idek what the colouring is doing but whatever

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Nickname: bianca

Zodiac sign: aries

Height: 5′0″-5′1″

Last thing I googled: my height in feet lol

Favourite music artist: Sonder

Song stuck in my head: Electric by Alina Baraz & Khalid

Last movie I watches: i’ve got no time to watch movies :/

What are you wearing right now: this red got shirt with a tinkerbell shorts

What do you post: honestly idek, probs some got, acotar/acomaf, a lil bit of books, music and whatever

Why did you choose your URL: acotar

Do you have any other blogs: yes!! i got another main blog with one sideblog, and this main with two sideblogs!

What did your past relationship teach you: what even is a relationship man

Religious or Spiritual: lmao jolly same ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Favourite colour: blue blue blue

Average hours of sleep: around 5-8 hours

Lucky number: 17

Favourite character: my most favorite is cath avery from fangirl and amren from acomaf!!! 

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1-2 right now @/nyc why u so cold

Dream job: i’ve always wanted to be a teacher or a veterinarian 

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What we do, what we’re willing to do, who we are - it’s not my call, it can’t be. I couldn’t sacrifice one of us for the greater good because we are the greater good. We’re the reason we’re still here, not me.

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name: kristina nice to meet ya

ancestry: well i guess……just russian,, also my dad’s jewish

zodiac: aries 

where do you live: moscow (russia)

how are you doing today: basically just watching vice documentaries non-stop, occasionally cooking pancakes using their recipes as well, so yeah pretty much alright

what’s your favourite song right now: iggy pop’s “lust for life”

play any instruments: i can play like 3 songs on ukulele but that’s about it  

what’s your signature drink: apple cider? idek there’s a lot

what’s your signature scent: OH MY that would definitely be rumeur 2 rose and éclat d’aprège by lanvin, i would die for these two

favourite colour: black 

a sound you love: ppl speaking french and the sound of cutting hair 

a sound you hate: ppl chewing, talking, breathing, whatever

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