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How Dan and phil probably broke up #26
  • Dan: what's the devil's surname?
  • Phil: West

Sick Healer AU!

Hi I’m Jen and I take back everything I ever said about me being an artist

(courtesy of @bakanohealthy for this blessed/cursed au)

people judge theodore nott in the simplest of the terms.

slytherin, son of a death eater, orphan, rich, pure blood, intelligent, a loner.
wrapped around in his own arrogance and pettiness.

little they know, though.

little they know about the pain carved onto him, the real scars linked to stories of disappointment, hurt and remorse, and the pain that didn’t leave any visible marks, but runs the deepest into him. how he remembers, in vivid detail, the way his mother’s eyes lost their spark when life left her, when her body hit the floor with a dull sound. the silence after that, the silence that followed him around, all his life.

little they know about the universes living within him, the ones which made the darkness sparkle with light. about the books he loves to read, slipping away into a reality that doesn’t have death eaters, family expectations and blood lines, the stories theodore nott can fall in and inhabit, without having to speak, to pretend to be someone else.

little they know about his dreams, his real dreams, not the nightmares of memories and the metallic scent of blood, or the guidelines perfectly traced by his father about his future wife, and his future position at the ministry and the importance of the blood legacy. thedore nott’s dreams are in the corridors of st mungo, as a mediwizard, in the fouth floor. in his most secret dreams, he could imagine his own mother there, in the janus thickey ward, it’s better than remembering her cold, lifeless hands.

little they know about the feelings bubbling up in his chest. the butterflies in his stomach that make him flush and stutter and that doesn’t add up to the image of pettiness, arrogance and coldness. the yearn in the pit of his stomach for things he cannot have, but he cannot stop wishing for, embodied in calloused hands and deep dark eyes, fleeting touches and whispered words that theodore nott knows they are just a token of friendship.

little they know about the warmth, the care, the worry, the love, the hope, the anxiety, the trust. about the complexity of his character, about the layers, about the contradictions, about the internal fights of what he was taught and what it’s actually right. about the moments he wishes he could give up, feeling he’s crashing under expectations, and screams and the silence, and the cold.

stripping theodore nott of all the things that define him and shaping him with the things people think they know about him, it’s like tracing a labyrinth with no exit, a riddle itself, like the very complex personality of theodore nott is.

and very few people could actually see the cracks, and the depth.


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knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.

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"I'd ask you to stay, but I don't like you" for hoperai, please? ✨

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Back when she’d been in the Corps, struggling to survive, Lightning had never really given much thought to history or relations with other kingdoms. Not only was that the old royal family’s business to worry about, but it was Serah’s department as a future teacher.

Now, Lightning wished that she could take a slice of that knowledge, just on the off chance it would get Sazh off her back.

“Seriously, have you even looked at those documents I’ve been givin’ you? At all? Even just a stern glance?”

“I’ve been busy,” Lightning muttered, which wasn’t too far from the truth - she’d just been busy avoiding any thought of diplomatic relations at her introduction ball. She hadn’t been the crown princess of the kingdom of Eden for too long and had mostly avoided the public eye. This ball would be her first real moment in the spotlight.

Which was why she was busy being terrified.

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Still hungry?  Well I’ve brought something for you.  This.  This is the most important leaf in human history.  It’s full of stories, full of history.  And full of a future that never got lived.  Days that should have been and never were.  Passed on to me.  This leaf isn’t just the past, it’s a whole future that never happened.  There are billions and millions of unlived days.  An infinity.  All the days that never came.  And these are all my mum’s.

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I love all of these that you do. They make me so happy and the way you portray their characters is very in line w canon and also what my headcanon for drarry is. I hope that you’re doing better, ik you had mentioned your mental health isn’t where it needs to be. I hope that you’re now progressing towards good mental health, bc you deserve it. i look forwards to more of your content, but i look forward even more to you getting better! <3 much love

I’m a writer and I’m out of words with this one. I don’t even remember when I mentioned this but the fact that you noticed and remembered and are checking up on me– this means everything to me and I just–  *squashes you*

@im-a-life-at-fail Thank you very much. I ❤️ you!