idek what she's saying

What are you thinking about? (Pt 3)
  • What she says: Nothing.
  • What she means: I mean, I get how Ratatoullie had some equality undertones to it, but I'm not sure I want a rat touching my food. I mean, did they get those animals vaccinated because it didn't look like it. How did that even pass restaurant requirements? Isn't it, like, illegal to have rodents in your establishment, let alone work there? And how were these animals getting paid? They don't use human currency, which leads us to believe they weren't getting paid at all. Isn't that animal labor? Does animal labor count as animal abuse? I love how everyone's just like, "Yeah, okay, thousands of rats are working in the kitchen," and no one ever questions it. In fact, this actually boosts their business. It also shows how lazy restaurants are getting because they'd rather have rats cook the food than do it themselves. Like, was this movie really about a rat following his dreams, or was it just Disney boycotting how horrible food-service is?
  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: how is annie the ass crack bandit? who was annie and jeff talking to on the phone? why was she scared it was Duncan? was she just playing along pretending she thought it was him by dropping her keys and picking them up with her feet? because if that's the case then Annie is so much smarter than i thought. if she was the ass crack bandit why would she do it to troy?? did jeff know she was the ass crack bandit?? did he also play along just to spend time with her??
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Why doesn't Anastasia's grandma let her granddaughter go first on the train? I mean, the poor girl is a child and you leave her falling there in the middle of the street when you know there is a possibly still alive wizard-murderer after her? And who finds her? How do you not know that that little girl is the Duchess Anastasia? Even if you have never seen any painting of her, she was obviously famous enough to be recognised in the streets. Does nobody have a clue of the royal family in that town? What is going on?

What she says: I’m fine :)

What she means: Isn’t it so sad that we don’t know if Joji is having a rough day?! Like he probably won’t say and it’s just consuming my world. My brain need to read or hear that one perfect sentence from his mouth, “Guys, I’m all good.” Also, Max’s floof of hair is also making me miserable with how gorgeously perfect it always is. He can just wake up from a nap and have the biggest cow lick and i would print a photo and tape it to my wall. The boys just need to stop and think about the many hearts that they are breaking on a day to day basis.