idek what i was trying to make


saudade (n.);; a deep emotional state of nostalgic and profound longing to be near again to an absent something, or someone that one loves.


Hi yeah I had this Klangst comic idea, but Idek if I should continue lmao.

Here’s a lil summary tho:

Prince Lactose Intolerant captures Lance.

Lance believes that everyone’s on their way to get him, which he’s right and all… BUT. Lotor sends them a video threatening them, and he’s like “It’s too late Paladins, especially you, lil red. He’s already fallen,” and he takes Lance and kisses him.

Keith gets sad and depressed, but he doesn’t know that Lotor has Lance threatened.

“If you even try to show any sign of sadness, I have some galra looking for your family as we speak.. who knows what I’ll make them do to your precious… “Familia.” “

EXO Reacting To Seeing You Wear Their Clothes For The First Time

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Would lowkey be a massive turn on for him, seeing you in just his T-shirt and then how baggy it looked on you… boy you better run into his arms. He’d lick his lips and do an overtake on your whole body, won’t be long until he can’t help but pick you up and take you to the bedroom, he’s going to teach you a lesson on what happens when you wear his clothes unexpectedly.

‘You look so damn good but unfortunately princess I’m going to have to punish you for making me feel this way so early in the morning.’

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Would be shook af to see you wearing his clothes, when he first sees you his eyes were wide and he was lowkey gawking. He snapped himself out of it before you saw him and replaced his shock with a smirk, he’d look you up and down like Xiumin but wouldn’t be as foward. He’d come up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and placing a few kisses to your neck, you would get the jist of what he wants so would lead him to the bedroom ;)

‘My my, what a nice surprise this is babe.’

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Would see you wearing one of his hoodies, inside he’s really loving seeing you in his clothes and would kinda hint that he wants to see you in them more often yet not make it overly obvious that he likes it so much. Would try and put a light nagging tone into his words or make it seem as if it isn’t okay to do all the time, but just do it all the time anyway because this kid won’t admit he likes it so much.

‘Is that my hoodie? I guess you can wear it because it is cold, just on this occasion though.’

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This guy, idek it depends what time of day it is with him tbh. Like if he just woke up and saw you in his clothes then he’d be really confused/shook and his mouth would be hanging to the floor. But if it was late afternoon/evening he’d be more like Xiumin and Luhan, looking at you with lustful eyes and licking his lips, but would be a tease and wait for you to make the first move cuz really he’s just enjoying the view.

‘I-I… is that my shirt?’

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Confused bean alert. He’d look at you wearing his boxers as if they were shorts and millions of questions were running through his mind. He actually thinks you mistook his boxers for your own shorts and never once thought you had done it purposefully. Tries to be a gentlemen by telling you they’re his but ends up feeling stupid when you told him you wanted to wear them.

‘Sweetie I’m pretty sure they’re my boxers, not your shorts~’

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 Baek would tease you, obviously he likes that you’re wearing his clothes but he ain’t gonna admit that now is he??? No instead he chooses to tease you, he’ll make little baby noises at you and pinch your cheeks, constantly saying how cute you are but in an annoying voice. You’ll roll your eyes and go and take his jumper off and change into your own clothes but he’d stop you and tell you to carry on wearing his, leaving you 100% confused because he’s so bipolar.

‘Aweee look at the cute little baby… wait where are you going I didn’t say that take it off!’

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He would freak out tbh, only on the first time though because he’s just so shocked and you hadn’t wore his clothes before. He’d be super extra about it and would end up shouting, not at you but just at the situation. He was especially surprised because  it was his boxers you were wearing too which just shook him up even more.


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Would be flustered af. He wouldn’t even know what to do, his mouth would be gaping and his eyes would shoot out of their sockets. Don’t think he wouldn’t love it though because he does it’s just he’s never seen you in his clothes and it’s a big shock to him.When he tries speaking to you he’ll stutter and wouldn’t be able to stop the massive smile on his face.

‘I-I…I like it, I like you I-I mean *Sigh* It’s fine.’

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He would be lowkey mad but that would only be because you decided to wear his favourite shirt, which he had probably spent a good 10-15 minutes trying to find and you’ve been wearing it all along. He’d lightly express his annoyance but it wouldn’t last long because he couldn’t help but smile at how cute you looked in that shirt.

‘I’ve just spent so long looking for that shirt Y/N…. *smiles* Ugh you do look really cute in it though.’

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He probably wouldn’t even give a shit honestly, he’d walk into the kitchen, greet you, then go look in the fridge. When you say to him your wearing his jumper he’d look back at you and just give you the look that says ‘and?’ then go back to looking in the fridge. He uses your makeup or even wears some of necklaces all the time so he doesn’t really see what the big deal is.

‘That’s all very nice but I came here for cake.’

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Wouldn’t know how to handle the situation tbh, he probably wouldn’t even say a word to you and would stare at you in awe. After a while I see him getting into a clingy mood and having a need to hold you because you looked so damn good in his hoodie, especially since it was so long on you so you didn’t actually need to wearing anything else. Would ask you to go cuddle him and throw a bunch of compliments your way.

‘Jagi you’re so cute~ come cuddle with me!’

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He would first just look at you, eyes fixated on your body as he shamelessly checks you out. He would compliment you but then not at the same time? I guess he would still use his sass but would also show that he really likes it when you wear his clothes, still checking you out by the way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started getting a lil cheeky and place his hands on your butt, you just never know with Sehun.

‘You look good in my clothes, not as good as me though.’

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This is for you bby @shitsterpiggy because you made me aware that I’ve been neglecting groups and posting a lot of NCT stuff recently, so I hope you all enjoy this reaction~

We are so close to 500 followers and to celebrate we are going to make something that is much like a drabble post however it has questions that you request for us to answer! We want you guys to get to know us better so hopefully this is one of the best ways to do so, but please ask us anything or just tell us how your day went, we’d love to know!

Much love for all our wonderful followers xxx

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The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

Tease (Bruce Wayne x Batmom)

Request: “#45 with Bruce?” from anon.

A/N: I got your message anon, don’t worry. 

Warnings: *****NSFW!!! PURE NSFW!!! This is the first time I’m writing smut so please bear with me. I really need Jesus. I can’t believe I wrote this but for you guys i would write the most smuttiest fic ever if that brings you enjoyment. I’m a freaking virgin so idek if the sex was right. But for real though guys, don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with NSFW.*******

Prompt: “Enjoying the view there?”

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @tim-help @avengerdragoness


It didn’t take you that long to realize that Bruce was trying to make you want him desperately. 

The first time was when you came back from work. You were laying on your bed comfortably on your stomach, wondering what time your husband will be home that night.

You were so close to falling asleep when you felt the other side of the bed dipped in. Bruce kissed the back of your neck, “Missed me, sweetheart?” He asked, voice low and husky.

You hummed in response. He started running his rough hand up and down your upper naked thigh. You felt him scoot closer, pressing himself against you. You smiled when you felt him through your silk nightgown. 

He pushed your nightgown up just below your chest and slowly slid his hand down to your lower abdomen, but stopped when he had only two fingers under you panties.

He smirked when you started to squirm, “Goodnight, Mrs. Wayne.” He chuckled.

You whimpered, “You’re such a cruel husband.”

The second time was when you found Bruce working out in his gym. You were only going there to ask him what he wanted for lunch but you were completely thrown off when he was lifting weights. He was sweaty and shirtless, giving you a full view of his flexing muscles.

You bit your lip. How can a man be this perfect? The only thing you could think about was having him on top of you.

He saw you looking in the corner of his eye and smirked, he put the weights back on its rack and sat up to drink his water. 

He got up and swung a folded towel around the back of his neck, stretching his arms. You felt something tug in your lower stomach. Whatever he’s trying to do to you is defenitely working. Big time.

Enjoying the view there?” Bruce called out, giving you his signature smirk.

You growled, “Just tell me what you want for lunch so I can leave while I still have my sanity.”

The third time was when he finally broke you.

You were taking a hot shower, washing your hair and humming to a song that was stuck in your head. You sighed as you felt the hot water run down your back and rinsing the shampoo away from your hair. 

You felt a hand snake around you chest, covering your breasts, “I didn’t ask you to join me.” You said matter factly.

His shower had no curtain nor sliding doors since his bathroom is so big. So you didn’t hear him at all when he came in.

Bruce kissed your shoulder, “Shhh.”

You breath hitched in your throat when you felt his erection on your thigh, “Bruce…” You warned.

He ignored you and separated your legs, pushing you against the shower wall, letting the water fall on both of you, “How long has it been since we’ve made love, (Y/N)?” He asked, crossing your wrists behind your lower back.

You moaned when he placed his tip on your slit, “That’s your fault for being a tease these pass few days.”

He took a handful of your hair in his, pushing himself further in you. You let out a loud moan, “Bruce!”

He was slow at first, but once you begged him to go faster he happily obliged, “Oh my God!”

He turned you around, lifting you up against the wall and slammed back into you again, keeping up with the fast pace. You wrapped your legs around his naked waist, doing everything you can to bring him in more deeper, “Oh fuck!”

Bruce grunted, leaning down to bite gently on one of your nipples. You screamed with delight, arching you back, “Yes! Oh my God yes!”

He spent his time licking and sucking before he moved to the other. Pleasure exploded through your entire body when you felt him cum inside you. You were shaking in pure bliss when you finally released. Bruce moaned your name into your ear when you cummed all over his manhood, “Fuck, (Y/N)!”

He slid outside of you, leaving a trail of cum connecting the both of you. Bruce kissed you passionately, but when he pulled back he gently pushed you down to your knees. You grinned as he gripped his throbbing cock and slid it into your watering mouth.

 “You know what to do.”

tag urself i’m rom-com

sometimes i wonder if people see her the same way i do. do they get the same feelings? like in the pits of their stomachs? do their hearts want to jump right out of their chest every time they see her? does her smile make them smile? does the sound of her laugh make them want to die? the selfish part of me wants me to be the only one who gets to experience these things with her, but i also know that if everyone felt the things i feel when i look at her then the world would be a better place.

- how do you words? // cxw


qui gon wallpapers requested by anon!

hope u like em?? :o

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I hate with a fiery passion when people tell me I have 'good' hair

Like wtf do you mean? More white? Fuck you, as if kinky fros are bad, literally fuck you for trying to compliment me by insulting other black women, they’re my sisters and I’m not gonna let you insult them, just so you can…i don’t even know what you’re trying to accomplish by saying that… Literally you could have said ‘I like your hair’

It makes me really sad when Black women use the 'good hair, bad hair’ like no bby your hair is not bad, your hair is beautiful please stop

This 'good hair’ shit has to stop

Stardew Valley Challenge

um so it’s like 5am but I was working on this a few months ago and kinda gave up on it so I’ve lost the cool banner I made for it and its all over the place but…I figured maybe someone would like it? make something good out of it? who knows maybe I’ll even finish it one day 

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theremustohersirius  asked:

Okay I see Remus as having little freckles all over, so what about headcanons of tracing out constellations with your fingers? Idek I think it'd be cute lmao

  • 10/10 would recommend this boy
  • it would first happen when he was sleeping
  • or maybe after the night of the full moon
  • you’d be laying next to him and he’d look so peaceful that you couldn’t help but run your hand through his hair and slowly trace the freckles that lightly dusted his face
  • you’d try to find different constellations on his face and once you found one, you’d trace it, making it out amongst the others
  • he’d of course wake up half way through, a sleepy very attractive smile on his face
  • “What you doing there, love?”
  • you’d just grin and kiss his lips softly, mumbling against them
  • “trying to find the stars.”

MIDNIGHT MISCHIEF WITH KAY!! (send me headcanons!)

anonymous asked:

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME look I knew you were good at designing characters and that you are stylish af but your personasona (this name lol) is aMAZING. Seriously I wanna max rank with them and urkamdhd Idek what to say!!?!!!?? I wanna make one now too like really bad. I wish someday I can inspire someone like you inspired me! I hope I can at least get you to smile with this ask to try and thank you for sharing your awesome art! Have a great day!

CRIES thank you so much!!! ;////o////; I’m always up for environments where people would just inspire others to make art hhhhh I’m glad I was able to do that for you somehow ; u;)/

nicoletti345  asked:

Hi i love your account! You asked for a concept so i'll try... Harry comes home and you set up a nice picnic with fairy lights in the backyard and eat chocolate strawberries and sparkling juice idek wow

thanks babes💗 Ooooh so cute!!! My roommate and I had a picnic the other day :)



Harry told you to keep your eyes shut and wouldn’t stop giggling like a little boy, guiding you through your apartment and looking back every so often to make sure that you weren’t peeking.

“Harry,” you said through a fit of giggles, “what are you up to?”

“Shh, almost there,” he hushed you, “you’ll love it, promise.”

A rush of cool summer air hit your cheeks as he took you outside to the small balcony of your apartment. Tempted to peek, you started to open an eye when his hand quickly reached to your face.

“Told you not to peek, button,” he pouted, but went on with walking you forward in small steps, careful of whatever he had meticulously set up outside, “… almost there.”

His hands moved to your waist, “okay, sit fo’ me,” he said as he helped you down.

“Can I open my eyes yet?” impatience playfully coating your tone.

The smirk was audible in his voice when he answered with a simple hum, “mhm,”

Your eyes took a second to adjust, but looking around, they grew wide and smile spread across your face. In front of you lay a small plate of chocolate covered strawberries, tiny sandwiches, and a small bottle of sparkling grape juice lay in a bucket of ice next to it. There were strings of lights hung up around the railing, casting a soft glow onto yours and Harry’s features (which were proudly smiling at his handiwork by now) and made the chilly night feel warm.

Looking up at Harry, you felt a few tears well up in your eyes, “for me?”

He nodded and sat across from you, taking two glasses off of the table behind himself and popped! open the bottle, pouring a generous glass and handed it over to you.

“Wanted to treat my angel, I just love her so much.”

I just wanna thank all the people who are talking about Hansol and who are trying to send uplifting messages to him although they aren’t ToppDogg fans.

The kpop fandom loves fighting among each other and shitting on each other but if serious things go on apparently people can forget all of this and support each other.

So thank you. Thank you for showing your human side and being there for someone although it’s not about your fandom/your favorite idol.

primtheamazing  asked:

help i cant stop thinking about blackrom dutch x texas what are your thoughts


there was going to be more of this because like…  Mike.  Mike play-fighting Texas like yeah haha sure rivals that’ll work.  Mike and his weird pale/flushed thing with Julie and Chuck?  Mike.

Troll Mike is such a ho.

randomness-unicorn  asked:

What about a philosopher SO (maybe a nihilistic)? They often lost themselves in the deepest and existential thought but they can also be dumb when they are not so existentialists, saying the worst philosophy jokes like “Immanuel Kant, but at least Immanuel try”, because everyone says that philosophy KANT be funny. (Reaction of UT bros and US/SF Papis?)


++ Sans ++

Classic LOVES your puns. Seriously, tell them more. He thinks it’s cute how you can go from so deep into thought about existence to making silly jokes in literally seconds, and it always catches him off guard, too. It’s the funniest thing and, him being a science kind of guy, he’ll throw some psychology and science puns your way, too.

++ Papyrus ++

Pappy isn’t the most nihilistic guy, so sometimes he doesn’t get your puns, but he finds them funny when he does. He obviously doesn’t want Sans to know he’s fond of puns so if you guys start doing them together he’ll get annoyed, and sometimes he even looks at you with a pained expression, telling you it was REALLY bad. He’s curious how you can go from very serious to get silly so fast, it’s quite amusing actually. You’ll just be sitting there deep in thought and then spew out the worst pun you could think of and drive him crazy. Pappy loves every bit of it, though.


++ Papyrus++

Honey can get pretty philosophic himself, so the two of you tend to have very intense conversations sometimes, but both of you know how to flip the switch to being funny about it. Both of you can only handle so much until it puts your minds into an existential crisis, so making puns together is really something you two can both bond and unwind with.


++ Papyrus ++

Rus finds it a little freaky how you flip from dead serious to messing around, but he doesn’t mind it. Whenever you get all philosophical, it scares him a little and he doesn’t really know why, but he decides not to question you. It’s a bad idea to question a nihilist.

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'I find the portrayal of relationships where one party is the main/only reason for the other party has to live as very toxic and unhealthy.' but ive seen you talk so cutely about kaneki "being codependant" on hide ?

Cutely? How do you see it as cutely? Earlier on in that post I clearly said the codependency was something that needs to be evolved out of and that was unhealthy. Their relationship was not something healthy and never could be if the codependency still existed.

Even in posts I have made lately (after how deep the dependence went was actually revealed because it wasn’t always obvious) I wrote that while seeing Kaneki so upset and depressed over Hide was sad and heartbreaking, Kaneki needed to learn not to be dependent before their friendship could evolve and be healthy.  Because when I recognized Hide was not just what was keeping Kaneki happy but what was keeping him alive, I realized what a huge issue there was in it. Before then I didn’t recognize that.

   But there are also differences in the two relationships. The dependence was bad in both but it only one feels like it’s being addressed as such.

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