idek what this was supposed to be but ok

so like

why isn’t keith x pidge called forestfire

and hunk x pidge called earthbound

and lance x pidge called plant growth



keith x lance called smoke (i thought about calling it steam but that would be too real winks at smut fanfics

keith x hunk called volcanic eruption

keith x shiro called suns and stars

hunk x lance called beach

hunk x shiro (i’ve never seen fanfic for them but whateva) called space debris

allura x shiro called black-hole (cause shiro always disappears and allura feels like a part of her missing without him there haha im so funny)

allura x lance called ice (allura is always cold towards him when he flirts ie. water freezes when it’s cold)

keith x allura called fossil fuels [allura had hated keith, but now she’s grown closer to him; both (presumably?) having lost their fathers or remnants of them from reality and they’re both aliens so]

i haven’t come up with one for shiro x pidge, allura x pidge, and lance x shiro yet

ALSO I DON’T REALLY THINK CORRAN WOULD BE SHIPPED WITH ANYONE NO OFFENSE BUT LIKE HE’S THEIR UNCLE/GRANDPA FIGURE (if someone makes an uncle grandpa joke im deleting my blog oh my god i hate that show im sorry)

but hypothetically, i think corran and hunk would have a platonic/friendly relationship with their shared love of cooking and it would just be called fossils bc ya corran is supposed to be ded n shit

but ok lance is corran’s favorite no one fight me on this also their platonic ship would be called crystal idk that’s all i got



they’re called handmaiden ;))) one giv the succ the other givs teh fucc

idek what that means im like half awake

NABOO ROYAL HANDMAIDENS → “The base requirement for handmaidens of course, is a physical resemblance to the Queen. However, a successful candidate must also pass a battery of rigorous tests that try every facet of her personality and skills. 

Thirteen handmaidens are on duty in the palace at all times, and five travel with Amidala whenever she leaves Naboo. In addition to serving as bodyguard for Amidala and watching for possible threats to her life, each handmaiden is fully capable of standing in for the Queen should the situation require a decoy.”  


And now… kiss!

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Not only do you use a terrible FC that doesn't fit Damon but you can't even be arsed to erase the iratze from Matthew's neck. Clearly you know how to photoshop. Do you realize how stupid that looks?

personally I think matt looks really cute. idek what u have against him tbh.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. OK BUT NOW SERIOUSLY. if you actually made the effort to look into my blog you would realise

THIS IS THE ACTUAL FC I’D LOVE TO USE FOR DAMON. you would also see how I complain how he does not have enough material. so here’s the thing. when you have another oc YOU ADORE AND LOVE because you have him for years and you already use ONE FC THAT HARDLY HAS MATERIAL and you actually are busy with uni you don’t have the time to search material FOR TWO FCS. so wow. matthew has the dark hair. the pale skin damon is desrcibed with bonus the bitchy face expressions I NEED. + has a lot of material. SO WOW BOO ME wanting to make it easier for me. 

as much as for the iratze. I think people are DECENT AND LOGICAL enough ( unlike you ) to know very well DAMON DOES NOT HAVE IT. but I mean yes I should totally fade the iratze on every damn image bcs that’s what everyone would do. N O T. but if you have the time PLEASE YOU ARE WELCOME TO DO IT FOR ME

ALSO THIS IS THE FIRST & LAST ASK I REPLY. i generally ignore messages like those. WHICH WOW WERE NEVER THE CASE BEFORE I MADE DAMON. a canon character. that apparently people feel entitled of just bcs he is canon. 


also one thing I despise is people FEELING ENTITLED OVER MY CHOICES. so yes I got a tracker now. so shut it or tell me ur opinion on private. not that it will matter because

MY BLOG AFTER ALL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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Why do you hate abo?


okay. *clears throat* i have expressed my hate for this ugly ass trope so many times. if you dont know what abo is, it stands for alpha/beta/omega and is a very popular trope in fics, especially slash fics. it is also known as omega verse. i googled it bc i was innocent and had no idea what the fuck it is. (apparently it comes from the supernatural fandom which im not surprised like, pls delete). if u wanna know what it all is, just google it :d

sadly, abo has become soOOoo fucking popular. not just in the western world but apparently its becoming a popular trope all over the world and even manga artists are using that trope which pls no.

why do i hate it? god. so many reasons. where to even START.

tw: rape 

  • first of all: it’s always explicit. i think somebody once said writing/drawing abo w/o smut is like. i dont even knwo anymore but like u dont write a fic in an omega verse without there being smut. not that smut is bad, but usually those fics are just pure smut with no fucking plot. it’s the kind of ugly fetishization a lot of slash shippers have towards gay ships. they just outward dont care about anything else but the smut. its just pure sexualization of those relationships which is already a fucking problem in the fandoms anyway, but with abo fics its even WORSE. its like yall dont care about other stuff, gay couples arent just there to have hot steamy sex ya know u can also just write them being nice and cute and domestic and fluffy and cuddling 
  • it’s basically just some kinky ass shit usually by straight girls (not always sorry) that try to let their kinks free and no offense but i am a kinkshamer and i love kinkshaming so this is going on my motherfuckign list too and yall cant stop me
  • it enforces ugly ass gender roles. which is disgusting. because there shOULDNT EVEN BE GENDER ROLES BC THEYRE ALL DUDES USUALLY OR JUST ?!?!? i once saw a abo fic where omegas have to wear girls dresses and thats just dude can we stop with that ugly ass feminization of omegas???? i’m all here for boys wearing dresses if they want fuck gender roles but in that fic they were literally forced to wear them, like … , this whole thing just pushes them into those roles which is another role

much more under the cut this is very very long

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Bout time i drew some shiratorizawas

Tendou is kinda nightmare fuel half the time and idek how his face does the things it does but also,,,, hes weirdly adorable,,,,,
Also ushiwaka what a megadork i love

i feel so, so dumb right now

i always thought dragonspyre was just putting together “dragon” and “spyre”. (idek what i thought the word spyre was supposed to be i’m dumb ok)

but no it’s “dragons” and “pyre” which is the same as “dragon’s pyre” which is the same as “dragon’s fire”

it took me 5 years to figure this out

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As far as Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, which Lotr race would each of them be?


for sure hiccup is a dwarf like this is what i decided on first bc how can u not make the vikings the dwarves man (plus all the forging and shit idek ok) but hiccup’s not the usual violent i-can-kill-a-whole-army-with-my-axe kind of dwarf of course he’s the odd one out (and also dragons!!! but idk how to incorporate that!!!)

jack’s probably a wizard NOW HEAR ME OUT I KNOW THEYRE SUPPOSED TO BE OLD AND SHIT but come on they get their power from their staffs right and like theyre spirits sent in human form to help people and shit ok????? basically jack fucking frost (and white hair it was inevitable) lets just make him young shush its okay

and i did research just now and apparently each wizard “belongs” to like a greater being like honestly idek the wikia page confuses the fuck out of me but each wizard dude was associated with a god or angel sORT OF THING IDK so jack could have this moon guy??????? bc man in moon basically appointed him (i have no idea if what im saying is correct just try to read the lotr wikia pages TRY SO COMPLICATED MAN)

merida (despite all the archery) is a human i swear to god as tempting as elf!merida is her character is just so flawed and reckless and human tbh like its gr8 i love this so so much (she can be half-elven if you wanna push it but i much prefer her completely human idk)

rapunzel is such an elf ok like theyre immortal and magic and stuff she’s probably like galadriel magic level tbh but with an arwen personality???? god did that make sense but yEAH SHE’S HELLA POWERFUL AND IMPT and all the jackunzel interaction in this one bc theyre both immortal and have been around for the longest time and basically the gist of all the gandalf and galadriel interaction but more shippy I WILL DIE