idek what this set is supposed to be

Okay, I'm fairly new to the fandom so this has probably been done already but

I keep picturing Simon setting up a whole ‘romantic dinner’ thing for Baz (with Penny’s help obvs) but instead of just leaving it be as like a cute little date Simon insists on making garlic bread and setting the table with silver cutlery and all of this other shit that’s supposed to repel vampires, because 'it’s for science’ (and Penny kinda feels like she should argue, but she’s just a curious as he is, and she low-key finds it funny that Simon’s still the same old Simon) and Baz walks in and he just falls around laughing and idk I just,,

3 weeks is way too long

Summary: Dan and Phil are bestfriends and they can’t spend three weeks apart from each other so they decide to go up north together. When they get there, Phil’s grandma insinuates something, and Dan has something to confess.

Word count: 3.3k

Genre: fluff

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Dear Arzaylea

We don’t want you to kill yourself. We’re not jealous because you’re dating Luke and we’re not.

What we want is respect.

We want you to stop leaking pictures. We all know you’re dating Luke. If you want people to see the pictures, post them YOURSELF on YOUR accounts. Don’t send them to fans via dm and make them post it.

We want you to stop jumping in pictures that are supposed to be just Luke and a fan/s.

We want you to stop saying ‘I hate the fans’ then snap a 10 second vid of you filming fans while 5sos plays catch fire in the background with the caption ‘the fans are so cute’.

We want you to stop changing your taste in music just because it’s what your boyfriend likes.

We want you to stop thinking a certain set of emojis belong to you.

We want you to stop posting love statuses every hour.

We want respect.