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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
"Bisexuality isn't real"

“I’m bisexual,” I say.

A sudden unease creeps upon your face. Your eyebrows knit together in worry. Something isn’t right.

“But -” you start. The rest of your sentence dies on your lips. You open and close your mouth, as if tasting the words before saying them. I begin to worry as the silence stretches between us.

“But -” you repeat, finally. “Bisexuality isn’t real.”

As soon as you utter the words, I start to fade. My skin rapidly becomes transparent and I can feel myself being lifted out of existence.

You are right. Bisexuality isn’t real. I wave goodbye to the Real World™ as my Fake Soul™ descends to Fake Bisexual Hell™, where all the Fakers™ end up.

You sleep better at night knowing you saved the human race from yet another liar.

Good job, you.

voltron characters as things i’ve done at frat parties
  • lance: almost got kicked out because i yelled "i will murder whoever keeps throwing beer on us" and got in a fight with said person, who was a senior in the frat and at least twice my size.
  • pidge: accidentally lost my friends on the dance floor, couldn't find them because i was too short to see above everyone else's heads, gave up, and went upstairs to lay on the floor and play with the house dog for an hour.
  • hunk: went looking for the bathroom, found the kitchen instead. made garlic bread in the frat kitchen and ran away.
  • keith: lost my best friend at the bar downstairs. cried for 10 minutes. went up to the dj with the intention of making a lost child announcement but got sidetracked and instead asked them to play ignition - remix by r. kelly.
  • shiro: ran away from my friends when they tried to take me home and disappeared for two hours. when found halfway across campus at another frat, i insisted that i had seen beyonce. eventually conceded that it was unrealistic for me to have seen beyonce but still insisted that i saw solange.
  • allura: convinced myself and everyone at the party i knew how to communicate with squirrels because i saw one in the backyard and made prolonged eye contact with it before it ran away.
  • coran: said "i don't know who that is" when some dudebros asked me "where's the weed" because i couldn't hear them properly and i thought they were just being weird and asking me where their friend therese was.
  • lotor: spent 10 minutes in the bathroom just checking to see if my hair looked good with a middle part while twenty drunk girls yelled threats at me from outside because they were all waiting to pee.
  • zarkon: won one game of beer pong and then shoved everyone on the dance floor out of the way, screaming "i am the supreme" and "you are all weak."
dean calling for help

i just want to spitball something here, feel free to add to it!

dean winchester has called both crowley and castiel for help many times. with crowley its a summoning/phone call, and with castiel it’s praying/phone call. 

by the end of season 12 (spoilers) dean says he has faith in both crowley and cas - and why not? they have both helped out multiple times. 

whats interesting to me is that dean and crowley have a sort of love/hate relationship where crowley is useful to the winchesters and sometimes helps them with no ultimate motive (ex. saving cas in season 12) and yet … we never get these scenes with crowley

( i own none of the gifs! )

of course, you could say that crowley is a demon and cas is an angel so of course dean would rather call cas over crowley. but …. would he? from the introduction of angels and from what we’ve seen - angels can be just as corrupt as demons. and vice versa, crowley by the end of season 12 just ends up helping the winchesters and not doing anything drastically evil. he was even killing demons himself!

idk i just love comparing dean/crowley relationship to dean/cas its so interesting!

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Klance and the Voltron Team Youtuber Au because why not???

Okay so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now I’m going to because why the hell not???

  • Keith and Lance share a huge house. They always have the gang over so its like they live there too basically. 
  • Lance’s username is something like BlueLance or something cute idk
  • Keith’s is just Keith Kogane. Or basically simple af. 
  • Pidge has a gaming channel. They love to go on public servers and just wreck the 28 year olds that have been doing it for years. 
  • Hunk doesn’t actually have a channel yet, but he’s always in the videos so its almost like everyone just shares their channels with him. 
  • Shiro does a lot of vlogging or a couple of good RPGs or something idek im just making this up as i go lol
  • Allura vlogs. Everyday. Everyone loves her. She has the most subscribers. 
  • Coran doesn’t have a channel either, but he’s always in the videos like Hunk. 

Back to the Klance now. 

  • Keith is that guy who does all the game theories and makes random videos like,,, who even thinks of some of the things he comes up with???
  • He vlogs a little too if he’s going on a trip or something. 
  • Lance loves to do challenges with the whole gang. He also likes those dumb DIYs that he literally has 0 use for. 
  • Lance does that bathtub full of orbiez. (Whatever they are called lol) and makes a huge mess while Keith is filming. 
  • Keith is trying to not smile because oh my god??? He looks so happy and cute sitting in a tub of little gel orbs???
  • Keith cannot stay mad at Lance. 
  • That’s a lie he gets mad when they both have no idea what to do with over 7,000 orbiez. 
  • “Lance, you should not have filled the effing tub with these little-”
  • They also do the ‘Boyfriend Best friend does my make up challenge’
  • Lance does make up on Keith. Keith does not know how it ended up like this. 
  • Lance does an amazing job because oh my god someone had to teach his sisters how make up works when mom wasn’t around. He gets into it later bc of this…
  • Lance just kinda pauses at the end because holy crap Keith looks so fricken pretty. 
  • Keith thinks he made him look like shrek or something.
  • They end up with the klance fandom soon after a year or two. 
  • Pidge ships it and always makes references. 
  • They are still not together but they might as well be. It drives the fandom nuts. 
  • It’s even worse when they collab and Lance subtly flirts with Keith and it just goes over his head and the fandom looses its shit. 

Feel free to add on these are only ideas and hehe i might just draw some of this. 


don’t cry, d.w. someday you might be as cool as your brother. but probably not.

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Katsudon-vitya x hmfl


a heartfelt tribute to fanboy and how the mighty fall (in love)

“i can’t believe this,” I said, putting my hands on my hips. My name is Victor Nikiforov and I am a best-selling author, and it looks like my rival, the mysterious KY, is dropping their book on the same day as my own book release!! Omg!! Can’t a best-selling author catch a break?? :( 

I ran a hand threw my short silver hair and tapped my foot impatiently. I was wearing plain converse that day because I’m an author and don’t really need to go out. XD

“Vitya!” my publisher Yakov yelled. OMG that’s me! (“Vitya” is a nickname for Victor in case you got confused haha). Yakov is always yelling! That’s just his thing XD. Even though I know Yakov is a huge softy and loves me heh~~ He has believed in me from the beginning oh my gosh :3 Yakov is so good to me. “This is not the time to be worrying yourself over such trivial things!” Yakov, are you kidding me?? This is my career don’t call my career trivial omfg it’s yak-over (haha get it XD) 

(I throw a lot of puns in my novels, too!! I think that’s why people love it so much. I try to be really original with them, also.) 

“You have a book signing to go to,” Yakov told me. 

“Ohm y gosh!” I squealed. This was the best news omg I love signing things hahaha I practice my autograph a lot. “Where is the book signing?” I asked him. 

“It’s in Detroit! And your flight is in two hours!”

I gasped. Detroit…??? But that’s…

“That’s where KY is!” I screamed. 


I walked into the bookstore with my favorite pen. I even brought a backup pen just in case it ran out of ink!! i’m Victor Nikiforov and I have  a lot of fans who may want my signature, so I needed to be prepared you know~~ 

When the book signing wrapped up, I ended up going through four pens! OMG it was so embarrassing because I had to borrow the other two pens from the bookstore people wahhh I’m so unprofessional </3

I started to walk out the bookstore when BAM omg I ran into a wall. Ouch it hurt so much OTL

Omg wait, not a wall! A boy!!! 

Oh wow he was a hottie! And he was holding his book in my hand. Extra hottie points because he clearly had good taste!

“I’m sorry I’m late,” he said. He was wearing glasses and he had messy black hair and he was so kawaii I think I was going to die just looking at him! “Could you still sign my copy?” he asked me. “I’m Yuuri, by the way.” 

I knew this was my chance. “Only if you get coffee with me, Yuuri,” I told him. 

Yuuri seemed to be caught off-guard by this question (so cute right XD of course I want to get coffee with you, Yuuri!!), but eventually he agreed.

Omg we’re going to get coffee tomorrow! Detroit was amazing so far! 

AN: Sorry this start is so slow! They will definitely get married next chapter~