idek what i was doing here but it was funny

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Oooh noo, you too ? Please don't get into this kind of stupid drama. Just enjoy what Jay is making, the fucking tease he is and just cant say it allready that he is signed to roc ajaja if this girl wouldnt get attention she had stoped long time ago. Let's enjoy good music without paying attention to stupid drama like this. Jay is a private person so if something happend and he thinks he need to share with us he will do it, till then, let's not pay attention to what some random chick say

I don’t actually care what she says, I honestly just find it funny how she out here tryna get attention, like Idek where she came from lmao she lit appeared out the blue 😹

Someone: How do you know the days of the week in Norwegian?

What I mean to say: I binge watch and rewatch episodes of Skam every single day, I take a LOT of screenshots, I go on pinterest and search for Evak stuff, have I mentioned Evak???? HERE LOOK THEY’RE PERF HERE LOOK ISAK IS A PUPPY AND EVEN IS-

What I actually say:

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I heard you named your son Jensen. is that true? do you think you'll ever regret naming him that? no hate or anything. I just wonderd because my friend is named after a celebrity and her mom regrets it cuz she doesn't like the actress anymore

Yes. It’s true. Um, no. I don’t think I’ll ever regret it. For one thing I can’t ever imagine being like “Jensen Ackles? YUCK.” I like him too much. But if something weird happened and I wasn’t a big fan anymore, I’d still be okay with it because I love the name itself. 

One word of caution though: If you’re going to name a child after someone, be sure you really like the name because you’re going to be saying it A LOT. Like hundreds of times a day, usually attached to the word “NO”. I probably say “Jensen, no” at least 10 times an hour because he’s almost three and into EVERYTHING. 

And you’ll find yourself saying some things that will seem hilarious if you think about it. Here’s a few sentences I’ve actually said:

“Jensen, don’t squeeze your wiener like that. It’s not a toy.”
“Quit rubbing your balls on the furniture, Jensen. No one thinks that’s funny but you.”
“Do not sit there and fart and then try to smell it, Jensen. That’s gross.”
“Why did you pee in my plant, Jensen?” 

EDIT: I should add here that Jensen has his pants off about 75% of the time. It’s our eternal struggle. I put them on, he takes them off. So I also spend a lot of time yelling “JENSEN, DO NOT TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF AGAIN.” 

Sometimes I tell my friends on here about this stuff but I forget to specify that I’m talking about MY SON Jensen instead of Jensen Ackles and it leads to some humorous misunderstandings. A couple of weeks ago, Joan and I were texting during the show and I said “Jensen has pooped three times during this episode. I think he’s doing it on purpose to annoy me.” And she was like “WHAT? How do you know that? Is he doing a live stream??” That was pretty funny.