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Today I️ came up with some...unfortunate tribe cat names. For those kits who’s mothers were in the wrong place at the wrong time while giving birth. - Two Birds Fighting Over a Bug (Bird) - Fat Eagle Attempting Flight (Eagle) - Rabbit Being Dismembered By Hawk (Hawk) - My Incredibly Beautiful Mate (Beauty) - Stoneteller Grooming Herself In The Corner (Corner) - Seven Falling Rocks Making Dirt, Why Would You Even Do That In Front Of Me, You’re Disgusting, What The Fuck (idek)

the last one is (fuck)

just smile

when namjoon and seokjin had finally decided to come out to the world, namjoon thought they’d have more peace, more room, more freedom in their lives to do as they pleased.

without having to hide under the covers of darkness just to hold hands in public.

without limiting themselves to the confines of their cars just to be able to date outside of their homes.

without having to maintain that polite gap of space that screams nothing but friends when all namjoon wants to do is grab seokjin by the face and latch their mouths together, and possibly never let go.

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