idek wat to say

so like @constellarians @ /ed me and honestly idek wat to do in response I was like “do i just say thanks in a private chat, do i comment a thanks? oh yeah I’m a sideblog!!” this is the first time ive been like tagged or mentioned at all and like thanks fam like idk u and u don’t even know me like thanks
but his blog is great too! he’s nb too and loves aces and aros as well! there’s topics there that I thought were rlly important to certain parts of the nb community specifically the intersex community! i genuinely believe u should check him out!

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Everybody blames Kristen because her name is bigger than that director. Nobody cares about him but man this is Kristen Stewart. And she cheated on Robert Pattinson! This is big don't you see? People love Rob and they kinda hate Kristen now. And all producer can see that. It's not about acting or professional life, it's all about money money money

Ugh..why are you not understand my point…Rupert and Kristen both did mistakes but everyone just blames Kristen…and ofc people love Rob but dont we love Kristen???

Excuse me but i fucking love her..and i say this again we are no one to judge one can judge her..we don’t know anything…any fucking thing okk…so why we keep blaming her….I know I’m also hurt by all this but we shuold support both kristen and rob..the situation is not good for them..and people are making it worse for Kristen..plzzz stawp with shit you all…