idek what i was trying to do with this

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack



saudade (n.);; a deep emotional state of nostalgic and profound longing to be near again to an absent something, or someone that one loves.

Heroes of Olympus as parents

My vision for the type of parents they’d be:

Percy: the ‘as long as there’s no casualties it’s fine’ parent

Annabeth: The panicking hover parent

Jason: the 'I’m the parent so I’m always right’ parent

Piper: the (accidentally) bad influence parent

Leo: the fun parent who’s still kind of a child himself, but can be serious if needed

Calypso: the 'everything’s a teachable moment’ parent

Hazel: the mom everyone wishes was their’s

Frank: the 'idek what I’m doing but I’m gonna try’ parent

Nico: the 'touch my child and you die’ parent/the 'idgaf just don’t get hurt’ parent

Reyna: the 'my kids are angels you say differently I send you to hell’ parent

a concept: Victor usually wakes up first in the mornings. So when Yuuri wakes to find Victor cuddled against him, breathing slowly and steadily, it’s a pleasant surprise. He brushes his fingers through Victor’s hair and Victor instinctively moves closer to him, gravitating towards Yuuri’s touch whether conscious or unconscious.

They have to leave soon, so regretfully Yuuri whispers to him in Japanese, trying to wake him. Victor hums, still asleep, and tangles a leg in between both of Yuuri’s. Yuuri kisses his forehead and his chest aches with unconditional love that could reverse the turn of the Earth, that could part the ocean, that could put out the embers of the sun. Five more minutes won’t hurt anyone.

  • Kara: hey Alex can you help me with this
  • Alex: is that a lamp
  • Kara: yeah well it's supposed to be a red sun lamp but I can't get it to work
  • Alex: why do you need a red sun lamp what are you--
  • Maggie: *smirking* just help the kid out with her red sun lamp, little danvers has plans
  • Kara: *blushing* I- *fixes glasses* want to surprise Lena later ton--
  • Alex: you know what? I don't even wanna know just hand it over
  • Maggie: trying not to break any more of your furniture I see
The Friend-Zone

Requested: nah.

Summary: It’s a crappy situation, and an even crappier execution for writing. Read at your own discretion my friends. 

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 601

A/N: I wrote this in 15 minutes. I did not proofread. Please do not come after me. This has been a PSA. 

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I don’t know even know what this is except an attempt at a bit of a birthday fic for Liam. I hope he had the best day and well, it’s still his birthday some place isn’t it?

It’s canon-compliant but obviously AU.


When Liam wakes up and turns over, he expects to blinded by the sunlight as it streams through the window so he just cracks one eye open, lifting his arm up to shield his face a bit, except he’s not blinded at all, there’s a face there instead that even with just one eye open, Liam can see is bathed in light and looks almost like it has a halo.

Till the face says something and then presumably laughing at his own joke because Liam can just about make out the eyes crinkling and the shoulders heaving up and down, and honestly it’s better than any amount of sun on Liam’s face, it’s like a balm to ease whatever worries or concerns Liam could ever have so he opens his other eye, lowering his arm and just as he does, the sun’s suddenly there in his face for all of about 2 seconds and then his vision is filled with Zayn up close.

“Good morning, or afternoon, happy birthday babe.”

Zayn kisses Liam on the lips and Liam reaches out for him, ready to pull him closer, ready to start his birthday in the way that’s traditional for them, but as he reaches out, his hands clutch at air as Zayn’s already off the bed.

“See you downstairs in a minute Li,” and then he’s gone.

Liam huffs slightly, feeling slightly put out and considers falling asleep again cause it’d serve Zayn right, but as he glances at his watch and sees it’s gone midday, and he ain’t getting any younger, literally, he pushes himself off the bed.

A quick glance at his phone on his bedside table and he can see everything’s happening as planned, and that’s all the time he spares on it, he already had the texts and calls off the ones who mattered in the early hours, and he’s got a good luck call to make later, they both do, but today’s for them, just like yesterday and the day before that and it’s the last day before they head home, before everything starts up again so he puts the phone down, pulls a pair of shorts on and heads downstairs to find Zayn.

Zayn who Liam can see from halfway down the stairs, Zayn who’s got a chefa hat on, no shirt on and a pair of bright pink and yellow striped shorts that Liam thinks he could make out from several miles away,  Zayn who’s frying some eggs by the smell coming from the kitchen and is dancing a little jig as he does it.

Liam doesn’t even need to look at the mirror opposite him as he reaches the last stair to know he’s got this ridiculous grin on his face,  Zayn’s still oblivious, still dancing round to what Liam recognises as one of the songs Niall sent them a few weeks back.

For a moment, Liam thinks of going back up the stairs to get his phone so he can film Zayn but instead, he just contents himself with watching.

“I know you’re staring at me or maybe me arse,” Zayn wiggles it, “But stop being a weirdo stalker and come here cause I need you to butter some bread.”

Liam tuts, fixes a pout on his face and walks to the kitchen, smacks Zayn’s arse lightly as he passes him and starts speaking in what he thinks is a pretty passable impersonation of a Yorkshire accent.

“Don’t want you to lift a finger tomorrow babe, gonna do everything for you tomorrow babe, you can just sit around being 24 and I’ll do everything, I’ll even hold the phone for you while you’re speaking to your mum and dad.”

Zayn snorts as he turns the hob off, “Like buttering bread is hard manual labour, poor little Liam.”

Liam pulls off a bit of bread and aims it at Zayn’s head, “I’ll remember this for your 25th birthday you twat, when your bones are creaking and you’ll be whining that I’ve made you make a cup of tea, you’ll look back on this day and regret it.”

“Not as much as the day I married you, you knob.” Zayn fires back, but he’s there by Liam’s side in an instant, and he doesn’t even need to be, Liam doesn’t even flinch because there’s no sting in Zayn’s words, no malice and it’s them,, their back and forth, the banter and Liam hates that word but it’s what keeps them sane, keeps them going, keeps them both laughing when everything around them makes them feel like they want them to sink.

Liam doesn’t complain though as Zayn’s fingertips fall on Liam’s waist and then his lips are on the back of Liam’s neck.

“What about the eggs?”

Zayn’s lips pull away long enough to get out, “fuck the eggs.”


An hour later and Liam’s heading down the stairs again though this time he’s got a t-shirt on and he hears Zayn talking on the phone, saying, “Thanks a million cuz,” and then looking up at Liam and smiling, holding a thumb up before he says his goodbyes.

“Job done?” Liam asks.

Zayn nods, grinning a bit more and then he gets distracted as Liam reaches the bottom stair and Liam follows his gaze to Liam’s own left hand.

“You remembered to wear it again.”

Liam holds out his hand, gazing at the ring and grins back at Zayn pointing out Zayn’s hand too, “You too,” before the smile fades, “Both of us getting right back in the habit of wearing them most of the time again, just in time for not being able to wear ‘em”

Zayn’s there in front of him, lifting up Liam’s chin so Liam looks into his eyes, can’t resist him, can’t duck away and fall into the trap of being despondent about a situation they can only make the best of for now.

Zayn’s fingertips fall away from Liam’s chin, now he knows he’s got Liam’s attention and fall to his hand instead, and to the finger with the ring on it, and then he’s pulling it off, and holding it up before he caresses the finger with the fingers of his other hand.

“Yeah but babe, that’s why you got the 4, and that’s why I got the symbol, cause it looks innocent, looks just like a number but it’s not, and okay it’s not the same as when we’re wearing ‘em but we know, and anyone who actually listens to you and your interviews knows too.”

They share a grin over the last few words, acknowledgement of a moment when in the midst of an ocean filled with lies, Liam couldn’t lie about that, lie about the meaning and the reason for what seems like a simple number for a single moment.

“This is why you’re the best husband in the world, this is why I don’t need any presents, don’t need a birthday shag and yet,” Liam points upstairs and raises his eyebrows for just a moment, “But yeah you always know how to make it right, pull me out of the fog.”

“A fog which we aren’t going to talk any more about today love cause we’ve got less than a day before we have to head back to reality so we’re going to stay in this little bubble, and well, I’m going to have to insist on something.”

Liam doesn’t even have time to ask what Zayn wants to insist on before his feet leave the ground and he’s aware of Zayn moving across the floor, but all he can see is the ground as Zayn holds him round the middle and then he’s gently lowered onto the settee, the insanely comfortable settee in the living room right next to the doors where the sunlight streams in and the warmth is mixed with a breeze to make it comfortable.

Liam’s laughing as Zayn stands back from him, “What’s all that about?”

“Well, someone insisted on no pressies this year and we aren’t going to be able to get new tatts for a week or two so as Mr pouty said earlier, I promised you a day of not lifting a finger, and I’m extending it to you basically being allowed to be as bone idle as you like today, that and your wish is my command.”

Zayn doesn’t miss the way Liam’s eyes dart to Zayn’s crotch, “Fucking slavedriver, alrightthen if you insist, but first let me get us some very belated breakfast.”

“Accompanied by some of that sexy dancing from earlier I hope.”

Zayn’s back is turned by now, but he looks behind him, bites at his lip, raises his eyebrows and stars to sway, but he’s got the bright pink and yellow shorts on, and Zayn can move, he can really move, it’s just that iit’s like Zayn’s centre of gravity is affeced by being in an unfamiliar part of the world. 

“On second thoughts Malik, don’t give up your day job and just get the breakfast on and make it snappy.”

The baguette lands in Liam’s lap, because and it’s just a guess but Liam’s sure Zayn was aiming for his head, and that’s another thing he ain’t so hot at in Greece just as Zayn pouts and says something about, “Sod the pressies, and the romantic idas for tattoos for your birthday, I’m just going to get ‘fuck you Liam Payne’ on my forehead.”

“That’ll go well with my ;He does - every day’ one.” Liam fires back, quick as a flash.

“I hate you so much,” but Zayn’s laughing.even as he finds more stuff to throw badly in Liam’s direction. 

“I love you too Zed.,” manages to get out before Zayn’s lips are on his and then time gets lost and thats just fine. 

What… am… I?

The beast towered over me, perched on its clawed toes, its twisted and ugly flesh covered in layers of sharp, smooth black carapace. It looked oily. Monstrous. It had horns on its head and beady, glowing eyes that bore into mine and seemed so familiar. As familiar as a mirror.

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Seventeen as Vines/Videos

Hey there, my chickadees! I’m sorry we’ve been absent lately, we’ve been busy and I’ve been having trouble with the requests, but please take this shitpost about Seventeen as an apology! This is all in good fun, and not meant to offend anyone or make fun of any of the members. This was probably done before, but I can’t remember the last one I saw, so here’s my take on it!

- Admin Mimi

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S.Coups - The ‘Try Me Bitch’ vine

Jeonghan - The ‘Too Much Drama at School’ video, but in this instance, he created the drama, and is walking away from it ‘innocently

Joshua - The ‘Little Girl sings Hallelujah’ video

Jun - Idek what to call this vine but for some reason I thought of him when I saw it

Hoshi - The ‘Freestyle Dance Teacher’ video

Wonwoo - ‘What you gonna do’ vine (again idk why I thought this but for some reason it reminded me of Wonwoo)

Woozi -  Father and son who love each other very much’ vine (Woozi’s the dad obvs LOL)

DK - The ‘Kid on Crack’ vines (I’m sorry lmao)


The8 - The ‘I won’t hesitate, bitch/Real housewives of vine’ vine

Seungkwan - The ‘SHUT UP’ video

Vernon - The ‘Mini Golf’ vine (honestly me)

Dino - The ‘What the fuck is up, Kyle?’ vine


Jeonghan with Dino

When S.Coups leaves the SEVENTEEN dorm unsupervised

EXO Reacting To Seeing You Wear Their Clothes For The First Time

~Not Requested~


Would lowkey be a massive turn on for him, seeing you in just his T-shirt and then how baggy it looked on you… boy you better run into his arms. He’d lick his lips and do an overtake on your whole body, won’t be long until he can’t help but pick you up and take you to the bedroom, he’s going to teach you a lesson on what happens when you wear his clothes unexpectedly.

‘You look so damn good but unfortunately princess I’m going to have to punish you for making me feel this way so early in the morning.’

Originally posted by icallhimbangjamesbang


Would be shook af to see you wearing his clothes, when he first sees you his eyes were wide and he was lowkey gawking. He snapped himself out of it before you saw him and replaced his shock with a smirk, he’d look you up and down like Xiumin but wouldn’t be as foward. He’d come up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and placing a few kisses to your neck, you would get the jist of what he wants so would lead him to the bedroom ;)

‘My my, what a nice surprise this is babe.’

Originally posted by meiren-menglu


Would see you wearing one of his hoodies, inside he’s really loving seeing you in his clothes and would kinda hint that he wants to see you in them more often yet not make it overly obvious that he likes it so much. Would try and put a light nagging tone into his words or make it seem as if it isn’t okay to do all the time, but just do it all the time anyway because this kid won’t admit he likes it so much.

‘Is that my hoodie? I guess you can wear it because it is cold, just on this occasion though.’

Originally posted by suhomysuho


This guy, idek it depends what time of day it is with him tbh. Like if he just woke up and saw you in his clothes then he’d be really confused/shook and his mouth would be hanging to the floor. But if it was late afternoon/evening he’d be more like Xiumin and Luhan, looking at you with lustful eyes and licking his lips, but would be a tease and wait for you to make the first move cuz really he’s just enjoying the view.

‘I-I… is that my shirt?’

Originally posted by wullahs


Confused bean alert. He’d look at you wearing his boxers as if they were shorts and millions of questions were running through his mind. He actually thinks you mistook his boxers for your own shorts and never once thought you had done it purposefully. Tries to be a gentlemen by telling you they’re his but ends up feeling stupid when you told him you wanted to wear them.

‘Sweetie I’m pretty sure they’re my boxers, not your shorts~’

Originally posted by yixinzhg


 Baek would tease you, obviously he likes that you’re wearing his clothes but he ain’t gonna admit that now is he??? No instead he chooses to tease you, he’ll make little baby noises at you and pinch your cheeks, constantly saying how cute you are but in an annoying voice. You’ll roll your eyes and go and take his jumper off and change into your own clothes but he’d stop you and tell you to carry on wearing his, leaving you 100% confused because he’s so bipolar.

‘Aweee look at the cute little baby… wait where are you going I didn’t say that take it off!’

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


He would freak out tbh, only on the first time though because he’s just so shocked and you hadn’t wore his clothes before. He’d be super extra about it and would end up shouting, not at you but just at the situation. He was especially surprised because  it was his boxers you were wearing too which just shook him up even more.


Originally posted by kim-jongmin


Would be flustered af. He wouldn’t even know what to do, his mouth would be gaping and his eyes would shoot out of their sockets. Don’t think he wouldn’t love it though because he does it’s just he’s never seen you in his clothes and it’s a big shock to him.When he tries speaking to you he’ll stutter and wouldn’t be able to stop the massive smile on his face.

‘I-I…I like it, I like you I-I mean *Sigh* It’s fine.’

Originally posted by r-velvets


He would be lowkey mad but that would only be because you decided to wear his favourite shirt, which he had probably spent a good 10-15 minutes trying to find and you’ve been wearing it all along. He’d lightly express his annoyance but it wouldn’t last long because he couldn’t help but smile at how cute you looked in that shirt.

‘I’ve just spent so long looking for that shirt Y/N…. *smiles* Ugh you do look really cute in it though.’

Originally posted by theonly-vagina-kyungsoo-will-fuk


He probably wouldn’t even give a shit honestly, he’d walk into the kitchen, greet you, then go look in the fridge. When you say to him your wearing his jumper he’d look back at you and just give you the look that says ‘and?’ then go back to looking in the fridge. He uses your makeup or even wears some of necklaces all the time so he doesn’t really see what the big deal is.

‘That’s all very nice but I came here for cake.’

Originally posted by httpxamy


Wouldn’t know how to handle the situation tbh, he probably wouldn’t even say a word to you and would stare at you in awe. After a while I see him getting into a clingy mood and having a need to hold you because you looked so damn good in his hoodie, especially since it was so long on you so you didn’t actually need to wearing anything else. Would ask you to go cuddle him and throw a bunch of compliments your way.

‘Jagi you’re so cute~ come cuddle with me!’

Originally posted by blondejongin


He would first just look at you, eyes fixated on your body as he shamelessly checks you out. He would compliment you but then not at the same time? I guess he would still use his sass but would also show that he really likes it when you wear his clothes, still checking you out by the way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started getting a lil cheeky and place his hands on your butt, you just never know with Sehun.

‘You look good in my clothes, not as good as me though.’

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This is for you bby @shitsterpiggy because you made me aware that I’ve been neglecting groups and posting a lot of NCT stuff recently, so I hope you all enjoy this reaction~

We are so close to 500 followers and to celebrate we are going to make something that is much like a drabble post however it has questions that you request for us to answer! We want you guys to get to know us better so hopefully this is one of the best ways to do so, but please ask us anything or just tell us how your day went, we’d love to know!

Much love for all our wonderful followers xxx

~Admin Stroni~

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Ok I'm trying to keep hope, so what if Kara is really only getting with Mon-El so that she can deny and push down her feelings for Lena? Bc if not the idek what to think just I really hope that's all it is.

Oh honey, the Swan Queen fandom has been doing this for years, and it is a beautiful and clever and necessary coping mechanism. Here. Enjoy.

Alex calls for an emergency Sisters’ Night. In fact, she demands it.

And Kara is excited, because Rao, does she need to talk to Alex. And Rao, does she need to hear Alex talk, because so much is going on with Maggie, and with her lab work to find Jeremiah, and with J’onn missing M’gann, and with just… everything.

But even more than talking, Kara just wants to snuggle on the couch with her big sister.

So when Alex lets herself into her apartment and Maggie trails in apologetically behind her, Kara bristles.

She adjusts her glasses and she forces a smile. “Hey Maggie,” she strains, reminding herself sternly that Maggie has been through so much, that Maggie was just retraumatized, that Maggie is probably going to be her sister-in-law one day, so might as well start attending Sisters’ Nights now, right?

But Alex is throwing up her hands and taking Kara by the shoulders, because she knows her sister, and she knows the war that’s raging in her head, in her heart.

“So, Kara, I lied. I want to do Sisters’ Night, just you and me. Because Sisters’ Night will always just be for us. But, tomorrow. Not tonight. I lied, and I’m sorry about that, but I was afraid you’d tell us not to come over if I told you…”

Kara backs away from Alex and furrows her brow.

“If you told me what?”

“We’re worried about you, Kara,” Maggie chimes, and holds out a bag of potstickers that Kara hadn’t noticed before, and Kara snatches them with narrowed eyes and a suspicious glare.

She sits down with a grunt and begrudgingly nods her sister and her sister’s girlfriend to do the same. Alex and Maggie exchange a glance, and it’s like they can read each other’s minds, they work together so seamlessly.

Kara feels a stab of something like jealousy, but she knows it’s not about Alex. She’s purely happy for Alex. It’s about something else, something different. Something that she hopes against hope that Alex an Maggie aren’t going to try to make her talk about, because Rao, she doesn’t know how she can handle it if they do.

She tears into the potstickers and blinks. “So, what are you worried about?”

Maggie and Alex exchange that glance again, and Alex leans forward and puts her hand on Kara’s knee.

“Kara, you know I respect you. And I respect your judgment, and I respect your heart. I love what a big heart you have. It’s what makes you a hero. But Kara, I…”

“You’re getting with Mon-El, Little Danvers, even though you really kind of seem to hate him, and that’s… we’re worried about you, Kara. Not because we don’t think you can handle yourself, or because we don’t respect your decisions, but because I… we… we know what it’s like to be with someone because you feel like you have to, not because you really want to.”

Kara nearly chokes on a potsticker, and Alex thumps her back mechanically, her eyes fixed on her sister’s face.

“That’s ridiculous,” she splutters when she finally swallows. “I don’t feel like I have to do anything, I’m Supergirl, I – ”

“Well, Mon-El doesn’t seem to respect that, and you don’t seem to think he does, either.”

“I’ve never told you anything like – what are you talking about, I – ”

“Kara,” Maggie says, her voice soft and her voice full of understanding pain, mixed with the beginnings of ironic humor. “The entire DEO heard you yelling at him. And lemme tell you, for secret agents, your people are pretty terrible at, you know. Keeping secrets.”

Alex mock-glares at Maggie before leveling Kara with a look of significant concern.

“Oh please, Detective, it’s not like any of that was a secret. Kara was shouting what a misogynist, unsupportive, manipulative, disrespectful, gaslighting, mansplaining – ”

“Nice new vocab, Danvers.”

“Thanks babe, I’m trying.”

“Alex, I – ”

“Oh, I’m sorry Kara, did you want me to stop that list?” Alex’s tone, the way she’s caressing Kara’s face, is much softer than her words. “Because I don’t have to. I have more, and they all seem to have come from your mouth in one way or another – ”

“Alex – ”

“And I love you, Kara. I love you, more than anything, more than life itself, so here’s the thing I can’t understand: why are you throwing yourself at this guy when he spends every waking minute trying to stomp all over the powerful woman that you are? It would be like me actually going for Max Lord or something – ”

“You and Maxwell Lord were a thing?”

“Ew, god, no, which is exactly why I can’t understand what you’re thinking, Kara.”

“And she’s not blaming you, Little Danvers, no one’s angry at you – ”

“No, Maggie’s right, I’m not, I just – ”

“We’re just worried, Kara. Your sister loves you, and I’m growing to love you, a lot, and hell, even J’onn asked us – and believe you me, it was as awkward as it sounds – if we could talk to you to make sure you’re really okay, because this is… we’re worried about you, Kara. So are you? Okay?”

Maybe it’s something in Maggie’s soft eyes, or maybe it’s the way Alex is stroking her hair, or maybe it’s the way they’re both going through so much of their own struggles right now, but they’re making it a point to check in with her. Or maybe it’s all of it, everything, the way his hands were too fast and his tongue too eager, the way he’s an okay guy, she supposes, but as a wayward brother or something, not as a lover, but she was so worn down and she’s just so tired and maybe it’s everything, all of it, because Kara breaks.

She breaks into her sister’s arms and immediately she feels the walls of Alex’s love rise up around her, protecting her from all her enemies, protecting her from herself.

Immediately she hears Maggie kneel down in front of the sisters, in front of her Danvers girls, a hand on Alex’s knee and a hand hovering over the small of Kara’s back until Kara nods through her sobbing that Maggie can touch her, of course Maggie can touch her, because god it feels good to be held by two women who love her for exactly who she is, not for what they imagine her to be, what they wish she were.

“I’m so…” She gasps wildly for breath and Alex kisses her forehead, smoothes her hair, rocks her, rocks her, rocks her. “I’m so scared, Alex,” she chokes through her gasping, through her tears.

“Shhh, I know, it’s okay. I’ve got you, Kara. I love you, I love you, shhhhh. Cry it out, Kara, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here. I’m here, always. I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.”

Tears bite at Alex’s eyes, and she glances down across Kara’s body to meet Maggie’s, and she’s almost surprised to see tears gleaming in Maggie’s eyes, as well, and she knows it’s not the time, but she also knows, beyond doubt, that she’s in love with her.

Kara grabs at the back of Alex’s sweater and is forcibly reminded of when Cat grabbed at the back of Supergirl’s suit – her suit – and it’s suddenly all too much, suddenly all needs to come out, no matter how scared she is.

Suddenly, she knows she needs to dive.

“I didn’t want to, Alex, I didn’t want to because you were just coming out and I’ve taken so much from you, so much attention, for so many years, I didn’t want to do it again – ”

“Kara, it’s okay, everything’s okay. I’m not angry, I’m not going to be angry, but what… what are you talking about?”

Alex’s face is a map of compassionate confusion and Maggie’s face is a map of compassionate realization, and she glances at Alex because here we go again.

“I was in love with James, so… so in love with him,” Kara gasps, and Maggie nods slowly, and Alex just tries to keep up as she wipes Kara’s running nose with the tissue Maggie passes her.

“And kissing him was nice, it was… he was lovely, he is lovely, and I love him, I do, but it… it didn’t feel… ka-pow.”

Alex smiles uncomprehendingly but supportively, and Maggie smiles knowingly, and they both rub soothing circles onto Kara’s skin as she gathers the courage to continue.

“And I didn’t understand it, I didn’t have to words for it, but then… but then you came out and I was doing research, for you, and I found… I found out that you can be in love, straight love, but not want to have sex with men, be asexual towards men, even though you can be in love with them… and that you can… you can also… at the same time…”

She glances down at Maggie, and Maggie nods slowly at her, a small smile on her lips, because like sister like sister.

“You can also like girls. Women. Romantically. And even sexually.”

Comprehension starts to dawn on Alex’s face now, too, and she gets flashes of Kara spending so many nights crying when Cat left National City, of her terror when Livewire got loose again, because Livewire had tried, so hard, to kill Cat.

Of Kara adjusting her glasses a bit extra whenever Lena came up in conversation.

Of Kara steadfastly refusing to lose faith in Lena, even when everything looked, well, grim.

Of Kara’s desperation to find her. Of her more-than-just-everyday-heroics willingness to die for her. Of her beautifully, passionately written article vindicating her.

“Kara,” is all Alex says, all Alex can say, as she pulls her little sister in closer, closer, closer.

“I’m sorry, Alex,” Kara chokes, pushing back, pushing away, so she can look Alex in the face. “I don’t want to take attention away from your coming out, I don’t… I don’t even know what to label it all, I just know that I… I’m so scared that if I…”

“If you don’t throw yourself into the most easily available thing – if you don’t surrender to the guilt he’s putting you through – you’ll have to confront your feelings for Lena Luthor,” Maggie supplies softly, softly, because Kara is shaking so badly, and Maggie knows that look, knows when someone needs to hear the words before they can say them themselves, and sure enough, when Maggie says it, Kara stops trembling quite so much, and her tears become of the silent variety, and she nods, nods, nods.

“Please don’t be mad,” she whispers to Alex, and Alex does nothing but shake her head and kiss her face, tears and snot and all.

“Kara, listen to me. I need you to really listen, and I need…” She glances down at Maggie as she cups Kara’s cheeks in her hands, and Maggie gives her a small smile. “I need you to really hear me. I would never, ever, ever be mad at you for loving whoever you love. However you love them. Because whoever you love, and whatever kind of love it is, whatever kind of intimacy you want with them? That’s absolutely fine. It’s absolutely perfect. You’re absolutely fine. You’re absolutely perfect. And I would never be angry at you, or disappointed in you, or resentful toward you, for being who you are. I promise. Alright?”

Kara shudders and smiles and reaches for the last of the potstickers.

Alex chuckles and Maggie laughs and Kara chews with a bashful smile.

“Will you help me break up with him? I still care about him, as a person – ”

“We both will, Kara. Whatever you need.”

“You got it, Little Danvers.”

“And then… then maybe you can help me talk to Lena?”

Alex groans with a smile and Maggie laughs and puts both hands on Kara’s thighs as she stands up to slip onto her girlfriend’s mock-traumatized lap.

“Of course we will, Little Danvers. Of course we will.”