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Eddie has always strived for perfection. Perfect grades, perfect appearance, perfect health, perfect everything. Organized and color coded folders, crisply folded shirts, neatly combed hair, soft freckle free skin, the works.

And then he meets Richie.

Richie, with his wild untamed hair, his loud patterned shirts paired with wrinkled cargo shorts, his chaotic explosive personality, his fiery comebacks, and his freckles like constellations scattering all over his face. Everything Eddie thought he hated and couldn’t be all wrapped up in a human being so perfectly imperfect.

They are polar opposites from each other, but they compliment each other in ways they never thought possible. Trashmouth and Eds, Richie and Eddie. Losers from the beginning, lovers until the end.

Midnight Circus -drabble- | #1 #3

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Anon: Drabble and #1 and #3 midnight circus please?

author’s note: idek what to say, midnight circus I guess, enough said. Be sure to check out the series to follow the story line! Enjoy~

There you were, in the diner bathroom, kissing the man you call the scum of the earth—how low could you get? He insisted he’d help you clean the (purposely) spilled root beer on your shirt, they asked two people to pick up some bags of ice. You were one of those two people. Jungkook said he was hungry so he stopped by some fast food place and you went inside with him. To get him to pick up the pace you decided you’d go inside with him. 

“Hold this.” That’s the last he said before shoving the drink at your chest—you cursed at him before running off to the bathroom.

After a few minutes you heard a knock at the door and before you could answer he walked in. An extra shirt in his hand and a slight smile 

“What the hell!? This is the woman’s bathroom, get out!” You were dabbing your top with a damp paper towel, it just wouldn’t come out.

“No, I brought you shirt.” He shrugged.

“I don’t want it, get the fu-” He grabbed your wrist, causing your napkin to fall to the floor and he was just glaring at you.

“Would you just shut up and take off your damn shirt, people are gonna get suspicious.” He furrowed his brows, corning you against the wall so you couldn’t leave.

You couldn’t believe him. “You’re the one who decided to walk in here, I don’t care who sees you.” You pushed his chest with enough strength to get him out of your way so you could get got the paper towel dispenser. “If someone sees me though, they’re gonna think I’m a hoe. So, I’m not gonna say it again. Get out.”

You reached for the door knob and he grabbed your waist, pushing you against the wall. “I’m trying to help you. Why do you have to be so annoying…” He kind of giggled and his eyes darkened. “I like it better when your lips are shut…or on mine.” 

“Well, too bad. Get out, or I will scream.” You threatened him but he decided he’d take his chances. He kissed you. For some reason you kissed him back, and he hooked his arm under your thighs, sitting you on the counter. This was. already going too far for you—his hands traveled up and down your waste until stopping at the hem of your shirt, attempting the pull it up.

“Hey!” You jerked back, your head hitting the mirror behind you. “I don’t know what you think your about to get but it’s nothing from me, Kook-” You jumped off the counter and shoved him out the way. 

“I was helping you change.” He smiled, handing you the shirt and you snatched it. You went behind the stall, ripped off your shirt and throwing it over to him.

“What is wrong with us…” You sighed, leaning against the stall door as you situated the top. “We shouldn’t be doing this, it’s not right. We literally don’t get along unles we’re…” Your cheeks heated at the thought—this situation was so raunchy looking, you could understand why anyone would assume you were an easy girl. You put on his extra shirt, fixing it to make it look cute before walking out. “We’re not doing this again. I’m serious this time, it’s not happening again.”

“You keep saying that, but I don’t believe you.” He watched you walk out, looking you up and down. You glared at him, peeking out of the bathroom before walking out with a red face. His hand brushed pass your butt and your first instinct was to slap him in the face but you held your hand—you wanted to slap the heck out of him.

You turned around, holding your skirt down consciously. “Stop trying to grope me.” You looked around, seeing a woman with her young son at the register—you weren’t about to be responsible for her son witnessing indecent exposure. “There are kids in here…” You grumbled.

“You’re skirt was hiking up, I fixed it.” He scoffed when you let the door slam in his face. “You’re welcome…”

We’re unreasonably different, 

but this is our fate baby

8.5 hrs in the ER waiting room, just under 12 hrs on a stretcher in the packed ER hallway. Finally in the inpatient room. Definitely staying tonight, maybe tomorrow night, no one knows. Tonight I’m on all the monitors, heart, respiration, and pulse ox. Doubled up on steroids, 60 mg/day oral prednisone and a lot of IV solu-medrol. Plus all my normal MCAD meds. Still haven’t eaten since Sunday but did ok with juice today so that’s good. No idea where they’re trying to go with everything, like maybe a round of steroids, maybe longer-term steroids, idek what else.

I’m also in the heart hospital. My BP and HR were v high when I got into the ER (like 170/100 and 165 bpm, my normal being 120-130/60-70 and 65-75 bpm). Plus they’re monitoring for cardiac and pulmonary symptoms of anaphylaxis. This is my first time outside of less and it’s weird.

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i stan dnp but idek why tbh bc dan is totally someone that i wouldnt stan and i just said that i stan them bc i thought he's changend he's not that person who made those videos years ago but yk sometimes i ask myself but what if he still is?? like he's never adressed, he didnt get it out he just unlisted it like he still maked money if u search for it and he only did it bc people were talking,

lmao if you think this dan and the 2010/2011 dan is the same person, then you need to go to the eye doctor and the hearing doctor, and maybe to some other doctor to cure your cognitive dissonance. 

heck, even 2014 dan and 2017 dan are like SO DIFFERENT. idk what to tell you really, if he unlisted the videos because he considered them problematic (as he’s stated in the descriptions after unlisting) for people who don’t know him and are just starting to watch him i feel like that’s enough, the reason why he keeps them unlisted it’s because people who know of the existence of those videos- like us- are people who understand the context in which they were made and know that he’s changed, so then it IS available for us to watch whenever we want to, just not open to the public eye. 

but tbh im not tryna convince you or anything, i think it’s pretty obvious without the explanation.

(vent post)

would appreciate it if everyone in my life (irl) would quit pressuring me to get ordained and be a pastor. idek if that’s what I want, or even good for me to do.

people keep tryna plan my life for me because I just got an MDiv. back off buddies, I’m gonna do what I want. no one needs a faith leader in as bad spiritual shape as I’m in right now. I wish people would understand that I need some time to get on my feet and figure some things out

like can we abolish the idea that if your degree doesn’t apply to what you’re currently doing, then it’s a waste? just get rid of that idea. I studied, learned, and grew so much. The debt sucks but I love having the education I have. even if ordination isn’t the right path for me, I will still be an educated layperson and that is valuable.

Tumblr RP 2012: He grabbed a carton of milk and drank it.

Tumblr RP 2014+: Slender digits might curve delicately——&& OPAQUE biodegradable material would find a long-lost home snugly ‘neath gangly sticks of bone and sinew. A cow’s utter hath provided CREAMY substance now floating on white clouds of honeydew in said CARTON—— and as butterfly petals part to receive the rich nectar, a feather-like sigh finds it’s way into the Autumn air.

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


Baby’s breath

a concept: Victor usually wakes up first in the mornings. So when Yuuri wakes to find Victor cuddled against him, breathing slowly and steadily, it’s a pleasant surprise. He brushes his fingers through Victor’s hair and Victor instinctively moves closer to him, gravitating towards Yuuri’s touch whether conscious or unconscious.

They have to leave soon, so regretfully Yuuri whispers to him in Japanese, trying to wake him. Victor hums, still asleep, and tangles a leg in between both of Yuuri’s. Yuuri kisses his forehead and his chest aches with unconditional love that could reverse the turn of the Earth, that could part the ocean, that could put out the embers of the sun. Five more minutes won’t hurt anyone.


the moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.