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fantastic foursome vs icarly !!

(ignore the watermark on the left, that’s from my old phan account on instagram lmao)

Because I’m a nerd I want to bring up the fact that all of these doodles in the MV:

Are the actual structures of the four nucleotides that make up DNA:

Bighit, I’m impressed. Oh, and one more thing:

The four main colours of this MV’s concept I’d say are probably red, yellow, blue and white, or something along those lines yeah?

Well with DNA, Cytosine and Guanine (C & G) and Thymine and Adenine (T & A) match up. Meaning that if we were to substitute the four colours I mentioned to the closest nucleotide from above we’d end up with:

Cytosine = white

Guanine = blue

Thymine = yellow

Adenine = red

So that means we’d end up with white and blue being paired up, and yellow and red doing the same. And if you look closely at the floor:

White+Blue and Yellow+Red?

C+G and T+A?

I’m sorry guys idek what this post is, it’s 12:30am I should go to sleep.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Okay I feel like this is just me but sometimes I just like … forget ?????? That Derek existed ?!????

like obviously I know he existed but the show has had such a different vibe since he left it feels like I’m watching a completely different show that he was never even a part of???? Idk??!!??????

like when I go back and rewatch I’m like woah, Derek

But then I’m like ????? Derek ?????

you feel me ???????!!?????

Midnight thoughts

Okay. So I don’t know how many of you read/watch Attack on Titan and read the webtoon, “Winter Woods” at the same time, (btw, you guys should check out both cause it is AWESOME), but i came across something.

// Disclaimer: I do not own Attack On Titan and Winter Woods and this is just some dumb sh** that came to my mind. // 

Anyways, while I was reading Winter Woods, one of the characters’ name is…


Hanji ZOE = ZOE 

LEVi Ackerman = LEV 

I thought that what if Zoe’s name, (character from Winter Woods) was based on Levihan. 

I was pretty happy with this ‘theory’ but at the same time I was like

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While I kept reading the webtoon, another idea popped up on my head.

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I saw THIS  (please forgive me, irdk what I was on about)

Similar hair colour as Hanji?? (HMMM…) 

And similar eye colour as Levi?? 

Now at this point I was like…

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After this idea I don’t really know anymore. 

(Heck, idek what’s the point of this post) 

Some of you might be like…

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or even be like… 

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But either way, I don’t really mind, as this was just some dumb idea that came to me and wanted to share this.  ╮(︶▽︶)╭

//Again, I DO NOT own AOT nor Winter Woods and the characters and stories go with their respective creators, just this weird as idea is mine. (I’m sorry, please forgive me *hides in the corner*) 

Guy appreciation post! This is some of the things I admire about guys :)

- Their smile (when some guys smile at me I just…idk man it’s pretty dang cute)

- Their sense of humor.

- Their protectiveness, it’s also pretty cute lol. Like when guys try to protect someone they care about or get defensive? Cuuuuute.

- Their hair. Guys have some nice hair like for real for real.

- Their eyebrows. Like yalls eyebrows can be on point and you did nothing to get them that way…not fair.

- Their faith in God. A guy that worships and loves Jesus can hang with me lol.

- Their arm veins…idek what it is about them but…I like them. Yall guys probably think their weird buuut I think they are cool 👌🏾!

Ok this is all the stuff I can think of on a whim! I just thought I’d share this. Idk what y'all will get out of it lol but here ya go!

Spoil (Prince!Jimin as a Father)

Plot: #28. “You’re going to spoil them.” with prince/king!Jimin as a father

Word Count: 417

A/N: so you may ask what is this and I’d have to answer idek bc I literally just got so soft all of the sudden and wanted to write something with prince/king!Jimin and a princess!bby park bc cutest duo ever??? so the links for this are prince!Jimin (here) and father!Jimin (all of the father related posts are here)

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It wasn’t hard to say that Jimin spoiled your daughter. She was the light of his life, the stars in the sky, the sun he revolved around but he spoiled her and he knew it. He fell for those big, brown eyes every single time, every pout, every sniffle had him giving her whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. The sight of her crying was one of his least favorites he’d ever seen, not because she wasn’t beautiful when she cried, in his eyes, she was always perfect. It was because she was crying at all, she was in distress, she was upset, she was hurt and he wanted to fix it.

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I have that feeling that Caleb wont be a permanent villain because of many reasons that may or may not make sense (probably the latter cos its me saying them obvs)

-We already have that rock guy and Silas who is super shady I guess they’re the real trouble in the book.

-Caleb literally is like a teenager who is going through his rebellious phase his motivation is literally hating the system if that doesnt scream rebel then idk what does. And I hate that I relate to him but I do (jk the government is the best thing ever) (dont come for me illuminati)

-Anyway he doesnt seem threatening enough so there is a chance Kenji and Mc will kick his butt and we will never see him again or he will join us I am not sure.

-Man of fire is like the most basic name ever dude.

-Anyway I dont think he will be as much of a trouble as Shrapnel and Silas are.

-idek what is this post anymore.

-But I really like Caleb and I hope he will join our side because that hair shouldnt go to waste #dontjudgemepls

-Totally unrelated but Kenji is the coolest motherfucker I have ever seen.

Exciting Things Ahead

So guess who finally got an AO3 (Archive of Our Own) account? That’s right, this trash can did! Anywho just a little update that I plan on extending my Blind Lance AU and making it into a full fic, so wish me luck! I hope you like it! Also, my account is watsonthebox (shocking, I know). I will update you all when I’ve posted. Thank you for all the love and support!!!  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


so it’s interesting to me that we were all brought here by love. and yet, sometimes our fandom is just the opposite of that. judgmental, hurtful, mean, rude, etc. it has been nice to come back tonight and see all of these lovely messages of love on my dash. 

there’s a reason i’ve never done a follow forever or when i’ve gotten anons asking for a list of other blogs to follow, i’ve said no. i’ve been left out of things before, lots of times in fact, and it always sucks. i’d never want to be the cause of that for someone else. i’m going to try very, very hard here with my list of love.

the stay salty ladies. @alarrylarrie @louandhazaf @theonewiththebluemic @justafatbirdonaboat @fratboylouie @unintentionalarry amanda, nic, lu, katie, julia, ashlee. you guys are so great and i’m so lucky to have made friends with such lovely people. like nic said, the round robin of positivity is amazing. when one of us is down, another one is up, and we help each other through. and not just fandom stuff. you guys have made a huge difference for me, encouraging me to start writing and keep it up, but also other stuff. you know what i’m talking about. i’ve loved getting to know you guys and your families.

the fic chat. all of y’all… i feel like i totally failed you guys with the chat, but we’ve done alright, maybe? i think the best part of the fic club is the friendships that have been made there. i….. don’t want to tag everyone, because that’s really a lot of people to tag lol i’m going to tag a few of you though and hope that everyone sees this post! @loubeesarmy @beccasafan @happilylouie @vintage1der @justapayneaway @mydnytkiss  @harrysdandelion @melmanpur @moonblessd@choncetaking @millionlittletings @captiveharts @lifestyleofpj 

to the rose and dagger chat @nottooldforthisship @loveisalaserquest17 @melmanpur @allwaswell16 @doctorrainbows @tomlinshawpie @letsjustsee @softhie @assisreal @eachothershappyending @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee i feel like i’ve forgotten someone… anyway, some of you i already talked to somewhat regularly, and i’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of you. i love that our no drama chat has turned into chat of cheese and cats and axes and idek what else. 

some other people @gettingaphdinlarry i don’t know you well, but i like what i know. you’re an awesome beta and super smart. 

@phd-mama getting to know you a little at a time. love your writing, but also that you are an hp freak like me. 

@nottooldforthisship i know i tagged you already, but i love ya. you’re awesome. what you do for the fandom with fic recs is amazing, but also what you do with supporting and encouraging writers is a big thing. i love it.

  @someonethatsfunny i don’t know you well, but i like you. you’re always super sweet when we chat <3 

@softlouiswarmharry you are always so nice about my fics. messaging me when you’ve read them and i just love getting feedback from you. 

@xabjectlessonsx phoenix you’re super super lovely, talented in many facets, and you love dolly parton and cher. enough said. i can’t wait to get my tattoo and send you pics! 

@mllesouthernbelle you called me your fairy larry god mom. i love it. love you!

@muchbetterjulia where are you even? i’m wondering about your hair. let me know. 

@annie-pie we tend to agree on so many random things and i love that i can message you and scream about things that will not be named. 

@waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee kk with our similar blacklists i feel connected to you lol sometimes i look at my dash and know that yours is the same, all little boxes that say “blacklisted because” 

@catp i connect with so many random things that you post. haven’t known you long, but still. LOVE.

@lucystarkid i love you! love your writing and all of the love you put into this fandom!

gdi @twopoppies i forgot you! i love you gina! you’re so talented and so sweet <3

last, but not least, i’m going to come back around and send more love to nic @louandhazaf because i love you extra.

okay that was actually really tiring because i’m sitting here completely paranoid that i’m forgetting someone. 


(Time in church. Priest going on about how if parents are full of hate, the child will grow up evil.)

Dad: *leans in to me* So…. is Riddler evil?

Me: Uh, perhaps.


Dad: …Is Scarecrow evil?

Me: Dad, stop.

Len’s Hands

Welp… I don’t want to admit how much time I put into studying Len’s hands and gif-ing them. And yet there’s so much more I could say than even made it into this post, but ah, here’s some analysis of Captain Cold and what his hands say about him, and mostly it’s just a lot of gifs of his hands okay?

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Reader x Jaebum

Type:smut,fluff???idek im new

warnings: None really unless smut is a warning????;-;

side note:okay hi yes hello um im new to this whole thing so I wrote this a while ago…..oh lord oh lorddddddd it sucks but I just kinda wanted to post it somewhere please dont roast me): also I have no clue what to name it…hahahahahaha Also I don’t know how to end a story omg im sorry I suck at this

You live at the Got7 dorm it wasn’t exactly your idea but you had been struggling to live on you own lately and Youngjae decided to go live with his brother for a little bit but he stay over at the dorm alot and you guys share a room but today he was gone and he was gonna be gone for a few weeks since the boys had a break you were really close with all the boys they all treated you really well and promised to take care of you “y/n” you hear someone scream it was Jackson “IM PLAYING OVERWATCH WHAT DO YOU WANT?” you scream back “dinner” Jinyoung yells you sign “kaaay but right there” you peep your head out of your room and say you decide to put on some pants since you were just chilling in a shirt you walk down to the dinner table “Hey nonna” Bam say and smiles they all say his to you you smile Jaebum comes to sit down “hey y/n” he smiles you look down and blush “hi Jaebum” you always had a crush on Jaebum but you’re sure he didn’t like you that way all the boys sit down “y/n can you hand me the water” Mark says you hand him the pitcher of water “thanks” he smiles “nonna you look nice today” Yugyeom says you smile “thanks Yug’s” you guys sit there and eat the meat,rice,rice cakes,japchae and all other korean food “this is so good” you say “Jabeum made it” Jackson says “thanks Jaebum” you smile at him and he blushes and rubs his neck “thanks glad you like it” he smiles with his cute little eye smile you’re dying on the inside cause he’s so cute you finish “thanks guys” you smile at them “I’ll do the dishes” you say “no way y/n” Jinyoung says “but-” “but nothing you don’t have to we can handle it” Mark says “okay….fine” you skip to your room “she’s so cute” Jaebum puts his face in his hands “hyung when are you gonna tell her you have a thing for her?” Bam says “ah I don’t know” he says “you should tell her soon I heard one of her friends like her” Jackson says Jaebum laughs “well maybe she likes them” “nah I don’t think so” Jackson says “well im gonna go shower” Jaebum stretches and walks to his room to get some clothes and walks to the bathroom “y/n” Bam knocks on your door “yes Bam?” “can I come in” “sure” he opens the door “what you doing” “playing over watch” “ah I swear you’re just like Youngjae” he laughs “you aren’t wrong” “so nonna” “yeah?” “this is really random…but do you like anyone” you start choking on your drink “you okay?” he asks “im fine why the sudden question” “I know someone who likes you” you laugh “yeah sureeeeeeeeee” “no really” “okay Bam but yeah I like someone” you blush “ooooo nonna” he laughs “shut up Bam” you hit him “feisty” he laughs “you know it” he stays in your room for like 10 minutes then Jackson is calling him “see ya later” he says “bye” you put the controller down and turn off the game you look over to the clock “10pm” you sigh “I wonder what Jaebum is doing” you decide to go get a snack you see a bag of chips “jackpot” you dance to yourself suddenly you hear a door open and look over and see Jaebum walk out of the shower with no shirt on and water dripping down his stomach where the towel stops and gulp and bite your lip he pushes his wet hair back and then dries it with another towel he looks over to see you staring at him you blush and go into the fridge acting like nothing happened he laughs and walks over to you you feel yourself getting turned on you rub your legs together “hey y/n” he closes the fridge door and pushes you against it “he-hey Jaebum” you blush and try not to look at his stomach he puts his arm next to you so you cant move he looks you up and down and bites his lip when he sees your legs you were just wearing a over sized shirt since you’ve been in your room all night you had messy hair but he thought you were adorable “um” you stutter “can…can I go to my room now” you look up at him he smirks “what’s got you so flustered?” you blush “nothing it’s just really hot is my room” he smirks and leans into your ear and whispers “you’re cute…when you’re flustered” he bites your ear a little you let out a little yelp he backs away and smirks you blush and you literally wanna jump on him right there and wrap your legs around his waist and kiss him and have him take you right here in the kitchen on the counter or the table or where ever you blush again and you walk to your room more like run and he laughs you shut the door you feel so turned on you lay down on your bed “oh my god he’s so hot” you know you’re wet you try to fight the feeling but its not helping when you can’t stop thinking of Jaebum in that towel around his waist and the water dripping down on his body “oh my god” you feel like you’re gonna rip your hair out you take off your underwear and glide your finger over your clit you moan softly you start off with one finger you let out soft moans “fuck” you whisper “I gotta be quiet so the boys don’t hear me” you move your finger faster you moan louder you add another finger and spread your legs you put your hand over your mouth to keep from moaning
-Jaebum pov-
you walk to your room after y/n ran to her room you put some sweat pants on you think of y/n “she’s so cute” you run your fingers through your hair you lay on the bed you text y/n “I need to talk to you” you wait she doesn’t respond “she’s probably playing her game” you wait a little longer “hmm” you get up “I have to tell her tonight” you go out and walk to her room you knock on the door “y/n I need to talk to you” no response you hear something “she’s probably talking to someone” you knock again “y/n” no response again you open the door quietly you look and she’s on the bed you look at her with wide eyes she has her eyes closed and is masturbating “fuck” you whisper you feel yourself getting hard but you can’t look away she’s moaning suddenly she moans “Jaebum” she says I look around and make sure no members are around you keep watching her thinking if you should go in or not “Jaebum” she moans again this time louder you put your hands down your pants and stroke your dick hearing her moan drives you crazy you bite your lip so she doesn’t hear you moan but you let a moan slip and you both look at each other you open the door all the way “y/n” she looks at you and grabs her blanket and covers herself
-y/n pov-
you were moaning and were thinking of Jaebum so you just moaned his name out you feel yourself getting close so you move your fingers faster and moan Jaebum’s name again suddenly you hear someone say your name you stop and look over to your door and see Jaebum standing there with his hands down his pants and him biting his lip you grab your blanket and cover yourself up you look him up and down you can he’s hard “oh my god” you think to yourself you hide yourself “y/n” he comes in and shuts the door “go away” you say he comes over and pulls the blanket off of you “JAEBUM” he smirks he comes gets on top of you and looks at you you look down “having fun?” he smirks you whine “stop” “y/n why are you masturbating while moaning my name?” “uh…I-I..” “you what baby?” “why..why were you watching me and doing it too” you bite your lip he starts kissing your neck you moan “Jaebum” you put your hands down his pants and play with his tip he moans and stops “Lets go to my room” he says you guys get up and he looks around to make sure no ones there you guys run to his room he shuts the door and you both sit on his bed “y/n we need to talk before this goes any further” you look at him “listen I know what you’re gonna say it’s fine I understand” you say “what do you mean?” “I don’t wanna say it” you feel tears forming in your eyes Jaebum looks at you and grabs your chin to make you look at him “then I’ll say what I need to” “okay” you whisper he wipes your tears with his thumb “y/n…I..I love you a lot ever since you moved in…no before that I’ve loved you since I met you when we hung out for the first time alone when you came here to wait for Youngjae so you guys could play overwatch that night I realized I loved you I realized I needed you and that you were the most perfect girl in the world” he smiles “what?” you say “I understand if you don’t feel the same” he says grabbing your hand and intertwining in fingers with yours “but I needed you to know” “I..I thought you didn’t feel that way” you whisper he looks at you “Jaebum I love you…so much” you whisper he hugs you tight “im so glad you said that” “I thought you were gonna tell me you didn’t like me” you say and he looks at you “are you crazy?” he sees you’re still crying “stop crying babygirl” he wipes your tears away “im sorry I couldn’t help it” you put your head in his chest he kisses the top of your head “so this means you’re mine now right?” he asks “of course” he kisses you the kiss gets headed he pushes you down “do you wan’t me to finish what you started?” he glides his finger over your clit you moan “words babygirl” “yes” “you’re so wet y/n” he puts 2 fingers in without warning you moan “Jaebum” “shh kitten” he moves his fingers faster “oh my god” you whisper “cum for me baby” you moan while he moves his fingers faster you cum he pulls his fingers out and licks them “tasty” you blush he removed his pants you see how hard he is you gulp “y/n do you want this?” you grabs his dick and stroke it he moans and he dips his head back “y/n” you move your hand faster “fuck” he bites his lip he stops you “I can’t wait anymore I need you I need to feel you” “I need to feel you too” you say he gets on top of you “you ready babygirl?” he waits “yes” he pushes himself in you both moan “you okay?” he asks “yes” he keep sliding in so he can fill you up he waits to start moving so you can get used to his size you feel tears in your eyes “y/n we can stop if you need to I don’t mind” “no no im fine it’s just been a while” he grabs your hand “move” you say “you sure?” “please Jaebum” he starts off slow you moan “you’re so tight” he grunts “faster” you say he moves faster he kisses you you run your fingers in his hair “Jaebum” you moan out “fuck y/n you’re so beautiful” “faster” you moan louder he moves faster “Jae-Jaebum” you wrap your legs around his waist “harder” you moan he pulls out and slams back into you you both moan “oh my god” you can feel yourself shaking “fuck kitten you look so good like this” he sticks a finger in your mouth you suck “Jaebum right there” he removes his finger from your mouth he hits the spot “you like that kitten?” you moan he goes faster “answer baby” “yes” you scream “fuck” he says “im close” you say “same kitten” you grip on to his back and scratch him “Jaebum” you moan “beg for more baby I love it I love seeing you like this you feel so good around my dick” you moan you love his dirty talk it turns you on even more if that’s even possible hes thrusting into you hard you’re both moaning you cum he clench around his length “fuck y/n that was so hot” he moves your hair out of your face “baby im gonna cum” he says “go ahead” you say he goes harder and deeper he cums “fuck” you both moan he pulls out you’re both panting he gets off you and goes to the bathroom to get wipes to help clean you and himself up you try to sit up but you feel a sharp pain you let out a yelp “did I go to hard?” he smirks you blush “im fine I liked it” he comes over to kiss you “I love you babygirl” “I love you too baby” you kiss him and smile into the kiss he lays down and pulls you close you rest your head on his chest you guys order food and stay in bed for the rest of the night and watch movies and play games together

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What's this whole guy fieri au?

It’s a vision from God is what it is

Lololol idek my dude I was talking with @gutter-guy-100 and the idea of Guy replacing Reigen came to me so I came up with some stupid ideas and then, next thing you know, Guy Fieri au.

Honestly I could go deeper with it but I’m not sure I want to lololol.

I will say some stuff I didn’t put in the pic posts:
-mob adopts some of his slang
-guy cannot be stopped he Will exorcise the spirit in ur restaurant and he Will ask for a recipe with cameras on u
-Serizawa: saves guy from Touichiro
Guy: hachi mama
-Ritsu is scared
-mob doesn’t really think any of this is weird he’s too busy worrying about homework and wooing tsubomi

I’m gonna stop there bc I know I can think of more but I really shouldn’t

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Seeing Larries reblog all the Jamaica quotes/gifs has me so :|. I don't know how people who believe they're together can justify that knowing what we do about what was going on last year. And all of the tags that are like "wow that must've been amazing" and "i'm so jealous". Idek. :|

Anon, did you see my post about Jamaica?

I don’t think Harry needed to stop his life when Jay was sick (or Louis, for that matter), and I don’t know that Louis wanted him to, but flaunting being drunk in Jamaica while your lover’s mother was sick and dying is…

Well, it certainly doesn’t fit the “pick someone who’s supportive” image to me.

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I'd spam you with more 'like' notifications in your activity feed, but I honestly don't think my finger could handle all of the 'liking' I'm doing on your posts. Omg. Can't handle this. Not with so little sleep. Agh, your blog is dangerous! Idek what I'm saying. I'm tired af, and all you're doing is encouraging my not going to bed.

go sleep child!!!! i do not condone sleep deprivation,,, you need rest to fully appreciate my amazing posts!!


Artyom emerged from his room with his girlfriend… aaaaaaaand…. this looks like they’re going to have some weird romantic alone time in the pool doesn’t it.  That’s exactly what it looks like.

…. they totally weren’t PLANNING on doing that.

If you see Jun in the window half-pining it’s because she still wanted a romp.

I really have no idea what any of this is.

“Playing tag”.

…… riiiiiight.  >_>;

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ok so basically this person made a huge post about how people should stop sexualizing the gmw character and actors that are minors especially rowan. she spoke about how people were counting down the days until peyton was 18 and how that's wrong. fanfic writers and others took offense to this post and there was a bunch of anons attacking people and people talking about being the queen of the fandom. it was just a big mess. idek how to explain really

Yea, I read the post. I mean, it’s pretty fucking disgusting to write smut about a 15 year old. Personally I feel weird reading any smut-type fan fiction involving actors in general (not the characters they play, but the real life actors) because those are like, real people, you know? What if you went online and found those kinds of stories about yourself? Or your boyfriend or husband or wife or brother? It’s just really intrusive and icky to me, but for those people to be 15 years old like Rowan? Seriously pretty fucked up. 

As far as the characters go I mean aging them is OK I guess, but smut fic is still pretty iffy, I mean if you are picturing these things in your head, you’re picturing Riley and Maya’s 16 year old faces. So…kind of not OK. 

I’m with them on this one. Obiovusly people have the right to write whatever they want, and no one can stop or control that. But on the other hand, people have a right to voice their concerns on the matter as well. 

Either way I don’t understand the drama or why anyone would ever send out a death threat to anyone else over anything, especially Disney Channel Smut Fic. Like, come on guys, there are better ways to spend your energy. 

As far as the “queen of the fandom”, that’s pretty ridiculous. Nobody is the queen of anything. Everyone who loves GMW loves it equally and is just as important as the next fan, regardless of the number of followers they have. 

Is this what the Riley/Lucas fans argue over?? I’m just over hear reminicising about stolen glances and longing hugs between two smol beans who don’t even know they  love each other yet because they’re too young to know what love is #RIARKLECAMP4EVA