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quick question: what's you fav larry moment from tmht?i know it's hard so you can pic more than one if you want to

Ok, nony. Let’s see…

Why Louis stopped breathing here?

Why did they crush Zayn just to talk to each other?

Jus why

So happy!!!!

Checking his boy out, normal tour stuff 

Here cutie, have nacho 

robb stark appreciation month

day thirty-one: whatever you want - or: in which I catch up on some of the themes I missed this month

day 8 catch up, favorite outfit: that leather shirt plus bonus to-go robb song for me

Too much love will kill you
It’ll make your life a lie
Yes, too much love will kill you
And you won’t understand why
You’d give your life, you’d sell your soul
But here it comes again
Too much love will kill you, in the end

Jace in CoA
  • Jace: I hate all of you fuck you go die
  • Jace: lol werewolves think they the shit lmao ok
  • Jace: Maryse wtf
  • Jace: *grabs piece of glass portal* TBT
  • Jace: I am NOT fat
  • Jace: bitches be crazy
  • Jace: Magnus what the hell
  • Jace: clary stop being cute
  • Jace: STOP
  • Jace: project runway will help me yes that'll work
  • Jace: Seelie queen? Fuck that
  • Jace: clary wants to go? ok fine
  • Jace: Simon stfu
  • Jace: I mean gross she's my sister ew
  • Jace: OMGGGG
  • Jace: lol that's right Simon be jealous she wants my dick not yours
  • Jace: I mean bye
  • Jace: hey dad
  • Jace: no I do not want to join you gtfo
  • Jace: GTFO
  • Jace: the fuck you mean you can make runes
  • Jace: meaning of fear?? lol idek
  • Jace: ew inquistor nooo
  • Jace: the hell did I do
  • Jace: this god damn handcuffs
  • Jace: I'm going on a mass murder when I get out of here
  • Jace: the fuck do you want Alec
  • Jace: I wanted a mango but this is ok I guess
  • Jace: AIR WAYLAND (Morgenstern lightwood)
  • Jace: oh yes battles oh yes
  • Jace: *glares at inquisitor* why must you repeatedly fist me in the ass
  • Jace: lol like my shirt?
  • Jace: yeah that's not rude just die for me k
  • Jace: Simon what the hell
  • Jace: did I just get to first base with a bloodsucker
  • Jace: ah whatever
  • Jace: Valentine did anyone ask for you
  • Jace: um no can't let you kill him he's sort my lover's best friend sooooo yeahhhh
  • Jace: wtf um ok
  • Jace: you have got to be fucking kidding me

Considering a lot of negative things have been going on lately… in school today I thought of exo and i drew exo signs on my hand and on my book and my work XD (yes i got carried away ahaha) And then I came up with the idea to do an EXO hand sign project to connect with millions of fans around the world so you draw the exo sign and whatever you else may want on your hand and take a picture of it. 

I will put all these pictures into a lovely collage and send it to korea to SM ent for EXO. If there is another way to get it to korea please let me know. It is going to cost me money obviously i live in the uk, so i appreciate you make a bit of an effort with your doodles. 

Now for contact information, if you would like to be involved, please message me through my ask so i can give you the special email for this occasion and future ones, and if you have other friends who may not have tumblr but want to join, let me know and i will provide other social networks to contact them or just give them the email i send to you lol. 

 Also, please send your name and country with your picture so at least they know the owner of the hands XD and maybe they will find us one day ♥♥ So i dont really have a deadline yet, but i want to have sent it to EXO around the end of August, so please get your doodles done ASAP as I want to get started immediately. 

update: if you reblog this and are interested, please do not forget to message me through my ask! I might not see that you want to do it through a reblog as theres loads so you have to message me for confirmation. Update2: MAKE SURE YOUR DOODLE HAS THE EXO SIGN SOMEWHERE. IT CAN BE LIKE MINE OR THE HEART VERSION, ANY BUT IT GOTTA BE THEREEEE Update 3: SEND A SELFIE ASWELL. YOU DONT HAVE TO IF YOU DONT WANT TO BUT ITS AN OPTION Update 4: please send it to I made it be asked for because i did not want trolls to spam the email, but its all good so here you go!!

 Thanks. Please Share! 

wheejihyo’s first follow forever

hello my loves!! so… i just hit 2000 followers, which is… absolutely insane. i started this blog just over three years and I never imagined it would grow this big (like, ever. lmao). Originally this was a supernatural blog (i know okay please don’t judge me I was a child lol), then random humor, and now, I have a kpop blog. I can’t even begin to express how much tumblr has grown to mean to me since I got involved with the kpop fandom. 

I’ve gotten so much joy from following every one of you (and more, because i probably forgot some people ugh) and if you are tagged here, know your blog is amazing and so are you!

idek what to say besides thanks to everyone, esp my followers & mutuals. again i’m sorry if i forgot anyone. just message me if i did & i’ll be sure to add you! <33

oh also if u get a million alerts/emails bc of this i’m so so sorry :((

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