of heats with Otabek around until their second year when Otabek retired and moved in with him in St. Petersburg. 
  • They smelled it again, but this time, they were both so in shock because they knew. 
  • “Barcelona?” … “Fucking hell.”
  • Because of Otabek’s fucking incredible tolerance they managed to avoid sex for that heat, and Yuri made sure to never forget his suppressants.
  • Yuri’s bond bite is on the crook of his neck just above his collar bone, not only visible but so that way the omega could feel it every time he turns his head. Sometimes, when he’s scared or tense, Otabek will run his fingers along the bite as if to tell him “it’s okay. I’m here. I won’t let anything happen to you. I will protect you.” 
  • When he nests, Yuri puts together a series of hoodies and other clothes he could find that it smells like his alpha, he even has his scarf and his bear. 
  • When they share a heat for the first time, it’s so damn intense Yuri doesn’t even remember what happened until Otabek tells him. 
  • When Yuri has his first child, Otabek become a thousand times more possessive and protective of his omega. There is no possible way a hand or an ear of his could be removed from Yuri’s abdomen until that baby is born. 
  • Yuri never had a family, Otabek had a large family - Otabek wanted a smaller family and Yuri wanted at least six kids. 
  • They compromised to have two, but accidentally had three - two alpha boys and a beta girl. They make sure to raise their children to be aware omegas are just as capable and deserve just as much respect as any other gender. 
  • The two alpha boys are extremely protective of their little beta sister, and she ends up looking and acting so much like Yuri’s mother he has to pull her aside and make her promise to never touch a drug in her life. 
  • Many alpha/omegas think they’re soulbounded but they find out down the road that they weren’t, but Otabek and Yuri are very much so soulbounded. They never knew how they got so lucky, but their souls were so linked that they were one being. So much so that when they grew old and when Yuri reached the end of his life while they lied in bed together, Otabek passed not even five minutes later, still holding tightly onto his lover’s hand and his other hand resting gently on the bond bite.
  • It’s okay. I’m here. I won’t let you go alone. I will protect you. Even when we’re ghosts.  
Okay I just need to say...

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been obsessing over the White Princess and for the past few eps I’ve been so distracted because Jacob Collins-Levy as Henry VII basically looks like a future AU where Jon and Sansa had a son. I mean:

Look at those baby blue eyes and auburn hair matched with those L’Oreal curls and tell me that is not the future King in the North Jon Jr. 

Add that to the fact that his character is basically King of Extra and wants to wear black all the time and in short:

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idk if ur still taking fic requests but: kanej anastasia au (inej wants to find her family, we all know kaz is /only/ there for the money)

okay but this def calls for a multichaptered fic just bc i can’t smush everything into a oneshot bUT have some headcanons first (consider this a layout for the actual thing?? maybe??)
- inej’s a lost suli princess, obviously
- kaz as dimitri, jesper as vladimir, there’s a badass girl they meet on the train right before it break and she literally saves their asses and that, ofc, is nina
- matthias is bartok except he’s human /the Big Bad a.k.a rasputin is jarl brum (i considered pekka rollins but honestly?? jarl is way way more terrifying simply bc he’s an actual literal nazi fanatic and he has no remorse/ and matthias grows more and more unsure about his ~mission~ everyday
- inej: constantly trying to convince kaz he shouldn’t maybe,, deck people with his cane at the first minor inconvenience
inej: ? :)
kaz: [storms off]
jesper: ah yes young love
nina: jesper you’re young too
jesper: who me?? nah i have wylan in paris, i’m cool
- okay but imagine inej dancing to once upon a december except she doesn’t know HOW or why she knows it, she just does (that’s before she figured out her medallion was actually a music box)
- imagine kaz walking in on her twirling and she doesn’t notice him at first so he gets all red and then she sees him and it’s super awkward but inej smiles and makes everything better (it is a known fact that inej’s smile can make flowers grow)
- jarl brum sending his evil minions after her (also bc he has old hatred for nina and inej helped her escape that burning train)
- matthias tries to convince jarl brum to like,, chill the fuck out maybe but fails miserably
- kaz’s ptsd is still present bc it’s an essential part of his character (no matter what au this is), his background, his persona and so he can’t grab inej when she wakes up from that nightmare on the ship
- so he just tells her to pretend there’s a net, and he reminds her how much she hates nets and that she’s stronger than that so she climbs back up all on her own bc she’s inej mothereffin ghafa so eat a cactus jarl brum
- they get to paris and wylan’s like. blushing like an actual pepper (as wylan does) so jesper immediately seizes the opportunity and starts calling him little devil bc yknow red pepper hot yadda yadda yadda
- meanwhile nina actually acts like sophie and takes them out for waffles, shows them around paris, somehow gets in touch with the queen before wylan could even open the door
- KAZ SEEING INEJ!!!!!!!! IN THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ajksdjkask
- his fingers barely brush during the ballet scene at the theater but it’s like electricity (for both of them)
- kaz, who has spend so much time babbling about his precious kruge, the $$$$, the green goodies, just smiles at the happy reunion and retracts into the shadows
- the big battle has a lot of knife throwing on inej’s part and ofc kaz tries to talk jarl brum out of it and somehow persuade him to drop it
- then he tries to make a deal with him but that plan flops too
- and then inej plays it dirty and literally creeps up on jarl, giving him a good kick in the ass so the reliquary rolls out of his pocket and then it’s a stiletto death bitch bye bye
- kaz? dying? all inej had to do was whisper “kaz, KRUGE” and he was up and running, fresh as a cucumber
- inej’s parents see that her dream is to actually have her own ship and crew and help people who have to deal with assholes like jarl brum so they let her go and kaz goes with her under the pretext that he could get a lot of $$$$$ out of it
- last scene is matthias perched on a hotel’s balcony and suddenly nina appears (turns out she got the wrong room) and it’s the happiest ever after

Here’s the thing about OUAT getting another season: you don’t have to watch it. Or accept it as canon.

My first fandom was Star Wars. No one ever thought we’d get more than 6 movies. They made another movie. They killed my favourite character. I was mad, and I ranted, and then I got over it and filed it under “AU” and moved on. I refuse to accept it as canon. I can go back and watch the OT and read the books where Han is alive and well and happy. At the same time, I know a lot of people who love the new movie, and the new characters, and I think that’s great. So I don’t want the trilogy cancelled, or wish Episode 7 had never been made, because it means a lot to a lot of people, it made and still makes a lot of people happy, and that’s a good thing. Not watching the new trilogy is my choice, and it’s independent of whether or not those movie exist.

My point is, the same goes for OUAT, if you want. The fandom has come up with a million AUs. The show itself has come up with a few AUs. Whatever happens next, you don’t have to accept or acknowledge it. You can go back and rewatch the episodes you love, you can pretend the story ends after season 6, or season 4, or at any point you want, really. You can watch season 7 as an AU, or not at all.

And the good thing about the renewal, whether or not you personally want to see the new season or not, is that it raises the chances of still having an active fandom, which I know people have been worried about. Getting renewed is good in that regard, no matter whether you still want to watch or not. And an active fandom means more fic, more art, and more AUs (and post-season-6 canon divergence stories).

Just a more positive slant. And a disclaimer: of course everyone’s free to feel however they want and I’m not going to argue with that. This is just my view and you don’t need to argue or defend yourself against it, I promise. If it helps, great, if not, ignore it. I’m 100% okay with people who’re angry, too. I’ve been there.

This sketch was supposed to be cute and adorable… I don’t know what happened

As Memory Fades

Rumplestiltskin/Belle, Mature

Summary: Rumple and Belle and what they were thinking when they were sitting on that couch. From the episode stills for 6x16 Mother’s Little Helper.

Notes: IDEK. This is basically awful and weirdly present tense. Where I thought I was going with it, I didn’t go. I’m sorry.


Belle picks at a bit of lint on her trousers and brushes it away. She got a few strange looks when she showed up at the house in her gray slacks and jacket, and a raised eyebrow from Rumple. But if he can chop off all his hair after three hundred years, she can wear trousers for crying out loud. It does feel a bit weird though.

Rumple sighs as he sits down on the sofa beside her, silence and memories stretching long between them. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, his hands folded. A moment later she mirrors him, watching as he plays with his ring, twisting it back and forth. Her thumb rubs over her own empty finger as she swallows, the weight in her chest making it hard to breathe.

“It feels strange,” she says finally, “being back here again.”

He glances at her sideways and nods. “It’s - different.”

She sighs again. “Very.”

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I follow you because I'm in love with I Had Rather and We Used To Wait and because you're an amazing writer and because you get as excited as I do talking about Nick and Louis. And because I know that if I ask you how you feel about Louis taking care of Nick when he has a cold without trying to make it look like he's actually takig care of him, you'll share your thoughts with me and I'll love it. And also because you're lovely. xx

OH OH OH what if they weren’t really together but maybe Louis wanted to be, and maybe he’d sort of managed to get Nick to finally believe that they were proper mates, but one time he rings from LA and Nick is all gruff and snuffly and tired and pretending he’s okay. 

And Louis is worried, right? But he can’t say anything because he and Nick are pretty new mates, and Nick has a million better friends, but Nick clearly needs a bit of an early night and a few cups of tea. So he doesn’t say anything, other than a bit of you sound a bit rough, mate, and not wanging on for hours about nothing just so he can keep talking to Nick for as long as possible. (Sometimes he wonders if Nick is wanting to get rid of him, but Louis tells himself that Nick is perfectly capable of telling him to bugger off or not answer his phone or whatever, but Nick always answers). 

But the next time he rings, Nick still sounds tired and bunged up and miserable, and the next time, even more so, and Louis is kind of at a loose end and really one hundred per cent tries to tell himself he’s going home because he fancies seeing family and friends, but that absolutely does not explain why he shows up at Nick’s door at half eleven in the morning on a Friday when the previous morning he hadn’t even booked a flight. 

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I don't understand why it's such a bad thing to worry about the state of Zayns career right now. He's more known now for following Gigi around and being a model rather than a critically acclaimed singer. Ha**ys single is going to to debut at number 1 meanwhile Zayns second album debut isn't even in the top 50s. He's not even doing anything. He released a damn song but would rather dye his hair and get tattoos than do promo that could make this song the hit could be. Why shouldn't I be worried?

It’s like you saw my post, read it, read it again, and looked over literally every single goddamn point. Why shouldn’t you worry? Maybe because it’s not your goddamn career to worry about? Did you every think about that? Zayn is not you, he is not your other fave, he is not his ex bandmates, he is not some other celebrity, he is Zayn Javadd Malik and he doesn’t need to be anyone else. If Zayn seemed unhappy and upset about his career then maybe I’d be a little concerned too but he has said more than once that he is happy. He is in a good place. HE. IS. FINE. Zayn and his team know what they’re doing with an artist like Zayn. They don’t manage him like other artists because he’s not other artists. He’s ZAYN. God why can’t he be happy? So what SGT was #66? He has TWO whole hits under his belt and is becoming more respected in the music industry as an artist AND getting respected as a huge influence in the fashion world and in both of those industries more people who actually matter fall more and more in love with him every day. Just because you google his name and stop at the first tabloid doesn’t mean that Zayns career revolves around Gigi. If that’s how you wanna feel then feel that way but do not strip him of all he has achieved without her. Going places and doing things with his Gf doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his career.he was literally in the studio until 5 am just the other week and still woke up and got to his interview early because he enjoys himself and where he is at right now. Let him enjoy himself and just fucking be there to support him if you really like him. God idek how Gigi got brought into this. I swear y'all are the only ones who start making shit about her then the media follows suit and you fucking wonder why. And also, newsflash!™ Zayn can do and enjoy other things besides music. Him doing fashion and other things while he’s not releasing music is not only very common but also hella smart! It’s not like he’s being forced to do this. He’s said multiple times that he loves and wants to get involved in fashion. He’s said time and time again that music is his passion and that he fell back in love with it why the fuck won’t you guys just fucking pay a single second of attention to the things he says and shows? And also this is his fucking life and he doesn’t live it to please you or me or anyone else besides himself and the entitlement entrenched in this fandom about Zayns career and his personal life is fucking gross and disgusting. He can do what he wants. We have this motherfucking conversation every good goddamn month when he does or even doesn’t do literally anything. And fuck you for saying “he’s not doing anything” he’s recording a damn MUSIC video, He’s working on his second album, he working on hi capsule collection, and an abundance of things we have no clue about. Just because he doesn’t tweet it or Instagram or doesn’t mean he’s not working I swear y'all will never get this concept. God. You know if fans knew how to worry and still be supportive and not over dramatic and act like his career is over every single time something doesn’t go the way they want it to, then this wouldn’t be a damn issue. But y'all don’t know how to do that. Most of y'all don’t even care about anything else than seeing his face for you to jack off to or to make up scenarios that he’s going to meet your other fave. Anyways, fuck off anon. And fuck off to anyone who actually does and thinks shit like this. We’ve been having this fuck ass conversation since March 25, 2016 now and you’d think y'all would learn (or listen to Zayns own words) by now that Zayn isn’t going to do the vast “promo” you nut over.

i just have a lot of feelings about annamis in s3.

there’s no doubt whatsoever about their mutual feelings and whether or not they can be a thing (obviously they can’t as far as they know), yet it’s almost the most domestic they’ve ever been. they meet, negotiate peace, support each other, try and protect the dauphin. they think alike, they act on the same instincts, they want the same things. they have the same vision. it’s like he wasn’t away for more than four minutes, let alone four years.

and he’s her rock, her one rock after she suffered four years of isolation, solitude and hostility. not once does he question her moves, even when they’re not her best ones. judging what she does or doesn’t do is beyond the point for aramis. no matter what, he’s got her

it’s so beautiful i want to stab myself.