idek what to say about this one tbh

okay so soundcheck in cardiff was really fun. they played superstitious as 5sos came on stage and calum looked amazing, and michael was wearing a big snuggly hoodie and luke was drinking tea. they played long way home and then sat down for the q&a. i don’t remember the questions tbh but luke looked at me a lot and calum also glanced at me like once or twice and they were discussing how long ago sgfg was released and i yelled “definitely 6 months ago” and ashton looked at me and laughed and went “okay definitely then” or something like that and michael asked what he should sing about tonight in his cardiff song and people were saying sheep (lame) but we were like “DRAGONS” and one of the boys heard us and went “ooooh dragons!!” and idek it was fun they were cute and then they played outer space and left (luke and michael didn’t leave bc they were being kids playing the piano lol)