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I'll probs do this more than once sooo. Are you going to prom and if so what do you imagine it'd be like. (Idek) 💞💞💞

yes haha i think 


zach takes me by the hand and leads me into the crowded hall of highschoolers wearing beautiful gowns and handsome tuxes. although zach and i were only close friends, he asked me to prom because i hadn’t been on anyone’s asking list. he’d been thinking of asking his crush but he later revealed to me that i meant more to him, as my best friend.

he leads me to the middle of the dancefloor and immediately starts showing off his ‘moves’. i roll my eyes and cover my face, embarrassed but amused. 

after the fast-paced music, it slows down and he asks me to dance. he compliments my soft black dress as we dance to ‘thinking out loud’ by ed sheeran as well as my hair, makeup and appearance overall. 

he’s extremely sweet all night but then it goes down during the last song of the night. my cheek rests against his cheek, his arms wrapped around me soothingly as we sway side to side lazily. he suddenly stops and looks at me with his hazel eyes gleaming in the tacky red and blue disco lights. 

“what?” i ask him. he only stares. 

“um…” he mumbles under his breath. 

“spit it out, zach,” i whisper. 

he doesn’t say anything. he just touches his lips to mine. 


this is completely unrealistic but this is what i’d love to happen lolol anyway thanks for asking! <3


the moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.

I just called Netflix Germany and asked why Sense8 got cancelled. The guy on the phone told me the official reason they at customer service have to tell people was that the story had been told/come to and end (which is bullshit of course! WTF Netflix???). He himself said that he doesn’t know really, there are lots of factors playing into these decisions (I guess we already know the reasons were not enough viewers - bc Netflix did shitty advertising for s2 - and the show being too expensive, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt asking).

He sent me an email with the link to the suggestion page which I filled out again with 3 times “Sense8 season 3″ (I had already done that, idek if it counts anymore). The guy on the phone said they do listen to this feedback (but idk, what else is he supposed to say).

I told him I cancelled my Netflix subscription yesterday because of the cancellation and that I want them to know that that was the reason.

He said they have been receiving a lot of calls about Sense8 since the cancellation and that he heard that there was some kind of online movement where people get told to call the hotlines. They are noticing! And I’m talking about Germany, where Netflix isn’t even that popular yet.

So if you haven’t called the Netflix hotline yet, please do!

United States: 1 (866) 579-7172

Canada: 866-579-7115

Colombia: 01-800-755-0114

México: 01800-265-0161

España: 900866616

Argentina: 0800-444-2169

Panamá: +1 (408) 600-1721

Brazil: 0-800-086-4041

United Kingdom: 0800-096-6379

Germany: 0800-724-0963

France: +1-800-585-7265

Italy: 800-784-308

The Netherlands: 0800-022-5173

Australia: 1800-071-578

Norway: 800 17 530

What… am… I?

The beast towered over me, perched on its clawed toes, its twisted and ugly flesh covered in layers of sharp, smooth black carapace. It looked oily. Monstrous. It had horns on its head and beady, glowing eyes that bore into mine and seemed so familiar. As familiar as a mirror.

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"I Have To Study” - a short story

I wanna dedicate this to my good friend, Melissa, who tried to convince me that the man in this story was gay. Turns out, it’s much worse. Love you.

About eight or nine months ago, I was riding on the train, on my way to my boyfriend’s house from work. Sitting across from me is one of the finest men I’ve ever seen IN PERSON. No exaggeration. He’s Mexican, clean-cut, well-dressed. Really pretty brown skin, dark hair kinda like that poofy up-do Bruno Mars used to have. Bushy brows, the way I like! He was wearing this tan trench coat and a serious ass expression on his face, and his hands were in his pockets. Basically looked like he didn’t wanna be bothered. It was sexy though lol. But obviously, I’m just looking because I’m happily taken at this point. 

The next day, when I head to lunch at work, I see the same guy in the cafeteria at my job. I was like what the fuck… is he following me? Lmao. He looked up when I came in but then ignored me completely. I stared at him the entire time until he got up and left, he was just too fine yall. I wish I could post pictures lmao. The next day, I saw him yet again and he was with a group of trainees. So finally it made sense why I saw him on the train and at my job. He was about to start working there *insert Birdman hand rub*. Lol even when I have a man, I can appreciate some eye candy around the workplace even if I have no intentions of trying anything. He worked in the department right next to mine and they were always over in our section so I got to look at him every day. I wasn’t the only one admiring either lol, even an older lady I know said every time he walked past her, she just

So anyway, fast forward to September 14, 2017.

Here’s the scene. It’s my 25th birthday. I’m at work looking cute as fuck. I’m single and tryna mingle. So I decide to go ahead and take a chance and shoot my shot at him. Umm.. we just gone call him Javi because I don’t wanna use his real name. 

So I been noticing lately that this guy I know in my department, we’ll call him Carter, has been hanging around Javi a lot lately. He stops at his desk every time he walks past and always goes to stand with him whenever we all do things as a group. One of my work friends who had an inckling that Carter was gay thought that something might be going on between them. I mean, anything is possible, but I wasn’t gonna assume that just based off of her thoughts. I mean, she thought her own boyfriend was gay when she first met him because he had a lisp. And her only reasoning for thinking Carter was gay was that he takes his shoes off sometimes when he’s sitting at his desk. 

Anyway, I approach Carter and bring up his friendship with Javi and ask how old he is? It turns out he’s way too young for my taste when it comes to dating, and I just say nevermind and walk away. But now Carter’s all in my business trying to find out why I’m curious and saying “I could get his number for you, I got you”. I decline, but of course when he comes back from his break, he has a sticky note with Javi’s name and number on it and hands it to me. Didn’t even tell the guy who I was, just that someone was interested in him. I had no intentions of using it at first cause I thought the shit was kinda creepy, butttttt he did know about it and gave his number up willingly. And in all honesty, I’d still hit even though I wouldn’t seriously date him. So what the hell, right?

So I text him that night and give him my name and he immediately knows who I am, even though we’ve never spoken before. He asked me what was on my mind and I told him straight up that I was really physically attracted to him and I wanted to know if we could be friends, who have sex sometimes lmao. He said we could talk. I’m like… And he said yeah, how else would anything start. So I’m thinking okay okay, so he’s fucking with it. He wants to make something happen. He said he saw my art that I’d presented at our work talent show that night and he asked to see more of it. And he’s clearly trying to keep the convo going so he must be interested. 

After a while though, I notice that he texts as if he’s writing poetry or bible verses or some shit. Like everything sound deep as fuck. And when I bring it up, he says the bible is his favorite book. I think back to all the times I saw him reading alone at lunch and realize was the bible. That’s cool or whatever. Then he sends me an actual bible verse. So I’m like “Okay so you’re very religious? Does this mean casual sex is out of the question? Or sex, period? I guess?” And he says “It hurts to say it, but yes. I would prefer to not induldge in that.”


At this point, I’m thinking there’s no way my sex life could get any worse. There’s nothing that can happen that hasn’t already happened. And then I run into a nigga who’s saving himself for marriage. The one I been lusting after for eight months now. If yall know me at all, you know I wasn’t about to just completely give up after that. I was willing to settle for fucking MAKING OUT AND DRY HUMPING if I had to. I could always get intercourse from someone else lol. So I ask about kissing. He says “Haha I can give you a holy kiss, as saying hello”. I’m like no tongue???? What the fuck is happening? Why the fuck wouldn’t he tell me all this in the beginning when I first told him that I wanted to fuck? His response to that was that we wouldn’t be talking now if he had. 

So I just go ahead and let him know we can be cool and everything, but we’re just completely incompatible. I’m still in my hoe phase right now, I’m not trying to do anything but fuck and be friends. And he can’t give me the one thing I want most. Even if I didn’t just want sex, we wouldn’t work in a committed relationship either. I’m like the opposite of what a Christian man should be going after. And that’s coming from one wholesome motherfucker. We text more that night, pretty much just me asking him questions about his religion because I don’t know how all that works. I know Christian people, but obviously not any who takes it as seriously as he does. 

This nigga don’t listen to secular music, watch TV, or do anything for fun really (his words). He just goes to bible study every day, gets haircuts, eat, study, and talk. That’s what he listed as his favorite things to do. And since he’s constantly studying for church in his downtime, he pretty much never hangs out with anybody. He has friends at work but says they don’t hang out because they have different mindsets. He did mention that if I needed physical affection, he could give me a massage. That’s how he shows physical affection. It’s better than intercourse, according to him. But idek how to feel at this point, I was taking in too much information at once lmao. And every time I learned something new, I would think “He can’t be serious” “Am I being punk’d” “This nigga is not fr”. But he told me he wanted to help me with my Spanish, so I figured at least I had that. I really needed someone fluent to practice speaking it with. 

So the whole next week at work, whenever we walk past each other, he can’t help but smile at me and his smile is so pretty that I can’t help but smile back. It was lowkey pissing me off cause it wasn’t fair how fine he is and I can’t even put my hands on him!!!!! I’m sure we looked goofy as hell to everyone around us, steady smirking at each other like we was in on some inside joke nobody else knew about. We ate lunch together once. And we’d text each other in Spanish. He texted me every single day to say good morning and we’d have long convos after work til almost 3am. I found out he’s been looking at me just as long as I’ve been looking at him! He said he notices everything about me… when I change my hair, how I always sit at a desk in the back facing the wall, how I’m always so into my music at work. I never even knew he saw me at all before this. And naturally, all this shit is starting to make me feel mushy and I really did enjoy talking to him, even though I thought he was weird as fuck at first. 

And come to find out, he’s only been living his life this way for the past eight months (yeah, that’s right, eight months) when he really got into the bible more. I’m over here thinking he’s a complete virgin, but he’s had four girlfriends and has had sex before and been intimate in all the ways I WANTED to be intimate with him. Just not the past eight months. And if I allowed him to MASSAGE me, I’d be the first woman he ever did it to. I’m thinking okay… so if he’s never done it before, he has no idea how he’s gonna react to it when it’s actually happening. He’d told me before that he gets nothing out of sex beside some white creamy texture that comes out of him and makes him feel tingly, then he cleans himself and it’s over. Basically said he’d only have sex again to have the little girl he wants. He made it seem like he was really disgusted by it. And you know all my friends were like

They felt like he was into men and just hiding behind his religion. I didn’t know WHAT the fuck was going on. I  just knew he seemed to genuinely be into me and that was unfortunate because I was never gonna get to do him lol. I ain’t gone lie, after he said that shit I thought he might be gay too, but after being around each other more, I started defending him against my friends. Like shit… he just dedicated as fuck to his religion. I personally don’t understand it and wouldn’t wanna live that way, but he says he’s been tremendously happier in the past eight months and your happiness is the only thing that matters when it comes to how you live your life, nobody else’s. So I wasn’t about to try to corrupt him. But yall… he kept bringing up the massages. And Thursday night, the convo almost seemed…. sexual?

He said we can hang out any day as long as it doesn’t interfere with his work and that he was in need of a “rubbing”. He said he wanted us to “exchange rubbings” (LMAO) and that he wanted to give me that physical affection. Then he said it would be in his room or mine. Which threw me off…. cause I’m like ummm… he can massage a woman who’s not his wife alone in his bedroom? Idk, based on the other shit he told me, it didn’t seem like that would be appropriate? But shit, he knows better than me, so if he said it was cool it must be. And when I told him that he makes me blush a lot, he said “Without a touch? What will happen then?” and that I’d be overwhelmed…. and that shit made me think. Is this why tantric sex works so well???? LMAO. (I’ve always been interested in that, btw). 

But moving on. It’s Friday.

I notice he’s not at work that day. I was kinda sad about it cause I looked good as fuck, but whatever lol. When we text that night after I get home at midnight, he says he wants to hear me speak Spanish out loud and tells me to come over.

I’m like NOW??? After midnight??? He said he wanted me to come take a nap with him until he had to wake up at 4am to study for church, then he’d drive me home at 7 when he had to leave the house. Dude. So not only do you want me, a woman you’re not married to, to come over AFTER MIDNIGHT, but you wanna share a bed with me??? Solo???? En tu dormitorio?????!!! lmaooo. Nigga, I was stuffing White Castle in my face at the time, but I bagged that shit up real quick, fast, and in a hurry, took a good shit right quick, and got ready to go LMAOOOO. My friend was texting me saying I needed to gone head and let him put the tip in lol. But I’m like no…. I’m not gonna use this opportunity to try to pressure him. I respect his decision to not have sex til marriage and I enjoyed talking to him every day and didn’t wanna mess that up. Shit, I’m capable of laying next to a man I want and not jump his bones. I actually like when shit moves slow like that, the buildup makes everything better (when sex is actually the end goal). 

So I get all cute. He texts me when he’s outside. He smelling and looking good as fuck, as usual. And this time, he’s way more silly and normal than he is at work, and definitely more normal than he is through text. He was joking around with me the whole time, talking about how he had five aunts sleeping in bunk beds in his basement and I had to say hi to everybody when I got there lmaoo. And he was really laid back and cool as hell. Which just made me like him more. He teased me about turning the air on because I’m always cold. I was like “How would you know I’m always cold?” and he said “I already told you, I notice everything about you.” And I figured he must see me at work walking with my arms crossed trying to stay warm. *sigh*. 

When we get there, his room is fucking spotless as fuck. I was silently thanking God, ya’ll know I hate a man who lives dirty and Javi is only the second guy I’ve met who actually keeps his shit clean. I just sat down on the bed and he went and got us both some water, then he turned Netflix on this hugeeee fucking wide screen tv that was mounted on the wall. He had to go find the wifi password and shit cause he doesn’t actually use it because he doesn’t watch TV?? Idk why he has the biggest TV on earth in front of his bed then?? But whatever.

He had a nice BIG comfortable bed too, and he laid down sideways on my legs while I laid with my head against the headboard and we turned on The Office. Everything was going so chill…. we were laughing, talking, enjoying each other…. he touches my hands, asking me to rub his back and shit… ummhmmm… then he started to say something but stopped himself. And started mumbling. I’m like spit it out! He said he couldn’t if he wanted this space to stay holy and pure, and he knew what he was tryna say but it was about what was right and what was wrong. I said that’s fine, I’m not gonna try to persuade you to do anything you don’t wanna do. A little while later he was asking if I ever thought I would be there (I’m guessing with him, in his bed) and I said nope… it escalated quickly. And he agreed and said “a lot more could happen right now if we wanted it to…… but I can’t”. And once again I said I wasn’t gonna pressure him and didn’t wanna corrupt him. 

His dick was hard, I could tell cause he had these skinny ass jeans on before he laid down. And he took a pillow and said he was gonna sleep with it between his legs, tryna hide it and shit. He was telling me not to sleep on my side cause then he would have to come behind me. He took his shirt off. He said some more shit about where things could go at any moment and I asked him why he keeps talking about it if he doesn’t want it to happen?? Just going on and on and on. You wanna fuck or nah?? I would been down either way, but I needed him to make up his damn mind lmaobs. Then suddenly, this nigga jumps out of bed quick as fuck, turns the light on, starts putting a shirt on and I’m like what are you doing…. and he says he’s gonna take me home. WTF.

He was mumbling a bunch of shit….all I caught was “I guess this is my way of apologizing” but I didn’t care about what he was saying. I was just like whatever… put my shoes on and grabbed my bag. He was obviously confused about what he wanted. I knew this shit would happen. I don’t even know why I went. He was way too confident in his abilities to avoid temptation and talking about how only people with no equanimity allowed themselves to be tempted. So while we in the car, the convo went like this:

Me: Are you taking me home because you’re scared you might try something? 

Him: Why would I be scared, if I wanted to try something I would have done it 

Me: Then why are you taking me home?

Him: I have to study

Me: Okay but you were gonna study and take me home at 7am so what’s the problem?”

Him: I have to study

And that’s when I got mad and let him talk to himself for the rest of the ride home. I couldn’t believe this shit. I was gone for only two hours. I decided I was gonna leave him alone because he obviously needs to get his thoughts together on what he wants to do. It was all on him…. HE asked me to come over, HE asked me to share a bed with him, HE was the one all over me in bed and saying suggestive things, I was just going with the flow. Yeah, he was looking good as fuck and he thick as hell and his ass was looking extra grippable, but I didn’t try anything, didn’t even flirt. I was being respectful as fuck. I wasn’t gonna be the one he blamed for making him stray away from God or whatever the fuck lmao. So that has been my week. It’s the afternoon the next day now and I woke up thinking about this shit because his scent is still on me  *eyeroll*


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What about Harry talking about his wife or gf at one of his shows and he get super emotional, and like idek where this is going. But he starts telling her how much he loves and appreciates her and she’s crying in the audience and it’s just a really cute moment

Drabble #10

“Good Evening, I’m Harry, I’m from England”


“Could I get the house lights up please”

*lights go up*

“Wow, you all look incredible tonight, how we doing up the back?”

*cheers from the back*

“Wonderful, how about down the front”

*cheers from the front* *winks at you in the front row*

“And what about you guys in the middle?


“Hot? It looks hot in there *cheers*”

Harry was nearing the end of his tour and this is the first show that you had gotten the chance to see. You were very excited to be there, and he was over the moon to have you there. You had come by yourself, making sure that you were in the front row, which in hindsight may not have been the best idea because Harry kept getting distracted, so far, he had only performed three songs and spent the entire time making eyes at you.

“I’d like to thank you all so much for coming and spending time with me tonight, you being here means the absolute world to me. Now my job for the next hour and a little bit is to entertain you, your job is to have as much fun as you can, if you want sing, you want to dance, please be whoever you want to be, whoever you are in this room, this is for you my love *dimples at you*

The first few notes of Sweet Creature echoed through the venue and you felt yourself tearing up already, it was a song that meant a lot to you and Harry both, and although you’d heard him play it a thousand times before the album came out, hearing him sing it in a room full of people singing it back brought a whole new meaning to it and it was in that moment that you realised why he loved touring so much. When you arrived, you introduced yourself to the fans around you, some of them knowing who you were the minute they saw you, others, not really caring. All of them were lovely, especially Bob, who had also come alone and was thrilled to meet you and freaked every time harry looked in your direction.

*Only Angel Intro* You’re going to have to step it up now, I’m looking at you Y/N, I want to see you dance, I want to see you all dance!

When Only Angel ended Harry took the mic off the stand, and walked over to where you were standing in the crowd

“Now, are we having a good time?!”


“Good, I’m having a great time! I’m very lucky to have my beautiful girlfriend here in the audience tonight, she’s right here, in front of me”

*fans squish towards Y/N*

“Hey hey hey, don’t mob her, you break her, I break you, got it?”  

Alright, moving on, it’s very colourful out there tonight and it is truly wonderful to see so much love in the room, if everyone could please find someone to dance with for the next few songs, that would be great.

“Since I can’t dance with H, I guess I’ll have to settle for you” you said to Bobby

“I’m not going to say no!”

Seeing that you’d found someone to dance with Harry made his way over to your area of the crowd

“You sir, are dancing with my girlfriend, what’s your name? Robby? No? Bobby? Bob! Well, Bob you watch yourself there, I’m watching you”

*Woman* (During instrumental) “DANCE!” he screamed as he leant down and asked the security guard to let you come on stage, holding his hand out to help you up.

“Ladies and Gentleman Y/N Y/L/N!!” Normally, being on stage in front of that many people would have intimidated you, but with Harry there, dancing the same way that he does in your living room in nothing but his underwear, you forgot about the crowd and joined him, looking like an idiot but having the time of your life. When the song ended, he kissed you gently on the forehead and you made your way back to your spot in the audience.

For the next few songs you and Bobby had the time of your life, singing and dancing along. You knew how much Harry enjoyed performing, and seeing him up there having the time of his life made your heart swell with pride

After singing kiwi for the second time, Harry once again grabbed the mic and made his way over to you

“This is my last song”

*collective aww”

“I’ve only got 10 songs….” He shrugged “before I go, I would like to take a second to thank everyone for coming, because without you, I simply would not be here, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you and please drive home safely, I would also like to take a second, to thank Y/N, who has been the most incredible support throughout this whole thing, she came with me to Jamaica to record the album and kept my head screwed on straight when we were struggling to write good songs, she sat next to me as I wrote this next song, and without her to keep me going, the album probably wouldn’t have happened, she’s one of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing and she truly deserves the world, So Y/N,” he turns and looks at you “Thank you, for everything you are, I love you very much, this one is for you” Turning back to the rest of the audience “Here’s Sign of the Times”

I think about this way too much because it’s such a sweet thought, so thank you so much for the request! Please feel free to send more in!!  Special shout out to @hs-1dfan, @harold-can-fly @thisstylesguy @harryslittlekiwis  @harrywavycurly and the rest of my sweet creature crew who helped me find these GIFS and are just generally wonderful people, who I love dearly xxx


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I wanted to do a Miraculous Ladybug pjo/hoo au and I feel like the first instinct is to draw Percy and Annabeth but like… Piper and Jason man… they are my homedogs and also I feel like they fit the roles more, especially in The Lost Hero.

This was really fun and self indulgent so like don’t look at it too closely ok do u know how late it is rn (obvs u don’t bc I’m gonna queue this lol). If you haven’t noticed, ml has taken over my life but i’m still… pjo af

dean calling for help

i just want to spitball something here, feel free to add to it!

dean winchester has called both crowley and castiel for help many times. with crowley its a summoning/phone call, and with castiel it’s praying/phone call. 

by the end of season 12 (spoilers) dean says he has faith in both crowley and cas - and why not? they have both helped out multiple times. 

whats interesting to me is that dean and crowley have a sort of love/hate relationship where crowley is useful to the winchesters and sometimes helps them with no ultimate motive (ex. saving cas in season 12) and yet … we never get these scenes with crowley

( i own none of the gifs! )

of course, you could say that crowley is a demon and cas is an angel so of course dean would rather call cas over crowley. but …. would he? from the introduction of angels and from what we’ve seen - angels can be just as corrupt as demons. and vice versa, crowley by the end of season 12 just ends up helping the winchesters and not doing anything drastically evil. he was even killing demons himself!

idk i just love comparing dean/crowley relationship to dean/cas its so interesting!

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seventeen on an ice-cream date

mingyu- mingyu would get the ice cream and bring it to you and in the midst of all this he would stumble a bit being the cute clumsy thing he is, he would sit down with you and start eating and he would end up with ice cream on the tip of his nose and he wouldn’t realise and you would get an napkin and wipe his nosengjrigrigr and then he would say something cute like “ahhhh i did it again” and start whining jfifjeiue

wonwoo- a ball of happiness eating an ice-cream. is there any thing else i really have to say?? he would just sit there and embrace the happiness around him and the happiness of being around you and just relax and you would just talk about the stupidest things like is it hard to paint your nails with your fingers

dk- dk would non stop smile after he asked you out and you said yes. your first date would be an ice cream together and he would just constantly stare and smile at you and you would eventually gently hit him on the shoulder and he would giggle and be like ‘what?’ and you’d be like ‘stop staring’ and he’d just giggle and apologise then offer you some of his ice cream ;z;

woozi- he would honestly be so shocked you said yes that he would awkwardly sit eating the ice cream trying to find a topic to talk and his face would go all red and bright and he would just be like ‘so do you like puppies?’ then pull out his phone and start showing you this time he saw this cute dog idek gnejkgregrewhatislifegnjgk

dino- now as i said woozi wouldn’t know what to say, but dino, dino is on a whole other level- i swear this child would just sit there the whole time trying to find a way to eat this ice cream, go from the side then sort of shake his head, from the other side, from the top, from the bottom, and even after you had finished he would still be trying to rap his head around the idea of this whole thing and you would just sit there giggling at him

jeonghan- jeonghan would be chill on the outside but in his head literal alarm bells would be ringing. he would be asking himself questions he didn’t know the answers to like ‘what should i do next??//??/?’ and ‘am I supposed to pay??? is that a thing?? the guy pays right?? i mean i cant let her pay- right?’ and i feel like he would end up cutely stuttering a few times and handing over the wrong amount of money oR leaving without he change and someone having to call him back into the restaurant to get it

seungkwan- oh the diva boo i feel itgegemkf. seungkwan would legit waltz into the shop and stop at the counter and just go “one strawberry and one chocolate ice-cream please” then slowly slide cash across the table like he was in a movie and you would giggle at him and he would be acting all tough then the waiter would be like ‘cup or cone’ and he’d switch out of dive mode and be like ‘cone please…’ all shy like

scoups- coups would come back with one ice cream and you’d be like wot wheres my ice cream?? and then he’d turn the cone to show you half and half of yours and his favourite flavour and he’d be like ‘2 scoops is $2 more don’t say i don’t love you’ and you would giggle at him and he would giggle backenjkremek

joshua- joshua being the perfect person he is would have legit perfect looking ice creams and would surprise you and be like ‘its on me’ and then he would drag you to a park and feed you the ice-cream while sitting on a bench together with your head in his lap awwjnfk

jun- holy moly ok so jun would be like ‘let me impress you with my actings skills’ and you’d be like ‘ok go for it’ and he’d start acting and then when he got distracted he wouldld accidentally ’throw’ (of more like slip) the ice-cream out of his hand and it would land on the floor behind him and you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing and jun would just be there in the background like “‘HEYY DONT LAUGH AT MEEE’

the8- you would get the ice creams and you would desperately want to try the8s but he would always be like ‘calm yo self you can have one in a sec’ then continue to eat it. so you would distract him and go in for a bite of his ice-cream and he would turn around and be all cute like ‘i cant see it where is it’ then he’d see his ice-cream and start to pout and get all cute and he’d be like “why’d you do thattt’ :”)

hoshi- hoshi would have ‘no idea’ what flavour to get you and would end up bring back only ‘one ice cream’ and you would just look at him like wdym?? and he’d just kinda laugh awkwardly and say ‘i didn’t know what you wanted… so i didn’t get you anything at all’ and you’d just stare at him and be like ‘yOu know what i likeeee’ and he’d sit down and pull your favourite flavour of ice-cream from behind his back and be like ‘just kidding!’ and bop your nose.

vernon- vernon would be very impromptu and just pull you out of the house and be like ‘we’re going for ice cream’ and you’d be like ‘why??’ and he’d be like ‘just cause’ and you’d spend the whole day just walking and talking and holding hands casually. oh and ofc eating your ice cream

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Hi guys! So I was talking to my younger sister recently, and I was trying to convince her that fanfic is awesome. She'd read anything I link her to, but I don't know what I SHOULD link her to. She's 13, and I'm trying not to traumatize her. I mean, obviously she watches the show so there's a baseline of what she's been exposed to. Idek what genre to start with. I looked through the teen tag, but content varies. Do you have any recs? Thanks!

There are are a lot of fics that we have recommended for those new to fanfic so be sure to check out our New to Fanfiction Guide and New to Destiel Guide. We also created a post listing fics we would suggest to Misha to show that fanfic is not just porn - though we do enjoy our porn! 

Below are a few fics pulled from our T and M rated tags that we thought would be great to suggest to your 13 yr old sister (Ratings explained here).  Remember, some of the fics we read are written by people not that much older than your sister! We also added a few darker fics that are M rated and a couple NC17 that we thought were thematically appropriate. Be sure to note the ratings and of course use your discretion! Direct link to T rated fic tag.
All links go to our reviews. Latest additions are marked with asterisk [*].

Canon (SU) and Supernatural AUs

High School AUs (There are a lot more HS fics out there, but we don’t read that many and the most of the ones we have read are M or NC17)

Fluff/Rom Com/Adventure (Note the M rated fics in this group!)

Darker Themes including Suicide, Homophobia and Bullying

NC-17 (limited scenes within a broader narrative)

Oh Screw It - You know she is going to find the really porny stuff eventually, if you are so inclined, start her off with the good stuff: A Distant Mirror!

so, i’m watching this show and one of the main girls is helping one of her friends get a date with his crush and my first thought when she was telling him about making a picnic was “how much diamonds will that cost?”

choices ruined me.


Teen Wolf AU: Stiles starts speaking in innuendos around Derek. And making lewd suggestions. And calling him pet names. And generally being more obnoxious than ever, really. It picks up a couple months into post-nogitsune recovery; he figures this is how Stiles has to cope with the way their friendship was forced to grow after the revelation that, holy shit, Derek would die for him.

          It’s not like the epiphany was a walk in the park for Derek, either. After all, he’d been the one bleeding out on the floor.

          (While Scott had roared over his aching body, taking up a defensive stance to give Derek time to heal, he remembers thinking vaguely, ‘But I don’t even like Stiles,’ and wondering when that changed.)

          It’s only when they’re alone, though, and they are sometimes. No one’s really eager to let anyone else out of their sight in the aftermath, and when Stiles ends up alone he consequently ends up at Derek’s, instead. Part of him wonders if Scott put him up to it all, maybe to scare Derek out of the pack, but that’s probably his old paranoia rearing its head in the midst of insecurity. The thing is, he doesn’t know how many more times he can ignore Stiles’ blatant behavior, how many more times he can let it roll off his back. Derek has put up with a lot these past few years but being made fun of for the sport of some seventeen-year-old is where he draws the line; if this is Stiles’ chosen road to recovery, he can follow it somewhere else.

          Just when Derek thinks it’s tapered off, that Stiles will finally resort to his former, tried and true antics–ones that Derek can counter easily, ones that don’t involve Stiles bending over at every opportunity and a constant barrage of compliments to various parts of Derek’s body–he starts doing it in front of Scott. Scott, their alpha, Stiles’ best friend, who’s less than amused. To Derek’s surprise, Scott’s pique comes from the idea that they’re hiding a secret relationship from him rather than the potential of an actual relationship between the two of them. But an actual relationship– with Stiles? It’s ridiculous.

          Except, if Derek’s honest with himself, maybe it isn’t.

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I follow you on Twitter and I would like ask what those Anders art are?

ugh well its a thing what i saw in homestuck fandom… its liek music lyric make you think for the story or a character and u do illustration. in homosuck they called lyricstuck, but idek how call in non homestuck way…


its simple if show so u get a sneak peak.:

So there a song called HURT from NINE INCH NAILS what is just make me think for what sad life anders had. so illustrate his life and add the lyric to it

but ye here the music and lil arts

so ye

thats about anders art but keep it secret   

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