idek what i'm doing anymore don't look at me


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Look at this man struttin his stuff

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Don’t “ey” me “ey” yourself

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Grrrr to you too, Vamp Boy

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T…try not to kill little ole Woobin…kay?

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*no comment*

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Oh how I wish I was Young Kwang so I could put Soo Hyuk into a headlock…

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You are too precious, never let that smile fade…


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I looked up to you. yes I'm the same one who wrote that paragraph awhile back about you impacting me to go and follow my heart. but this isn't the Michele I looked up to. You are much better than this. you would never treat a girl this way. especially one you "love" this isn't cool. yea stuff went down hill for you guys. FIX it don't set her out on social media. You'll realize what you had when it's gone. don't make that mistake. i just idek dude. I'm idk 😔

Then don’t look up to me anymore. Idc you all can send me hate for writing this. But before you do hear me out. Yes I know putting it on social media is dumb but when people are mad they do shit without thinking. I do agree with you there. But don’t say anything about me treating her bad. Bc nobody knows. Of course she looks like the good guy and I’m gonna let it stay like that but if I were to put what happened and everything else. I would not be getting this hate. I know how to treat a girl believe me I do but after shit happens things change. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go tell everybody every single thing to make her look like shit bc we’ve both done things we haven’t liked but again I haven’t done nearly anything as she has. Not saying she’s cheated. But again you don’t have to look up to me. That’s not what I base my life around. I know the shit I do and the reason I do it. I’m sorry you feel this way about me but honestly you don’t know anything at all