idek what i was trying to accomplish with this

I hate with a fiery passion when people tell me I have 'good' hair

Like wtf do you mean? More white? Fuck you, as if kinky fros are bad, literally fuck you for trying to compliment me by insulting other black women, they’re my sisters and I’m not gonna let you insult them, just so you can…i don’t even know what you’re trying to accomplish by saying that… Literally you could have said ‘I like your hair’

It makes me really sad when Black women use the 'good hair, bad hair’ like no bby your hair is not bad, your hair is beautiful please stop

This 'good hair’ shit has to stop

so I was inspired by this Goku and Vegeta picture a while back, and I decided I wanted to do my own version except with my fave dad’s fist bumping instead. yea.

Hatake Sakumo and James McCloud

both of their son’s are hella rad, both dad’s are hella legendary, and both dad’s got themselves killed hella young and left their son’s hella orphaned.

don’t ask about the colors idek what I was trying to accomplish.

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I'm sick of seeing people viciously hating on Otabek/Yurio shippers. Y'all are like "STOP NORMALIZING ADULT/CHILD RELATIONSHIPS" "THIS IS PEDOPHILIA OMFG" "MINORSARE FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE RESPECT THEM" like how about no... Y'all need to reevaluate your gross behavior. Why do you even assume that sex is even part of their relationship or why we ship them (and they're fictional charas...)? YOU guy need to stop fetishizing gay relationships as if they're all about sex it's really gross :/ (1)

(2) as if a 15 yr old 3 months away from being 16 and an 18 yr old who literally just turned 18 2 months ago (they only have a 2 yr 5 month age difference btw) can’t have a sweet, pure, respectful “SHIPPY” relationship without SEX or even being “lovers”. Y'all need to look up pedophilia in a dictionary because clearly you guys don’t even know what it means. I suggest you either block people who ship it and block the tag or BACK OFF because fandom isn’t a safe space for your gross misconceptions. (3) you guys act so entitled as if everything in fandom (which is FICTIONAL I REPEAT FICTIONAL) has to match up with your skewed beliefs. Friendly reminder that the age of consent varies in different countries and that 18 yr olds are considered children in many places where 20 is the legal age of adults. Also, in the US (where most of the hate is coming from…) Otabek would be in 12th grade with Yurio in 10th grade. Seriously, idek what you guys are trying to accomplish with toxic discourse…

Honesty, people hating on Otabek x Yurio should just chill. And if they don’t like it, they should just ignore it without making comments about it, since there are many people who ship it. The ship doesn’t have to have sex in it, it can be a healthy relationship without sex.

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You always make the exact same face in selfies..... Like your mouth is in the exact same grimace position, like you're disgusted or showing your front teeth or something... It'd be cool if you smile or something else for once, you're so pretty actually just your selfie face game is weird af

same face??

wot do u mean same face???

always showing my teeth?? 

making the SAME selfie face?? like literally almost everyone ELSE on the planet?? UNBELIEVABLE !!!111



honestly idek what u were trying to accomplish here by calling me pretty and then insulting me after?? cause that makes 100% sense??

but quick word of advice to ya anon: stop trying to dictate what makes a person happy, it literally does no harm to you and it makes the person feel good about themselves

stop trying to destroy that; you literally have no idea how hard that person could have worked to build up that confidence in the first place

so keep the bitterness to yourself, xoxo

when i think of carlos and cecil raising children i pretty much envision the addams family. where carlos is the mad scientist and he and cecil have a relationship that complements each other perfectly, and their kids are loved and taught all the necessary lessons to live a happy life (like the rules of dot day, or how to disembowel an enemy) while providing unwavering support. the only difference is that instead of being afraid of them, the neighbors herald them as perfection and they’re on the cover of night vale’s “Parenthood weekly” fourth month running.