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me when someone tells me shit like “you know all these meds are actually worse for you they turn you into a zombie ://”, “you should try yoga”, “why dont you exercise more”:


derek and casey: guide to step-siblings.

by clicking HERE you’ll find a total of 113 gifs of park hyungsik !! 46 of these gifs are not mine and they belong to those who made it, i do not take credit BUT i did edit and crop them and i ALSO did make the first half by myself which i will update as the weeks go on !! i’d love that support so if you wanna use these or like support meme hit that like or reblog this ! the gif dimensions are 90x90.

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Hi guys! So I was talking to my younger sister recently, and I was trying to convince her that fanfic is awesome. She'd read anything I link her to, but I don't know what I SHOULD link her to. She's 13, and I'm trying not to traumatize her. I mean, obviously she watches the show so there's a baseline of what she's been exposed to. Idek what genre to start with. I looked through the teen tag, but content varies. Do you have any recs? Thanks!

There are are a lot of fics that we have recommended for those new to fanfic so be sure to check out our New to Fanfiction Guide and New to Destiel Guide. We also created a post listing fics we would suggest to Misha to show that fanfic is not just porn - though we do enjoy our porn! 

Below are a few fics pulled from our T and M rated tags that we thought would be great to suggest to your 13 yr old sister (Ratings explained here).  Remember, some of the fics we read are written by people not that much older than your sister! We also added a few darker fics that are M rated and a couple NC17 that we thought were thematically appropriate. Be sure to note the ratings and of course use your discretion! Direct link to T rated fic tag.
All links go to our reviews. Latest additions are marked with asterisk [*].

Canon (SU) and Supernatural AUs

High School AUs (There are a lot more HS fics out there, but we don’t read that many and the most of the ones we have read are M or NC17)

Fluff/Rom Com/Adventure (Note the M rated fics in this group!)

Darker Themes including Suicide, Homophobia and Bullying

NC-17 (limited scenes within a broader narrative)

Oh Screw It - You know she is going to find the really porny stuff eventually, if you are so inclined, start her off with the good stuff: A Distant Mirror!

tag urself i’m rom-com


(this was sent to my other sideblog @chesamu but i’m assuming you follow me here as well anon, due to the content, so just to keep this out of the k/ance tag i’m posting it here)

OKAY WHY ARE WE THE SAME PERSON like for real i appreciate this message sm thank you angel 💞💫

and i know !! this fandom has me doubting myself even still. like some days i’ll be like ‘okay but my take is so unpopular :/// what if it’s WRONG’ but then i rewatch the actual show and i’m like *squint* nvm idek what show the majority of this fandom is watching lmao

like keith and lance really could be the cutest couple in any damn show i’ve ever watched but fanon keith x lance is often weird and abusive i don’t ??? get it ???

and YES i don’t see it talked about enough but even if allura is just like CONFIRMED lesbian in the show, that would be H U G E representation and would mean like the stars and the moon to me as a gay black girl i can’t even begin to tell you !!! god, but i hate how this fandom acts like it’s a fantastical ideation for keith to ever be interested in allura like have you SEEN her !!! i like gay keith as much as anyone else but yall if it turns out the boy is bi let him be bi (like we know he’s too good to be straight so)

Rules: Name an artist and answer these just using song titles from that artist.

Artist: D-LITE of course~
Gender: Dress
Describe yourself: Laugh It Off
How do you feel: Rainy Rainy
If I could go anywhere: D-Day
Your best friend: Like Overflowing with Kindness
Favourite time of day: This is the Moment
If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: Even When the World Ends
What is life to you: Awake, Asleep
Relationship Status: Joyful (nothing fit lmao)
Your fear: Missing You Now

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im p bored rn (procrastinating choreo) so i thought why not

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nickname: lily
gender: honestly idek what gender is anymore (though u could say female)
star sign: libra
height: 5′3′
time right now: 7:34 pm
last thing I googled: ‘who the hell is chihoko’ 
favorite bands: exo, clean bandit, kard
favorite solo artists: baekhyun, troye sivan
song stuck in your head: rather be - clean bandit (the one im supposed to be working on a choreo for)
last movie I watched: aa i can’t remember it’s been a while
last tv show I watched: the big bang theory bc im a nerd but for anime i last watched shingeki no kyojin (second season)
when did you create your blog: sometime in january i think
What kind of stuff do you post: studyspo and plants
did your blog reach its peak: not yet i guess?
do you have any other blogs: my main @iicehearted (aesthetics) my art blog @lilyyyart (originals #my art) my photography @fleurxlune
do you get asks regularly: during sleepovers on weekends yes.
why did you choose your url: i love bio!!
following: >300 bc im alone lol
posts: a few more than my followers
hogwarts house: slytherin
favourite colours: mint green and white
favourite characters: phichit chulanont and dorian havilliard
what are you wearing right now: gray v neck tee and shorts 
how many blankets do you sleep with: 3 even though it’s 90 F here
dream job: neurosurgeon or a cardiothoracic surgeon
dream trip: to new zealand to see red pandas or to japan/s.korea

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Ninjavember day 13: Background/Minor Character

Every single background character in this show is such a cutie, but this one has stolen my soul since the first time I saw it.

Have some Cowbell~


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ONE SONG:   why  emperors new clothes by panic   probs idek i don’t listen to music

TWO MOVIES:   one flew over the cuckoos nest   &&   howl’s moving castle

THREE SHOWS:   the 100,   doctor who   &   full house

FOUR PEOPLE:   @deucalionsdarcy,   claire from work  (  she’s a right cackle  ),    my mother i guess   &&    @rvssianbred again,  i guess

FIVE FOODS:   CHICKEN NUGGETS,    parsnips,    those like strawberry straw things,   bbq ranch pizza   &&   pasta

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Hi TT! Could you please explain what the new promo mean? Are the three brothers going to come together in one show again??

Hi anon! 

Starting Monday, the two shows are having one week (May 22 - 29) of combined episodes. I assume they’ll be one hour episodes, in the vein of the usual “mahasangam” episodes. 

The major plot points from the promo (which for some reason isn’t showing up in the tags):

  • Anika revealing the Mahi Ve + Pinky (possibly) not being his real mom secret to Shivaay. 
  • A “new evil” has eyes on Omkara - Gauri. (I’m not caught up on DBO, so idek what that means…)
  • A new love interest for Rudra. 

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relationship status: single
favourite colour: pink
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick!
last song i listened to: we didn’t start the fire by billy joel (my fav song fun fact)
last movie i watched: avengers
top 3 tv shows: idek if I enjoy what I watch??? american dad, lost, and himym
top 3 characters: elle woods, lydia martin, spencer hastings, 
top 3 ships: stydia, scorose, and bughead
books i’m currently reading: the rival queens by nancy goldstone. it’s a historical non fiction novel about catherine de’medici and marguerite de valois and their betrayal.

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Hesitance; taekai; nc-17

It’s too hard to keep his eyes closed, when everything feels so good, and he sees things he shouldn’t, things that only make it more obvious experimenting was just an easier way to say I want you.  Jongin keeps looking at his lips like he wants to kiss him.  His eyes are half-lidded, focused on every twitch of his mouth, and he keeps chewing his own lip, mind somewhere far off in possibilities. 

taekai are precious adorable babies that make each other smile like sunshine so i wrote a thing \o/ not au. hope y'all enjoy it!

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