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I want to ask you about jensen ackles and what the homophobia thing is about? like he seems to be very lgtb supportive lately but is there any real evidence of him being a homo phobe? not hating by the way, sincerely curious about why this has always been a topic in the fandom

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So, do you ever get a question in your inbox and you’re like; OH LORD NO, I DON’T WANNA TOUCH THIS WITH A TEN FOOT POLE?

This is that question.

First of all, I’m going to leave Destiel completely out of it, because otherwise y’all are gonna be shouting ‘BIAS’ faster than I can publish this message.

Look, I think that if you’re asking for anything ‘concrete’, outside of him having said that certain things weren’t ‘manly’ (this kind of macho behavior doesn’t necessarily equal homophobia), there are two things that really stand out.

The thing is, the first one is questionable. It’s about the fan who brought up being bi, and hinted that she related to Dean because of it. The audience was booing her loudly, and Jensen said something along the lines of ‘don’t ruin it for everyone’.

This article pretty much covers that side of the argument:

But then later on, the girl who asked the question made a post about how it was all a misunderstanding, and that what Jensen said wasn’t aimed at her. She was upset because of the audience booing her, but she claimed that Jensen hadn’t even properly heard the question, and that he was just randomly talking to the audience to entertain them while the staff discussed whether or not to let her finish said question.

In the end they decided to not let her finish (staff, not Jensen), because they wanted to keep the panel ‘fun and light’ and this was changing the entire atmosphere (idk who the ones booing were though; homophobes? Bibros? Leaving that open.) Either way, the girl stated that the only thing humiliating about it was the audience, but that Jensen barely knew what was going on. You can still read her post here: Click!

Not much later fans were already questioning if it was truly her posting it, some saying that if it was her, she might have done it only to not aggravate Jensen fans/bibros in the fandom.

But again, all of this is speculation. The video is pretty vague, and it’ll probably forever remain a mystery what truly went down. Which is why I find it hard to use it as an argument for this, because the stories are so conflicting.

The second thing that probably stands out to most people, was the quote about Brokeback Mountain:

Someone asked Jensen if he would ever do a cowboy movie.

Jensen’s reply was: “I would say yes, but then Brokeback Mountain came out, and my desire to do a cowboy film completely tanked.

Which roughly translates to; Oh yeah, I love cowboy movies, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but then this one cowboy movie including a homosexual romance happened, and it has stained my view of these kind of movies forever.

Of course you can argue that he happened to mention that one cowboy movie because he simply disliked it for the plot/the acting/whatever. But if you’re not overanalyzing it, I completely understand why that comment would sound rather homophobic to people.

Now, whenever we reach this point in the conversation, everyone brings up Jensen’s gay aunt and a whole other discussion starts; can you be homophobic or make homophobic comments even though you’re close to someone who is actually gay? (The answer is yes, in case you wondered, but I’m not stating that this applies to Jensen though.) Or what’s being brought up is Jensen in the past playing a character that was strongly hinted to be bisexual. And everyone discussing ‘does it matter, does it not’. 

Anyhow, this being said; please keep in mind that all of these things happened over three years ago. Whether you’re a Jensen fan or not, I think that it doesn’t take an expert to see that the guy has changed a lot over the past few years. How he interacts with fans, how he’s more comfortable in his own skin, how he’s more open and understanding, is willing to share more of himself, and is clearly enjoying himself more at conventions now that he feels more connected to the fandom.

And that doesn’t mean that you immediately have to be cool with every possible problematic thing he’s ever said, but I’m the kind of person that believes that people can grow. I believe that they can be educated  and change for the better with the right support.

And I don’t want to say it out loud, because I don’t want to be /that person/  that makes this post about /that thing/, but if you honestly think about it, it isn’t hard to guess where this influence is coming from in Jensen’s case. Being more open, trying to understand the fans and the fandom, trying to understand others and be kind to them even though you might think they’re ‘different’, and because you take the time to understand them, being able to see their points of view and supporting them. Supporting the things that matter to them, and in return they will give back and support you and your beliefs as well. Speaking out to everything that isn’t right in the world, supporting groups that need celebrities to be their voice because otherwise they won’t be heard… Helping the fandom by helping to set up this project that reaches out to fans who are struggling with mental health and other problems.

Because if we’re going to leave all of the shipper-y/tinhatting/hateful nonsense behind for once, and we’re just going to look at them as two human beings, and we’re going to be honest about it, it’s not hard to tell that Jensen looks up to him A LOT.

And if we’re going to look the other way around; considering the kind of person that Misha is, he has little tolerance for people who hate on others because of who they are (his recent vendetta against Trump tells you all), he holds the LGTB+ community dear, and although I don’t doubt that the guy would be able to remain professional and tolerate someone with these kind of views for the sake of having to work together, you can clearly see that he not just tolerates but absolutely ADORES Jensen. So I’m having trouble believing that Misha would become this close with someone/value someone this much, if he didn’t know deep down that this person’s heart was in the right place. That this person just needed someone to guide them a little bit and show them some different points of view to make them understand what’s up and what matters.

This week alone, is proof that Jensen might genuinely have changed his views.

Jensen could’ve made a clinical tweet about the Orlando shooting (ala Trump) as his duty as a celebrity, but instead he chose to join the many people who were hurting in changing his icon to the gay pride flag, later on posting a selfie and again mentioning all of the victims in Orlando and dedicating it to them.

When someone wanted him to wear the bi flag in a photo op this weekend, and the fan explained him that it was about bisexual Dean, a very popular headcanon in the fandom that means something to a lot of fans, he said ‘sure let’s do it’, and he’s even looking positive and confident in the photo op, not doing the infamous ‘grumpy face’ or something along those lines. [Phoenix con 2016]

And I get it, us humans we always go for one extreme or the other, and the fandom has always been divided into fans who absolutely demonize the guy, and fans who put the guy on a freaking golden pedestal; there is no in between when it comes to Jensen Ackles.

Me, I like to see him as a human being. A human being that screws up, sometimes says the wrong thing, sometimes is a douchebag because he blabs without thinking, like we all do at times. (Lord knows I do.)

But also a human being who’s made an impact on a lot of fans, has made many girls who felt insecure about their looks feel special during photo ops, and has definitely made an effort to open his heart to the fandom, and with that to the things that they stand for, thus supporting those things.

(PS: Whoever sent me this question, just letting you know that you’re driving me to drink, LMAO.)

She’s Electric (Futakuchi Kenji + Nametsu Mai)

Idek why I chose that title but I’ve been having a lot of feels about these two lately (thanks to @starlity‘s artwork) and I need to write something so I guess it seemed to work. I promised @kairoskenji that I would write something and I swear I’m gonna get this ship out of the dock

Also tagging @hq-rare-pairs because this pair deserves more love

“I’m so proud of you!” Dateko’s adorable manager squeaked, running out to her team after another big win at the Interhigh tournament. She did her usual routine, high-fiving Koganegawa, Aone, Jingo, Onagawa, Obara, and Sakunami, in that order, before springing onto her boyfriend Futakuchi’s shoulders. The captain caught himself from falling over, even though his small girlfriend is a feather compared to him. It was a tough match and although he needed to get his energy before the next match, he appreciated the display of affection.

Futakuchi put her back on the floor and planted a kiss on her forehead, lovingly cupping her cheeks. “Thanks, babe. We couldn’t have done it without you, you know.” 

The team followed the couple out of the gym on the way to the lobby to get some lunch. They had two and a half hours before their next match and had plenty of time to eat. The rest of the guys broke off one way and left Futakuchi and Nametsu to have their mini-date.

Walking down the hallway, his arm wrapped protectively around his small girlfriend, Futakuchi couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. His team was on a winning streak, with him leading them to every victory, and he had the cutest manager-girlfriend supporting him. But, he also couldn’t help but notice the looks that Nametsu was earning from guys from the other team. He was seen as a rival, and he was okay with that, but he knew for sure that someone would try to bother her and he wasn’t cool with that. But for now, all he wanted to focus on was her and winning their next match.

“Kenji, can we swing by the restroom?” she asked before they walked down the road for lunch. Giving a nod and a light pat on the back, Futakuchi steered them into the direction of the restrooms. The two were separated for barely a couple minutes before Futakuchi came out and saw two boys wearing burgundy and white surrounding a petite girl in a familiar green jacket.


“You’re such a tease, you know that?” As Futakuchi got closer, he recognized the name on the back of the jackets: Shirato High School. “C’mon, sweetheart, say something. I bet you have a cute voice too.”

Nametsu looked up with a terrified look on her face that turned into relief when she saw her boyfriend coming towards them.

“Do we have a problem here?” he growled, catching the two boys’ attention. Under their jackets, they were in their uniforms and one of them wore a captains jersey.

The captain scoffed. “Well, well, well. Sending your captain to come fight your battle for you. Sorry bud, but we were here first. Wait your turn.”

That was the last straw for Futakuchi. He put a hand on the captain’s shoulder and pulled him away from Nametsu. “Actually, she’s my girlfriend so I don’t have to wait for anything. Now, you’re bothering her and you two need to get lost.”

The other boy, probably the vice-captain, laughed at him. Futakuchi wrapped his arms around Nametsu’s shoulders protectively, ready to fight at any moment. “Or what, pretty boy?”

Futakuchi popped his knuckles and grabbed the vice-captain’s shirt. “You’re looking at my girlfriend like she’s a piece of meat and I’m not cool with that. Get lost, or I’ll beat your ass myself.”

The two boys stared each other down until an officiant came and broke them up before they could fight. They all received warnings and a threat that they would be thrown out for fighting, and none of the third-years wanted to risk that. The two boys walked away and stared at the couple while they walked away.

“Isn’t that the team we’re playing next?” Nametsu asked.

Futakuchi nodded. “Yeah. And we’re gonna beat them down baby, don’t you worry about that.”


It seemed like no time had passed before Futakuchi and the playboy captain were shaking hands before their match. He still remembered their meeting from earlier, how he and his vice-captain had the nerve to go after his girlfriend and challenge him to a fight. He made a promise, the only fighting he would do would be on the court, and he would be sure to win. For his school, and for his girl.

“Ha, if it isn’t Mr. Iron Wall himself,” the rival egged on. “We’ll see who your girl goes home with after this game.”

“Don’t hold your breath, pal. She came here with Dateko, and she’s leaving with us too. Besides, I don’t think she’d be too happy with a boyfriend that smells like cheese.”

The captains walked back to their respective line-ups and Futakuchi got a chuckle out of the other captain sniffing his jersey. During the entire match, he zeroed in on his new rival, showing him that he messed with the wrong manager. Every one of his spikes were shut down, with help from Aone and Koganegawa, and after each one he could see the dejected look growing on his face. It reminded him of the ace from Karasuno, only this time he had a purpose.

It only took two sets for Dateko to defeat Shirato and kick them out of the Interhighs. Shaking hands with the other team through the net, Futakuchi asked, “Guess my girl has a thing for winners, huh?” He didn’t even have anything to say, only a dejected look and a dangerous side-eye. 

Nothing screams victory quite like petty revenge.

1. When you arrived, I didn’t ask you to join me. Instead, I showed you the ruins of the boys who didn’t make it. I showed you the wilting flowers and decomposing scraps. I showed you everything you were scared of becoming; then I showed you that there are also things in this world that were permanent and that some hands were meant to craft them. You thought it was your idea that you were meant for building.

2. When you kissed me, I kept my eyes opened. I wanted to be on guard – even though at that point, my heart was completely for the taking.

3. When the changing happened, and the poison wasn’t only in my veins – it laced my words, and my glares, and everything I touched – I didn’t expect you to stay. (When you did, I didn’t question it.)

4. When they sealed your fate before I could even help you wash the blood off your hands, I walked away. I kept walking until I could no longer hear your screams. I kept walking until they couldn’t hear mine.

5. When I threw the knife, I didn’t think of how I wished the tables would turn. I didn't think of how I wished I could feel the blade sink into my skin instead, like a sick, stinging relief that would tell me I get to see you sooner than I thought.

6. When escaped into the new realm that was lived beyond the world I learned with you – a realm of dull streets and infection in the air - I didn’t remind myself of how you weren’t just meant for building – you were also meant for fixing. I didn’t think of how I needed it. I didn’t think at all and fixed myself instead.

7. When I found myself back in the maze, I didn’t waste time on the entertaining the fantasy in my head that you were still somewhere there – somehow alive. As if once took a wrong turn, you’d be there waiting for me to find you. As if once I took a wrong turn, it would turn out to be the only right one in this whole place.

8. When they held the door open and claimed it would pull me towards paradise, I ignored the minuscule glimmer of hope that it was you on the other side.

9. I remember that you got your wish. To prove you were meant for building; to prove you could be part of something permanent. Because you’ve built something in my heart, and I haven’t been able to tear it down. (Does that count? I don’t think I could survive if it doesn’t.)


 Gally to Ben // things I did to survive loving you (even if you didn’t survive at all)


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Gally or and Ben