idek what they were doing


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Klaus: “What the bloody hell is she doing?”

Fuck my life

I found tutorials on how to creat themes z but they all require knowledge of both HTML and CSS. I know less than basic HTML, and I don’t know how to learn CSS/HTML now, I’m bad at learning this kind of stuff…

What do I do?

So my friend @amyxmanning takes the most amazing selfies right and long story short a little while back I took one of them and made what is to this day my greatest accomplishment in photo editing:

(Thanks to Amslydale for both encouraging this creation and giving her enthusiastic and official blessing to post it - she’s a majestic peep that needs to be appreciated honestly)

baby taozi

[140105 at TaoYuan airport] Though the whole situation was very horrible and the boys were squeezed like hell, Zitao still happily shouted out: “heyy~ taiwanese friends!!! we arrived!! hi everybody!” (x)