idek what i'm doing with my life anymore

lovesomehate  asked:

I got one for you! Kastle zombie apocalypse.


Is this an excuse for Shane or something….. Because it kind of feels like it is. Also confession I’ve never seen TWD but Shane is fine af.

New York was deserted now. The streets eerily quiet. And when people were on the streets, they were armed with weapons as they went in search of food. 

Frank had known it was coming. He had made sure to be prepared. Fuck, no one else had believed him. Food, supplies, dog food for Max. Karen was the only one who had believed him. So naturally, they worked together on stocking up for everything. 

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anonymous asked:

I am officially so fucking done with this fandom. I'm always saying that im leaving this fandom, i cant take this anymore but i just can't. Especially camren. I'm so fucking delusional that i still think there could be a little hope. I'm not even kidding I've never been this depressed in my life. This fandom is so toxic yet here i am. Idek anymore :( what do you think Sophie ?

Well I don’t know sweets - I personally stay away from all the toxic shit, which mainly happens on twitter, so I just don’t go on that - if big things happen on it then usually it will show up in my gc so that’s how I stay updated - and I just try to stay in my little tumblr Camren bubble, and stay very very sceptical to any drama or “tea” that comes my way, because 90% of the time it’s bullshit, so I just take a step back and weigh the different possible truths. Sometimes I do really get delulu because it’s become an automatism 😂  and because I also have hope that Camren can rise again one day.  But if you don’t feel good being in the fandom anymore then don’t be, or take some time off from it and come back later 🙂