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“I’m so tired of falling for guys that don’t fall back. It hurts.”

I’m Awkward; You’re Gorgeous

Title : I’m Awkward; You’re Gorgeous

Pairing : Sam X Reader

Word Count : 1,912

Prompt : You are a bit of a dork. And you tend to be a bit awkward sometimes. It’s like the entire universe is against you. But lucky for you, you have Sam on your side.

You should have stayed out of Dean’s room. You really should have.

But it was raining outside, the heater was broken and you were freezing. Plus with Dean and Sam gone for the day, you weren’t about to put on one of your own hoodies. No way. Dean’s jackets were totally cooler. You would have stolen one of Sam’s, but then he might have assumed you liked him and you didn’t need that right now. Even though you did like him.

A lot.

Anyway, that was beside the point.

You had slipped on Dean’s favorite brown leather coat so you could bundle up on your bed to watch some Netflix. You zipped it up over your favorite t-shirt, leaving on sweats and some fuzzy socks as you literally wrapped yourself in layers of warm blankets and happiness. You were halfway through an episode of The Walking Dead when you heard a car in the driveway. You panicked, jumped out of your bundle of warmth and reached for the zipper of Dean’s favorite leather jacket…

And you broke it off.

For a long moment, you could do nothing but stare at the zipper in your hand, the high-necked brown leather jacket still tightly fastened to your body.

“Oh. My. God.”

In a frantic moment of adrenaline, you tried to reattach the zipper, but it was too far gone. You bit you lip in horror. This was bad. If Dean found out you stole his coat he was going to kill you. And now, if he found out you broke his coat…

“No no no no no no…” You jumped out of bed and ran to your door, slamming it shut. You pulled on one of the long sleeves. You had your arm halfway down the elbow before your arm got stuck. You tugged on it harder and your arm became wedged in the most uncomfortable position you had ever been in. You let out a hiss through your teeth. “Ouch.”

That’s when you heard the front door open and close again. You looked up, dread flooding through your body.

“Y/N!” You heard Sam’s voice call from the living room. “We’re home!”

“And we brought dinner!” Dean added in a sing-song tone. You felt your heart drop to your toes in dread.

In a half-hobbling, half-rolling scramble, you jumped up and scurried over to your bed, diving under the covers. Maybe you could fake being asleep until you could figure out how to get the stupid coat off.You scrambled madly for a minute before you were tucked under the covers. You heard footsteps outside your door.

“Y/N?” Dean called out. “You in here?”

“Don’t come in!” You shouted, struggling to keep your voice calm. “I’m naked!” You shouted out the first thing that came to mind, your face bright red. You rolled over in bed, struggling to pull your other arm free, but you only managed to get your other elbow stuck in the sleeve too.  You let out a groan, whipping your elbows back and forth in frustration as the ends of the sleeves whacked about uselessly.

There was no way this could possibly get any worse.

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this is about  C l a r k e… she’s being hunted by everyone

they found water on mars but PINOF 7 is still not out

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they found water on mars but gay marriage is still not legal everywhere

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What are you thinking about? (Pt 3)
  • What she says: Nothing.
  • What she means: I mean, I get how Ratatoullie had some equality undertones to it, but I'm not sure I want a rat touching my food. I mean, did they get those animals vaccinated because it didn't look like it. How did that even pass restaurant requirements? Isn't it, like, illegal to have rodents in your establishment, let alone work there? And how were these animals getting paid? They don't use human currency, which leads us to believe they weren't getting paid at all. Isn't that animal labor? Does animal labor count as animal abuse? I love how everyone's just like, "Yeah, okay, thousands of rats are working in the kitchen," and no one ever questions it. In fact, this actually boosts their business. It also shows how lazy restaurants are getting because they'd rather have rats cook the food than do it themselves. Like, was this movie really about a rat following his dreams, or was it just Disney boycotting how horrible food-service is?
[Things you said at the kitchen table] - Jonnor Prompt

Having Jude over at his house for dinner with him and his dad wasn’t new, and it normally wasn’t much to worry about. Despite Adam being a bit crass most of the time, dinner usually went fine, but today happened to be different. Connor wasn’t sure what exactly made this night any different, but all it took was one comment to change everything.

“So, Connor, you never talk about that girl Daria anymore,” Adam commented simply, while twisting the fork around the spaghetti on his plate.

Jude glanced up at Connor to judge his reaction, seeing his boyfriend go pale.

“We broke up,” Connor responded.

“Oh?” Adam asked. “How come?”

“It’s irrelevant now,” Connor tried to put a stop to the topic by shovelling a bite of spaghetti into his mouth.

Adam seemed to accept this answer, and didn’t press for details. Connor knew his dad never really cared to know details of his drama. Maybe he wasn’t interested in the details of Connor’s love life, but he suddenly had an interest in Jude’s.

“What about you, Jude?”

Jude snapped his attention up to the man across from him, and waited for Adam to expand the question.

“You dating anyone?”

Jude averted his eyes once more, trying to hide the worry on his face. “Yes.”

“Good for you,” Adam said a few octaves higher for emphasis.

Jude smiled awkwardly. “Thanks.”

“What’s she like?” He continued.

“Dad,” Connor warned him to stop there.

Jude didn’t know what to say, so he gave another awkward smile, followed by, “really nice.”

“I guess I should apologize for thinking you were gay,” Adam said with a slight chuckle, as if he thought he could smooth over it by making a joke about it.

“Dad!” Connor dropped his fork and snapped at him.

“It’s fine,” Jude mumbled.

“No it’s not!” Connor yelled.

“I beg your pardon?” Adam demanded.

“No, you’ve had a problem with Jude since the day you met him. You don’t get to act like dad of the year once he tells you he has a girlfriend.” Connor was furious with his dad.

Jude was gripping Connor’s forearm, begging silently for him to shut up.

“Connor, please…” Jude whispered.

“No, I’m done with pretending this doesn’t bother me. You shouldn’t have to either,” Connor shouted back.

“Connor!” Adam called him sternly.

“What dad? What more could you possibly say to offend my boyfrie-” he stopped short, realizing the word that just slipped through his mouth. He had gotten so used to referring to Jude as his boyfriend outside of his house, that it became a habit, and he was too mad to think before saying it. But now it was too late. The three of them were painfully silent. Adam’s eyes were wide and frantic, looking between the two boys. Jude looked mad, Adam looked mad, and Connor was mad at himself. He couldn’t believe he just outed them. To his dad of all people.

Adam pushed his chair away from the table and stood up. His mouth opened and closed as if he was going to say something, but he just turned and walked out of the room, leaving Connor to figure out a way to apologize to Jude.