idek what it is.. but i love it

A wild, shit ex appeared.

“There you are, my love, you have no idea how frustrating it was finding this place.”

The words, spoken by the figure entering the shop normally would have earned a cynical look from the redhead behind the counter if it had been just any customer, or a friend perhaps, but the voice was all too familiar, even after years, the face different-he’d grown a beard and cut his hair short, a farmer’s life resulting in a dark tan, but Samael could never forget those violently blue eyes, the way they fixed on him with a possessive glare as the man stalked across the shop’s floor.

Instead of confusion or cynicism, the words were met with frozen fear, the Enchanter stood still as death, eyes fixed on the taller, stronger figure, wide and wild like a trapped animal as the bottled ingredient in his hand clattered on the floor, dropped in his shock.

“What? No hello? And after I came all this way once I finally found out where they’d sent you off too?” Linnaeus rounded the corner of the counter, effectively boxing the magician in as he stumbled back against the end of the glass cases. “You-you can’t just– You can’t be here, this can’t–” Samael’s breath caught in his throat at the terrifyingly familiar sensation of the man’s fingers curling around his neck, not squeezing but still enough pressure to make it clear, a warning.

“Can’t what, my little witch?” Still such a sweet, pleasant tone despite the venom behind it, the man dragged him closer, the fingers of his free hand wrapped around the top of his prosthetic, squeezing hard enough to cause pain from the scars on his left arm to flare sharply, and Samael yelped at the sudden, white-hot pain that lanced through the limb, jerking in his ex-lover’s grasp.

“Don’t–” Increased pressure on his throat made the magician gasp, right hand coming up to grip uselessly at the other man’s arm, nails digging into the exposed skin as he was pulled against the man’s chest roughly, the hand on his arm coming up to tangle in crimson hair and force his head back to look Linnaeus in the eyes before the man spoke again, “I hope you haven’t forgotten, my little witch, you’re mine, and no one else’s.” Then Samael found himself pulled into a forced, vicious kiss, teeth bit down on his lip when he struggled, and he tasted his own blood before he was released from it.

“I travel all this way, for weeks, and you can’t even manage to smile for me, or kiss me back? You ungrateful little whore, after all those years we spent together?” The man snarled at him, and Samael could only remember far too many times that tone had ended in him bleeding on the floor and gasping desperately for air. “You mean those years where you threatened me into being pliant under you?” The magician snapped, voice strained against the hold on his neck, “Or the years you neglected to tell me you had a wife and child in the next town? How about when you almost strangled me to death and left me bleeding, unconscious and naked in the forest?” Samael’s eyes stung as tears formed against his will, emotions high, angry, but terrified in the face of that too sharp smile directed down at him, the look of pity made his stomach twist, “It wasn’t like that, darling, I was angry, sure, but I was gonna come back to get you, you know I love y–”

“No, I’m not going t-- I won’t fall for this shit again!” The magician shook his head, shoved wildly at the man, focusing magic behind the gesture to force the larger figure back-knocking him to the ground in surprise. The distance now between them allowed Samael to vault himself over the counter, bolting out the door of the shop, his heart beat an erratic, panicked rhythm in his chest as he ran down the street, feet leading him to the first safe place he could think of.

hermione-who  asked:

1,7 'nd 9❤

Hogwarts House: equal mix of Gryffindor/Hufflepuff, I’d probably ask the Sorting Hat to put me in Gryffindor bc that’s where all the cute boys are (minus Cedric Diggory, RIP I miss you)

Top Five Ships: Ron and Hermione (idk why I love them so much), @thoseofgreatambition and George Weasley, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan, Molly and Arthur Weasley (are you kidding the frickin perfect parents/couple), and um can I use myself and Remus as the last one? I’m gonna do it anyway hehehehe idek what our ship name would be….#Memus? #Marmus? #Remissa? ew why isn’t there a cute one HAHAHA

NOTP: I don’t ship Dramione…..or Lily and Snape like WTF who would EVER want them together…..(no hate if you ship Dramione or Snily, just expressing my opinion) 

i think it’s really cute how on some level we all kind of believe in magic. you can practically wish upon anything whether it’s a shooting star, a fallen eyelash, or even a dandelion. somehow kissing your true love is bound to save the day. cool rocks and flowers can be used for different kinds of magic. even just the concept of people who can conduct magic is adorable. the belief in magic is literally apart of everyday life whether you choose to see it or not and if that’s not the cutest shit idek what is

a Concept™: you and your partner make a pinterest board and each pins something after the other until you’ve reached a certain number (be it 20, 30, idk). at that, you stop and make up a plot/au from the things you two gathered. 

p.s.: you can’t/shouldn’t discuss your ideas before you reach that number though, or it kinda kills the purpose behind it. the more pins you manage to include or base the plot/au out of the better !! 


jongdae + body rolls

Eddie has always strived for perfection. Perfect grades, perfect appearance, perfect health, perfect everything. Organized and color coded folders, crisply folded shirts, neatly combed hair, soft freckle free skin, the works.

And then he meets Richie.

Richie, with his wild untamed hair, his loud patterned shirts paired with wrinkled cargo shorts, his chaotic explosive personality, his fiery comebacks, and his freckles like constellations scattering all over his face. Everything Eddie thought he hated and couldn’t be all wrapped up in a human being so perfectly imperfect.

They are polar opposites from each other, but they compliment each other in ways they never thought possible. Trashmouth and Eds, Richie and Eddie. Losers from the beginning, lovers until the end.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Female Zodiac signs as girls I’ve met

(Not including myself)

Aries♈: independent & dependent at the same time, confident, popular, has the best hair I’ve ever seen, can be really moody at times, cares a lot about her friends, isn’t sporty, but still looks very athletic, a bit selfish but will defend anyone who she believes is worth defending and protecting

Taurus♉: mom of the group, somehow she always has snacks in her backpack, wears headphones everywhere, seeks a love relationship, stalker when in love, very good at cooking, marriage material, incredibly stubborn, strong af, loyal

Gemini♊: always in the center of attention, either very quiet or very loud, top class student, isn’t afraid of confrontation, obsessed with Harry Potter, writes poetry but is ashamed to show it (why??), gets bored easily, overthinks a lot, independent, not good at showing her emotions, but if she cares about you you’ll know, says she hates drama but somehow always gets involved in it

Cancer♋: poor little lamb, wants to help everyone but doesn’t know how to help herself, very sensitive™, kind to literally everyone, has been through a lot, thoughtful, very romantic, cries over every (even slightly) sad moment in the movies and TV shows, a bit paranoid, the best person to have on your side, loyal af, her laugh is the best laugh in the world (idek why, I just like it), creative

Leo♌: adores being in the center of attention, kinda annoying at times, either very bitchy or not at all bitchy, can be very jealous in relationship, confident, loves being loved and to love, selfie queen™, creative, dramatic, very emotional

Virgo♍: quiet™, overthinks, very knowledgeable, can surprise people like no one else, loves animals more than people, no one knows what she thinks, her mind is like a labirint, interesting in many ways

Libra♎: social butterfly, everybody loves her bc of her easygoing nature, creative, very kind except to people she doesn’t like - she tries to ignore them, hates confrontations, sensitive, she gives some weird vibes that makes me feel like I’ve known her for thousand years

Scorpio♏: secretive, can and will destroy you if you provoke her or anyone from her squad, perverted, likes to discuss things, tough love, it’s hard to know what she feels, intuition on point, basically protective mama bear

Sagittarius♐: very independent and outgoing, creative, hakuna matata, looking at her is like looking at the sun, honest about everything, good at physics, athletic, tolerates everyone

Capricorn♑: classy, always says smart remarks, sarcastic, very funny when in good mood, worries too much, always says exactly what she means, hates drama, sick of people’s bullshit

Aquarius♒: the best taste in music, independent™, always wonders about life, world and other universal questions, very open minded, extraordinary, creative, social, belongs to thousand fandoms

Pisces♓: that girl that is always confused in class, so adorable™, gets very excited about things she likes, whatever she does it’s sooo cute, open minded, sensitive, playful little angel


I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.