idek what i was trying to do w this.

Honestly the whole “Uhm! Ace people shouldn’t be using up all the LGBT resources! There’s a finite amount and it should be save for LBGT people.” Is so fucking exhausting because it’s such a fake argument  over a non-issue.

Something like <1% of the population is on the acespectrum (That’s including LGBT aces), there’s not like a fucking horde of ace people breaking down the homeless LGBT youth center to take up all the fucking beds. It’s such a bullshit excuse to justify the vitriol.

I’ll be honest, idgaf where people wanna categorize asexuals. I’ve personally never really felt like a part of the LBGT group, I’ve never felt straight either, my aro ace ass has really only ever ‘felt’ like asexual fit. But it seemed like the ace label was getting lumped in to increase visibility and to make clear it was different from celibate and straight. W/e. I don’t particularly care one way or the other.

I start giving a fuck when the same people who’ve ALWAYS said asexual isn’t real are just prudish straight people or straight people with sexual issue, KEEP doing what they’ve always done but now try to justify it with this new pseudointellectual “ace-discourse” nonsense.

The whole thing is such an internet exclusive non-issue. There’s not an army of aces out there stealing the fucking LGBT spaghetti dinner, there’s not long lines of asexuals, taking up…idek the psych resources? What are all these resources the incredibly noble and necessary gate guardians worried about the aces scooping up? Where is all this evidence of the asexual masses overwhelming the LGBT counseling centers?

*police pulls me over and asks for my license*

*hands over my official konami ™ card game player™ ID card ™ *

“Hoyl fukc i am so sorry , i didnt realise you w ere a YUGIOH DEULMAsTER, youre not goin to jail youre goin straight to the shadow realm!!” *sexc wink*