idek when i made this lol

*Story time* So, I dunno if you guys are aware of this but back in like 2013 MAC made a “Archie's​ Girl” makeup collection featuring Betty and Veronica, and I remember seeing the collection when I went to the mall and I was aware of what the Archie comics were and I remember debating so bad for so long wether to buy anything or not and long story short I ended up getting nothing and I regretted it for so long and apparently I forgot about it and randomly thought about it the other day lol sorry for this tbh idek what I’m doing but I’m so aggravated I didn’t get anything

So I was gonna do a follow forever for 500 lol but…, it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought so here it is for 800 instead lmao!! I love all my mutuals so much so this was so hard!! But below is some sweet sweet lovin’ for my fave bloggers. (I’m sorry I couldn’t write messages to u all I love u all sm okay!!)

If I forgot anyone I am eternally sorry!! Appreciating your mutuals is a lot harder than I expected it to be!

Mutuals are italicised (turned out to be a bit redundant bc only like 1 person or smthn isn’t a mutual but w/e lol).

@vexedbuckbeak - My Wife My Life!! I Love U So Much Okay (i know u love the capitalisation). you’re fast becoming one of my closest friends n i love you so much!! I’m so thankful to have you to help me through my quarter life crises and cheer me on with all my edits n fics even when I just send u a new sentence i’ve written. idk when we became such good friends it just happened but i’m so glad we did bc u make running this blog 10x more fun n i love talking to u!! love u long time my bb 💖💝💟

@kctiebell - Meghan u were the first person on tumblr who really helped me out!! U reblogged my fandom fam post for me lol bc I had like 100 followers when I made it and you were just so nice & supportive of me when I first started this blog so thank u so much!! ily!!

@dailyprophet - Hannah u honestly run the Most Iconic net ever and idek how you manage it !! you’re literally the most amazing person and ur so sweet i die

@findfyre - guess I have less friends than u bc i have room to write u a message suck it bish,,,,, uh so elly ur just ???? so cool?????? like not really don’t let that get to ur head but for real i love talking to u n u rlly make me laughy

@helgvhufflepuff - lívia we should really talk more outside exclaiming our love for each other bc as I’ve said many times I legit love u so much ur the cutest okay ily

@delaqour - furry…, ah but srsly i love u naomi ur super funny n u make me laugh a lot with ur bs

everyone in the @harrypotternetwork - even tho I don’t follow all of u I’ve prob spoken to everyone at least once and ur all so amazing and friendly and supportive and literally the most amazing community I could ever ask to be a part of so big love 2 all of u!! 🎀❤️💗💞💓💘💟💕

everyone in any net i’m in - I love u all sm??!!! legit ur all amazing and I’m so thankful to know all of u and jus be part of so many amazing groups of ppl ur all mega 💟💖💗💘

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I feel like the new MyStreet episode was kinda bullshit. They legit made Ein into some asshole when he was some decent guy and they made him creepy. I'm not sure if this is happening because Aarmau or whatever but it seems like it.

I’m gonna tell you something– I never liked Ein. Didn’t trust that emo hair cut.

Tbh I’m happy with the twist LOL and idek with what jason is hinting at, looks like Aaron might be dead dead.

As in his ass ain’t coming back.

Now who’s gonna stop the JD of mystreet.

1 year anniversary ! 

i didn’t initially come to the dash with something monumental to announce hitting my one-year anniversary, but i eventually thought of it as a slight to my followers who deserve to hear at least a little from me on how much i appreciate being so welcomed into a community. 

when i jokingly made this blog, it was my first time becoming part of the pkmn fandom but even within the first few days of interacting with you, it felt as if i’d already been here for a long time. even now, as i type this, it hardly seems like i’ve only been rping as professor oak for a year, but i suppose thats what the thickness of quality will do to the perception of time. 

before i decided to buckle down and put some serious work into the blog, i had already decided that this blog would be for others. to help them, motivate them, offer support if capable, bring some positivity into other’s lives. i’m not sure if it ended up having that kind of impact; i suppose its a little idealistic, but whatever the case, its still wholeheartedly my purpose. however, while i have intended to put this blog out for others, it has been all of you that have helped me. in the grand scheme of things, a year is hardly anything, but also, in a year we can change so much. i don’t go into the details of my personal life, but where i am now from where i was is definitely a positive difference. for those that i have seen on my dash for a good while, i can safely say the same for you and im very happy about that.

so first and foremost, thank you all for being so wonderfully supportive of this blog, whether you send me asks, threads, or even little ooc comments in my posts. even if you never interact with me at all, i appreciate your presence in this little experience of ours. not only has this blog become my default ( despite how inactive i may appear to be - ), this blog is also my favorite. i may be really slow, and lacking energy a lot, or just plain busy with irl obligations but my heart is always in this and i hope you can tell and that it shows. professor oak has become so important to me in ways i never could have imagined!

in short, id like to celebrate you, you, and you! thank you for being here, thank you for keeping on, and thank you all for the love i have been given! 

heres to another year, and universe willing, many more. 

- oakmod


Group/Member: ASTRO/Rocky


Word Count: 1221

Summary: Besties who dance together, fall in love together. <3

Requested: yeppers!! This was requested by @justbeing-kpoptrash (ayyeee I did another request for you before!!!! Glad to see some regulars on this blog! ^-^ )

Author’s Note: I feel like this is absolute shit compared to my other works lol. Idek where I was going with this, but hopefully it won’t turn out too terrible!! Nevertheless, I hope this is what you were aiming for! :)

- Admin Bekah

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Kevin backed his ass up into William... twice (when lights went off in HOH first time). Dude is sending mixed messages and it's not fair to William.

Anon omg I feel you the mixed messages are real.  Kevin initiated their first kiss, Keven kissed him for the task because he wanted to not because he had to, he tells William “I genuinely like you.” Then the next day he’s like lol i’m straight. Idek Kevin is an anomaly. Sometimes he’s feeling it other days he’s not. He also made the comment about how he’s had luck at gay bars before?? He says, “He’s so cute” about William ten times a day.  Honestly I am probably more confused than William is. I think Kevin acts on feeling. If he wants to be cuddled he’ll cuddle with William. If he feels like kissing William he’ll kiss him. I don’t even know if he knows his sexuality? I do feel really bad for William he’s confused as hell but i’m glad Dre and Ika help him keep his guard up. 


Made some aro wallpapers because I found we were severely lacking in that respect when I was looking for some to use. Sorry about the colors not being perfect. Feel free to use them for whatever! ^.^ Make sure you enlarge them cause otherwise you won’t see the details!

asexual wallpapers | aro ace wallpapers | my other edits

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2 years ago today i found ur ig on my explore page (idek how i remember that) and honestly im so glad i found u when i did, seeing ur style grow so much and how much u've changed (in a good way ofc) its just so cool cuz i remember i was like 13 and struggling w gender and ur such a role model for me! u also made my clothes look a bit better than the trashy jayjays clothes i was wearin before lol... this is a lil embarrassing but i wanted tobe u so bad... lil random but i just wanted to tell u !

oh my gosh baby this makes me so happy to hear, tbh when i could still fit into them i LOVED jay jays jeans they lasted for years tru quality i love them. But really this just ah! It makes me so happy that i can like indirectly like inspire people like that ;;;u;;;;;;;
however! i can assure you that being me hoOOOOO boy babydoll trust me no you do not, i dont even want to be me haha (there’s a lot like A LOT i dont share online haha (’: )
you should only ever want to be yourself because while I dont know you personally from this message alone I can tell you have a wonderful heart and i wish you so much luck for the future xxxx

I was tagged by @hedgehogsofasgard about 7 years ago. can u guys tell im clearing out my 81 drafts


“tif-tif hooray.” unfortunate

Star Sign



i am tol


gay, ig

Hogwarts House

hufflepuff, i care a lot about everyone

Favorite Color



2:31. lunchtime

Average Hours of Sleep


Lucky Number


Last Thing I Googled

lol. ‘shrug face,’ so i could copy paste it 

Favorite Fictional Character

eleven from stranger things

Number of Blankets

all of them

Favorite Band/Artist

i like patd, grouplove, mystery skulls

Dream Job

i think i wanna work with refugees

When Did You Create Your Blog

freshman year

How Many Followers?

587, 500 of which are bots

What Do You Post About?


What made you decide to get Tumblr?

nvm this ask meme is exactly the same as the one i just did

How Many Asks Do You Get?

anywhere from 0 to 7 a day depending on who’s on

Why Your URL?

anonymous + skeleton, the two things i wanted to be 

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seder 2.0 was better than last night but i still ended up near tears at one point lol my grandma was bitching about my dad to my mom’s boyfriend and was trying to get me to like agree with her and kept bothering me when i said it made me uncomfortable and that i don’t like that she shit talks my dad in front of me

like i have a complicated fucking relationship with him sure, he emotionally abused me for years but he’s still my dad and i love him and like. idek it didn’t bother me as much when my parents were married bc it was just like venting that didn’t mean anything but when she’s going on and on to my mom’s boyfriend about how awful my dad is, right in front of me?? no thanks

anyway my point is that atheist fucker better not start with me because i am in no mood to be calm and mature lol i feel like garbage right now leave me the fuck alone

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Flower crown, 1975, pantone and sunrise?

thank you sweet pea!!

flower crown: when did you last sing to yourself? literally two minutes ago while i was cleaning my make up bag!~ honestly i love singing, i sing a lot (bc im always listening to music lol) but i suck at it so uhm yeah i try to do it when no one is around

1975: what is the first happy memory that comes to mind, recent or otherwise? if you scroll down and look at the post right after this one, you’ll see the birthday gift adam just gave me (it’s the prettiest sketch i’ve ever seen like idek why he calls that sketch id call it masterpiece) and i know it’s really cheesy but. damn that surely made me the happiest girl in the world. so yes, it’s not really a memory but it’s still relevant

pantone. describe a person close to your life in detail: ahh i’m really not good at this, i always feel like i mess things up whenever i’m trying to describe someone close to me ;; let’s see, i’d like to talk about the love of my life, my precious vero @vixxeroni (listen i know we aren’t neighbors or anything but. let me talk) first of all i’d like to talk about our friendship- she’s so dear to me, i feel like we get each other, she always makes me laugh and i hope my stupid texts make her happy. ALSO SHE IS LITERALLY GORGEOUS I MEAN. have you seen her hair. and her lips. and her eyes. i literally melt whenever i see her selfies it’s so unfair asdfghjklhf she’s the softest person i know. i wanna keep her locked up in a cage so the world can’t hurt her ;; i hope she will be in my life forever i love her a lot okay ill stop before i pour my heart out

sunrise. pick a quote and describe what it means to you personally: actually i’m gonna quote myself because a. im really wise and b. im always right so. i firmly believe that life is a roller coaster- even when you’re feeling down and sad and miserable, eventually things will get better because the same happens on a roller coaster. you go up and down and up and down. like, i wanted to kill myself last year but hey, i’m slightly getting better, so i’m starting to go up. does that make sense

Thanks to @hello-its-not-me-its-you for tagging me💕

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Nickname: Rike,Speedy,Nyoom, lil’ one, Fahrrad
Starsign: leo
Height: 5'10
Last thing i googled: the fuck does inkjet mean
Favourite band: Fall Out Boy

Favourite solo artist: Johannes Oerding

Last movie I watched: When Harry met Sally

Last TV Show i watched: Riverdale

When did i make this blog: sometime in summer 2015 i believe

What kind of stuff do i post/reblog: idek literally anything i like

When did my blog reach its peak: what peak lol
Do I have other blogs: yup

Do I get asks regularly: nope

Why did I choose my url: i believe i made my own version but with llama instead of capybara @spacebeany that was based on your old one wasnt it?

How many blogs do i follow: no idea

How many posts ive made: am on mobile so i cant look

Hogwarts house: proud hufflepuff!!

Pokemon team: Mystique

Favourite colour: Green

Average hours of sleep: not.enough.

Lucky number: 7

Favourite Character: one of my OCs called Bandit

What am I wearing: giant pink hoodie and shorts

How many blankets do i sleep with: One??why would i need more??

Dream job: Actor

Dream trip: Everywhere in the world

I wanna tag my squad @spacebeany @octopus-festivities @midnighttheglitch @lukasistotallynotafreak @jannethelittlestar
As well as my new buddies @madforweekes and @amyisantisocial bc I don’t know much about you yet💕

and @mikedirntfucker420 my bud

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how long do your graphics usually take? i always wonder how long because there was once i made a gif, and i had back-ache(?) lmao idek know how u can resist that

haha~ tbh i do get backache when i make a lot of gifs, since i end up hunched over my laptop

i guess time depends on what kind of gifset i’m making - if i’m giffing a scene from an episode, it takes about 10-15mins to make 10 gifs - its adding the subs that takes time lols

if i’m making a quote set or a coloured set - it tends to take longer, since i have to gif everything individually to get the look i want etc :)

☆ Ask the graphic maker ☆

fantasmical-fantasy  asked:

2, 9, 19, and 40 for the adorable ask ^_^

2) Favorite color when you were younger and now?

When I was little, my favorite color was pink. And now it’s blue! :)

9) What’s your aesthetic?

Idek how to explain this to be honest haha I was trying to find an aesthetic post my friend made me forever ago but I can’t find it. Space and the ocean and cool and dark colors. :)

Update: I FOUND THE POST lol it’s here

19) Princess, Fairy, Mermaid, or Unicorn?

MERMAID. I’m obsessed with mermaids <3

40) The best dream/worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

I don’t really have good dreams which sucks. I always have nightmares. I think the worst one I ever had was one where my brother died. I woke up bawling my eyes out.

Haha guess who can’t stay awake fml

Definitely looking forward to hopefully new meds tomorrow since I finally have a doctor appt. Lol when I made the appointment the doc was like “I want to see you back in two weeks” but didn’t have a schedule opening for six weeks, so I’ve been waiting for that

I’ve been watching Forensic Files through a stupor for like three days (or 4 idek, time isn’t real, I think it’s Wednesday anyway). Why are all the episode names bad puns, they’re like the episode titles for Rocky and Bullwinkle

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gender: Female
nickname: Too many embarrassing ones tbh…
star sign: Virgo
height: 4′11
sexual orientation: Idek
hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
favorite color:  Blue
favorite animal: Tiger
average hours of sleep: Who knows lol
cat or dog person: Not much of animal person but I guess cats
favorite fictional characters: TOO MANY AND SOOOO MANY!
number of blankets i sleep with: 1
favorite singer/band: IT CHANGES BUT I HAVE A LOT
dream trip: Austria 
dream job: … (I’ll get back to you on that)
when was this blog created: June 15th , 2014
current number of followers: 620 (why?? HOW??)
what made you decide to make a tumblr: I followed some indies on my personal and I have a friend who convinced to make an indie and then I was like ‘I can play Blaine yeah there aren’t that many Blaine’s’ and now here we are, with lots more Blaine’s too! (:

Apologise if you’ve been tagged before but I tag: @jamiewellerstienwrites, @warbleralways, @kunwrites, @tothemoonrping, @kurthummsrps, @theindieflash, @multifariousxmuses, @genuinelytee, @thewailingariel & @samuelevansroleplays

jimin as a boyfriend

i know there are probably 100 versions of this out there and this is the 101st version :)

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  • pet names, not only the cute ones
  • sings to you or with you a lot
  • teasing, like, a lot of that
  • he’d probably intertwine your fingers while walking around in the grocery store or something
  • pda, pda, pda 
  • very domestic
  • bet, he’s a hopeless romantic so expect flowers every now and then or chocolates or stuff like that
  • that means that days like your anniversary or valentines day never go to short 
  • serenading you to sleep
  • meeting up at the dance studio to watch him dance and make out there
  • tickling you until you are out of breath, begging him to stop
  • always kinda worries about losing you, so when he says ‘i love you’, he expects you to say it back. otherwise he will worry about it until you say it the next time (but how can you not love him, am i right?)
  • jealous jimin
  • listening to taeyang with him :) like, a lot
  • he kisses every inch of your exposed body parts, even in public (so don’t wear crop tops, this would end embarrassing)

Dan: You will never use that many sticky notes, that’s like 1000.
Phil: I’m just going to use them to leave messages for you around the house.

So, it begins.

Dan finds the first one on his wardrobe.

Then, there’s one on the door.

Another one on the fridge. ((of course he finished the cereals))

On the keyboard of his laptop. ((*blushes*))

Even on the toilet paper. ((omg phil ur so weird))

After a few days, Dan finds another post-it on the wall. Although it’s not funny anymore, he decides to answer because, well… it’s Phil.

They keep writing to each other even if they live in the same house. ((we’re hopeless lol))


Okaaaaay, I don’t even know what I’ve done ????? I apologise for my bad handwriting and I hope I wrote all the words correctly, lol. I don’t know, when I heard Phil talking about leaving random sticky notes around the house, I thought it was soooo cute, so I made a few (?). Oh, and the things I put in brackets are Dan’s thoughts.