idek what is going on with me today


inspired by the time i randomly ran into goro at the subway bread store?? ? they r gay bcuz i said so (anyways im sleep deprived don’t judge me)



tbh idek how I drew Lapis and Peridot before, but I’m juz gonna go with this bc whatevur. Anyways! If things go smoothly, Chapter 19 will be up on Sunday as previously planned! I can promise this, things are veRY dramatic (as they always are)

Also the first pic is just a random of me in my outfit today (looking more attractive as a drawing, as usual)

Don't comment people in public places plz.

OKAY so… I don’t get pissed at people easily but today…ugh…here’s what happened

I’m going up the stairs at the subway and behind me there are two girls maybe my age ..even a bit older idek… at this point I just hear the one saying to the other
“Dude does my ass look like that?” (Quick fact, I’ve been insecure about my appearance my whole life…and I did maaaany diets and many shit and believe me even when I look like a toothpick my butt sticks out I can’t do anything about it)

So the other one says “No dude”
“Is she like taller??” …. “i don’t know , I don’t think so” At this point they’re talking loudly and I’m right in front of them. Even the people who didn’t even care were now staring at me cause they’re commenting on me and they don’t even whisper.
I’m just SPRINTING my way up the stairs and then she says
“OKAY dude look at it THAT way” so they both stop walking and literally stare at my ass while I’m walking 20 feet. AT THAT FREAKING DISTANCE I CAN STILL HEAR THEM TALKING.

I’m pissed. I stopped I turn around. Of course they’re still staring. With a dead smile I say
“Is there a problem?”

They both lose their shit the one just stands there like an idiot and the other said “eh what?no!” Or something .

I said “good. Goodnight.”

I went home and now it’s 4am and I can’t fucking sleep cause I feel embarrassed.

I just felt really bad and please don’t do that to anyone …

The Miraculous Properties of Food

Summary: AU in which Ladybug and Chat Noir save the citizens of Paris by running a secret restaurant that you can only find when you’re in a bad mood. Or: AU in which Chat Noir must be reminded that the kitchen is for cooking food and not for…anything else.
Pairing: Aged-Up Ladynoir/Love Square

A/N: Here, have a 860-word thing that I couldn’t shake off.

For @miraculousturtle​, @thelastpilot​, @panda013​, @magical-awesome-kid​, and @zenwisterias (yes, the whole bunch of you) because their fics and posts have altered my mood from crappy to happy for more times than I can count.

Truth be told, the black butterflies were a little ominous. Aurore wondered why she had never seen them before. Maybe she just never actually looked. They were right there in plain sight, etched on textured brick or painted on already graffitied walls. They were scattered all over Paris at seemingly random spots, angled at seemingly random ways. No one would take too much notice unless they were in need.

Aurore took notice, this time, because she was in need.

Because her heart felt as black as those little butterflies.

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My stepdad just picked up my mom and he’s taking her to the hospital now. It’s just  me and my dog and I’m really glad I have today off.

Even then, I think I’m going to be even more selective with threads I need to reply to for a bit. Which is no surprise I’ve kinda been replying to a few in particular, even when I do others. And normally I can distract myself and just get in a trance (if that’s a good term for it), but for the sake of keeping myself calm, I’m really going to focus on threads that are more positive/lighthearted.

I’ll still try and work on others when I can, especially since I’m still working on icons from the movie and that tends to also make me take a little longer for replies.

I apologize in advance but also really thank you for being so patient with me. I’m really hoping for the best when it comes to my mom’s health right now

Song tag

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Rules: Pick an artist and answer the following questions using song titles by them.

Artist: Twenty Øne Piløts

Gender: Lovely

Describe yourself: Addict with a pen

How do you feel: Stressed out

If you could go anywhere, where would it be: hometown

Your best friend: The judge

Favorite time of day: Not today

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Goner

What is life to you: Migraine

Relationship status: The run and go

Your fear: Guns for Hands

Tagging: idek @intruitive @notanotherinfjblog @yo-why-am-i-here And anyone else who want to challenge themselves.

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Everyone is talking about loving your tags and I agree. Sometimes (because the mobile app sucks) I read your tags before the post even loads and I'm like "OH SHIT HERE WE GO!" 😂❤️

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is the ultimate compliment for a tagtalker /cries/ why is everyone being so nice to me today thank you so much idek what i’m doing right but i’ll keep doing it 

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J : you’re being such an ass right now >:( I said I was sorry…
H : you love my ass though?

I am very sick today xD but my brain is being a total butt and not letting me sleep, but instead..”oH YOU KNOW WHATS FUN? GO MAKE MORE GAYS, HERE HAVE SOME INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, AND SHIT AND STUFF”

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18 and 57 with Woozi pwease

Aww (this is kinda angsty but whateverrrr) Btw whoever doesn’t know, sang namja (상남자) is like, a manly man / true man (also the title of a BTS song I’m sorry XD)

18. Stress

57. “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.”

You could see it in his face as soon as he walked through the door. Stress. He’d been at the studio for 3 days and you knew he wasn’t sleeping or eating properly, and from the look on his face all hope was gone. He was always so hard on himself, but you could tell he’d hardly gotten anywhere. 

You could read Woozi like a book.

“Jihoon-ah…” you cooed, making him snap out of his trance and look up at you rather than the floor. He shot you a weary smile, throwing his bag and coat to the floor and making his way over to the couch on which you were sat. He plopped down onto the cushion beside you, and you were quick to wrap an arm around his shoulders to his head and pull it to your shoulder, stroking his hair gently as he rested on you. He sighed heavily and you said nothing, just playing with the dyed strands and waiting for him to speak.

“Babe?” he asked, looking up at you after a few minutes had passed. You looked down at him to show you were listening and that he could continue. “Why am I an idol?”

“What kind of question is that? You love being an idol.” you spoke quietly, training your eyes on his tired face and still stroking your hands through his soft hair.

“I’m no good at it, though. I was in the studio for 3 days and what have I accomplished? It doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything. Would Seventeen really be any different if I wasn’t there?” Your expression became sterner and you made him look you in the eyes, frowning.

“Stop talking rubbish. Seriously, it would be completely different! You compose, write lyrics, sing, rap, dance- you’re by far the most talented! Not to mention one of the most popular members; you still have fangirls all over you even though we’re public! Seriously, you need to stop being so hard on yourself.” you looked down with softened eyes when you noticed him getting a little teary. “And sometimes, you need to let the emotions go. I know you like being a sang namja and everything but the stress is obviously becoming too overwhelming.” you spoke softly, kissing the top of his head as he buried his face in the crook of your neck with shaking shoulders. You felt the tears on your skin, warm but leaving cold trails. You sighed gently, resuming the stroking of his hair as your other arm wrapped around his waist and held him close to you. Jihoon was always there for you when you were stressed out, but now you realized he needed you just as much. He was forever stressing himself out and you were the one person who could make him feel better. And so you sat, whispering sweet nothings into his ear as his tears stopped and his breathing slowed, feeling a little tired but a lot less stressed.

“Babe?” he asked again, mumbling into your skin and tickling it.


“Thank you.” you smiled as he looked up at you and pressed your lips to his, his lips slightly salty from the tears as he kissed you back lightly and sat up, looking tired.

“Jagiya, I’m always here when you feel stressed. You don’t have to be all manly in front of me. It doesn’t do you much good.” you whispered, making him smile.

“See, this is why, no matter how many fangirls I have after me, I love you and only you.” he took your hand and stood up, pulling you into a hug.

“I love you too. Now, I’m tired, but I’m not going to bed until you come with me.” you murmured gently, pecking his lips. “You need sleep. Go back to the studio tomorrow and get a fresh start.” he nodded, lacing his fingers with yours. 

“Of course.” he grinned, headed to the bedroom. The stress was gone, happiness remained on his face, and for the first time that week, Jihoon looked genuinely relaxed again.

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This was almost a scenario but oh well <3 Hope you liked! I feel productive today ^^

-Admin Belle

sterek: the otp so versatile you can drop them into basically any imaginable AU and they’ll feel right at home

Derek opens the curtains and peeks through. Stiles blinks sleepily in the light that filters through and yawns. 

“So where are we today?” he asks, rubbing his eyes and reaching for his glasses. “Oh, look they gave me glasses.”

“You look hot with glasses. I wish they’d give you glasses more often,” Derek grins, turning back to Stiles and sinking down at the edge of the bed. 

Stiles looks at Derek’s scruff and pets it. “And I’m loving the scruff.”

Derek laughs, quiet and small. It makes Stiles’ heart flutter. 

“So where are we today?” he asks again, pushing his glasses up his nose and squinting. 

“Looks like a precinct outside,” Derek whispers, leaning forward to mouth at Stiles’ jaw. Stiles trembles slightly and Derek grins. 

“Ah, Deputy, huh? I love those ones,” Stiles whispers, voice hitching because Derek’s hand is now on the waistband of his boxers. 

“Me too.” 

“So, shall we go then?” Stiles asks when Derek leans back to look at him. He regards Stiles for a minute and then smiles brightly. 

“Can I maybe kiss you first? What if today we’re in a super angsty one and they make us fight a lot before we actually get together?” he asks, rubbing a thumb on the inside of Stiles’ wrist. 

Stiles grins wickedly and loops an arm around Derek, pulling him closer. 

“You know what? That sounds like a great idea.”

6 gay voice mails left for Dr. Rebecca Gorin, courtesy of one Dr. Jillian Holtzmann


Hi, Dr. Gorin, it’s me. It’s Jillian. Obviously it’s Jillian, you don’t give people this number. I don’t know why I….

Anyway, got some pretty big news out here. I, uuuh, I met someone today. Of the lady persuasion. Her name’s Erin. Abby has told me nothing but terrible things about her, she wears this absurdly tiny little bow tie, and she’s the most… mmm, make that the second-most uptight person I’ve ever met. Sorry, forgot who I was talking to for a hot second there.

So I’m pretty jazzed about that. You know me, I’m a sucker for the geeks. 

We went out, actually. I think it went pretty well; a class four apparition dislocated its jaw and projectile vomited ectoplasm all over her. She was pretty into it, so that’s a solid first date right there. 

Probably should have mentioned that too. We encountered a class four apparition today, caught it on camera and everything. They’re totally real, Abby’s freaking out. I’m sending you a video, call me back.

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and the path stop leading?

Sucker Punches Are for Suckers: Part 2

Kainora Week: Day 2 - Wonder

Summary: “…food fights in the kitchen at 2 am…”

Notes: This has no plot whatsoever. I just wanted them to have a food fight.

| for tophbeithong because she was incredibly sweet in the tags of my last kainora fic |

[Part 2/?: Purple Tongues]


“Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you couldn’t bend?”

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this blog is one fine blog. can i have gom+kagami+takao proposing their s/o? looking forward to your doodles.

Ho mai gawd. I’m finally done with this request. Like finally, finally finally. I had to get advice from so many people I’m not even kidding. I seriously seriouslyyyyy love this request. Proposals are one of my most favourite kinda requests and I’m so, so happy someone requested it, so thank you my dear egg tart. I didn’t want to screw this up but I probably did because I got lazy along the way. I took a whole day to do this T-T

Anyway, I really hope you guise like it!
And thank you to all those that helped me omg you know who you are
It’s in order of which I did first and last c:

The both of you would be having a vacation somewhere, and he’d take you to the river after your dinner date. (There’s also like someone behind playing the violin or smtg – your favourite song of course). Halfway through the boat ride, he’ll kneel and pop the question

He asked you for a favour, which was to take Nigou out for a walk today. When you’re at the park, Nigou (not on the leash of course) started running away from you and you had to catch up. When you finally caught up, you will find him on top of Kuroko’s head and you’ll realise what was actually going on

OK I THINK I SCREWED THIS UP SO BADLY. PLANETARIUMS ARE FCKIN HARD TO DRAW OMG (idek what a planetarium was until Shiro told me???). Anyway, he’d take you to one of the planetariums and he’d ask the staff to form those words out on the .. screen? omf. I have no idea what else to say for this I’M SORRY SHIN-CHAN. But this is one of the times you could see him really happy about what’s happening because he knew you’d accept it

Kise!!! This guy would hang up loads of polaroids that the both of you had taken together (although there were a lot of his selfies too) and then in his hand would be the polaroid camera and the ring in the other. After you’d said yes, he’d take the last picture of you both wearing the ring and clip it together with the rest

Oh mahgad, Ahomine would sooo do it after a match. He’d whip out the velvet box (don’t ask where) and looked into the screen (because his team won, and he knew they’d zoom in on them) and propose to you. He’d appear on the widest flippin screen ever and start off by saying how he played this match for you, and hasn’t exactly won it yet until you said yes (please also notice how I drew a tiny aho there yas das him)

I SAW THIS ON GOOGLE BUT ANYWAY AHAHAH. Mura is cheeky!! He’ll bake a cake for you and prepare a candle lit dinner setting. You’d think that something was up but he only gave a smug face and waited for your reaction when you tried the cake. As you cleared the cake tho, you’d notice that there were words on the plate c:

I WAS DOING THIS AND IT CRASHED SO I JUST. UGH. I literally gave up on this I’m so sorry. Takao would take you and the team to that rollercoaster thingy and when it snaps, the guys in the team would be whiPPING DAT SHEET OF PAPER OUT. Idk where the other member went tho.. I think he flew off. Just like Midorima’s glasses (he was pretty pissed afterwards but glad you said yes to Takao)

 *sigh* we have reached the bae. I.. wish I could describe this in a paragraph. I was going to go with another idea, but then I read Hera’s (kisekinoscenarios) one shot for me and I just thought I had to do it. Please read it guys, you’d understand this afterwards. I actually started crying while I did this (I doN’T WANT MY BABY TO LEAVE ME :c) This is at the Airport btw if you don’t know from my shittyass drawing ughhhh

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also, Bonus bc why not:

Do you ever start thinking about your favorite celebrity and even though you know you don’t actually know them, you feel so close to them? Like you feel like they’re your best friend and you feel like you know all of their secrets and how they feel about things?

I catch myself doing this all the time with Matthew Gray Gubler and I know it’s not healthy but I can’t help it. Like he’s not even Matthew Gray Gubler to me anymore, he’s just Matthew. I refer to him on a first name basis and I talk about him like we’re best friends. My coworker refers to him as “your Matthew” like I’m always thinking about him and I have like theories and very strong opinions on how I think he feels about himself and how his hair feels and how he smells and I feel weird and ridiculous and that’s why I’m making this post because I want to know that I’m not alone.

Okay honestly idek what this post is. It’s midnight and I’ve been up since 7 am, been on a road trip since 1:30 to go to a wedding so I’ve been on the road for 8 hours today and at a wedding for 2 and I’m really tired and I’ve been listening to audio posts of Matthew for like 3 hours (which is really nothing new) and my sleepiness added on top of my constant Matthew feels has made me write this very long, rambly post.

I’m gonna shut up now but like message me or reblog this with your opinions on this. I really wanna know that I’m not alone lol