idek what this is don't ask i just had to let 'em all out

can't get over you

i went through my pics and saw this one and scene came to mind and jealous!killian happened and don’t even ask me okay it’s au week whatever bleh

also can we pls have pics of colin jen jamie sean mike lee josh meghan ginny and EVERYBODY together being idiots i’ll kill for it pls (or at least only jen and colin together i nEED IT FOR REASONS I NEED THEM HAVING FUN TOGETHER)

He was late. He was horribly late, but they had kept him for another extremely long hour, and then his boss had asked him to come over to his office and have a chat about some designs he wanted to check over with him, even if he had tried to very subtly let him know he was late to an appointment, the man hadn’t seemed to get the hint. 

Alas, he was late. 

He made his way into the pub a little too hastily, earning the shocked looks from clients sitting next to the entrance. He tried a sheepish smile and walked inside, nodding at the bartender, who already knew him from countless other times he had been in there with the clique. Not even bothering to look around, he strode to the back of the place and found them sitting at their table. He frowned as he counted them - it was supposed to be six of them, but there were only three people sitting there. Robin had texted him already saying he’d be late, though Killian had thought his friend wouldn’t be as late as him, but where was she…?

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