idek this was really cute

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)


someone seems to be a little too curious with the screen (๑>◡<๑)

you know what i would love?

if an ova is made, (or a second season but lets not talk that far ahead just yet)

i would love to see a ‘time-out’ kind of victuuri. like, you know, from the ed: the hair-combing; the romantic beach run-thing, the shower scene, etc, or, better yet, a domestic victuuri: cuddling, watching tv together, going out shopping (bringing yurio ofc), that sort. oh and let’s not forget the most recent official art to come out with them at the moscow red square

(note the matching tumblers and victor’s hand on yuuri’s waist! they are so married omfg)

but imagine:

no cameras to show off in front of

no audience to please

just casual couple-y things you’d expect from them, something they probably do away from the ‘scene’ anyway.

i know this would be unrelated to the whole anime, as it focuses on skating in general, and yuuri’s career as a figure skater, but i still believe this would be a great set up for an ova or something, for the people who want their relationship spotlighted! i would pay for this omg

okay so ive decided that i want a burlesque-like plot where shes one of the dancers and hes a bouncer or bartender or works backstage or something idk and theyve been friends since they both started working there with subtle little flirting here and there and hes really protective over her like if some guy is being too creepy for her liking hes the one that swoops in and rescues her and she *swears* shes not jealous when she sees some girl trying to hit on him but “i s2g if you touch his arm one more time i will throw this drink in your face” and idek where im going with this but it could be really cute and angsty and yeah i need it k thx


◟(๑•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ in bandalland, happiness = poop ◟( ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑๑)◞

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Hii can I request a how would Jimin be as your boyfriend list thingy? I totally loved the one for Seokjin!! C:

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come off anon so i can love you of course i can

Dating Jimin

  • okay okay here we go
  • jimin to be like radiates sunshine and happiness and confidence a lot like he definitely tries to be happy and confident for everyone else???
  • and so when you first meet jimin it’s a lot of casual touching and he’s always smirking and running his hand through his bangs and lip biting and you’re just wtf how darE??? I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attaCKED RIGHT NOW???
  • but when he realizes he likes you all of the kinda goes away and he’s suddenly panicked bcuz oh crap I really like them?? like really truly?? what am I suppOSED TO DO??? thiS iS!!!
  • and suddenly bad boy jimin is gone and he’s shy and sheepish and self conscious and whenever you interact he’s never making eye contact with you and he’s avoiding your gaze and he’s soft spoken
  • and namjoon is the one he goes to honestly for advice and help and namjoon is like come one anyone would love you please chim just go for it but he’s still so shy???
  • and you’re kinda?? does he not like me?? and that’s how it actually goes down
  • one day you’re tired of it and you corner him and are all “hey um did I suddenly get repulsive or something cause you um,, kinda have started hiding from me?? and I uh-”
  • and he’s “oh my god no I just really really like you and I just didn’t know what to do because I’m not anything special and you’re literally a goddess and I didn’t think you would like me and I panicked-”
  • “jimin chill I’ve wanted to kiss you from day one you don’t need to apologize”
  • and that’s when you realize how sensitive and shy he really is when it comes to dating
  • like everyone seems to think he’s all bad boy and pinning you against the wall 25/8
  • but I really see him being more sweet and shy and adorable and cuddly and innocent
  • like he’ll have his moments don’t get me wrong
  • okay but first date he would be really classic and take you out for dinner at this local pizza place and tease you if you eat your pizza wrong (everyone knows you have to fold it) and then you guys would go out for a movie so he would have an excuse to hold you close and protect yoU AND UM (ps you end up kissing and some mom like cusses you out even tho this is the conjuring two why is your kid here anyway???)
  • he’s all for skinship though
  • in public he’s all touching you: holding hands, keeping one hand in your back pocket, arm around the shoulder, arm around the waist
  • like he’s so busy staring at you that he basically trips over his feet and runs into piles and stuff
  • he’s all for kissing in public too like you’ll be walking in the mall and he’ll just turn his head and kiss you square on the lips (really into playful lip biting btw)
  • his favorite after regular kisses would be forehead kisses and kisses between the eyes but like in a cute way?? (idek how kisses work) but like anywhere really??
  • and he’s always kissing you like
  • when you’re home alone there’s no stopping him
  • he loves letting you know how beautiful you are and he likes to show that by kissing
  • like feeling insecure about your tum? this boy is gonna be kissing your belly until you’re smiling again
  • don’t like your shoulders cause you think they’re too big? jimin is gonna kiss you until you admit you’re perfect
  • as somehow who obviously deals with insecurities he would make sure you’re always feeling good about yourself and you love just the way you are
  • also at home he’s a cuddler???
  • like his head in your lap and you’re playing with his hair and watching romcoms
  • or you’re sitting on his lap and his chin is on your head as you’re talking about your day
  • he’s carrying you everywhere
  • need a snack?? well he’s gonna carry you in his arms over to the kitchen even though it’s like five feet away
  • you’re about to crash on the couch? he’s gonna piggyback your butt up your room
  • sleeping?? I think he would like when you have your head on his chest and his arms around your hips and your legs are all tangled because you’re so close and he can feel every inch of you and know you’re actually there
  • he would be so down for small talk but I think when you guys finally curl up for bed it would be honesty hour like if you were having a crap day or vice versa that would be the time to rant and let it all out
  • when you’re upset he would probably try to comfort you first and foremost
  • his voice is so soothing and he’s stroking your hair and holding your hand and talking you through the issue
  • if someone hurt you though he would !! like he’s ready to fight somebody and he’s storming around and cursing and ready to throw down
  • and you have to kiss him and literally pull him down onto the floor or couch or whatever to make sure he doesn’t go out and hurt himself
  • okay but I’m low key binge watching wedding shows rn and can anyone else see jimin so into that kind of thing???
  • like you wake up at like three in the morning one night and you can’t find jimin and ??? babe ??? and you hurry downstairs to see him on his laptop like googling wedding venues and dresses and themes and he gets so so so embarrassed??? and he slams the laptop shut and he’s “I’m just plaNNING AHEAD FOR US okAY”
  • “also do you want an outdoor or indoor wedding because I’m reading up-”
  • “jimin seriously if I’m marrying you everything else doesn’t matter”
  • like seriously the most selfless person like he wants to go on a date to a concert but you wanna go to the festival in town well guess who’s gonna go win you a fishy
  • speaking of gifts he literally showers you in them
  • he tried to bake for you a lot and he usually ends up burning everything just a lil bit but he makes the presentation so nice with candles and like Rosemary on top as like a design thing?? and it’s so romantic?? even if the food isn’t particularly tasty the thought he puts into it makes it five stars
  • he’s really bad about spoiling you like he’ll be out with the boys and they’re in the mall chilling and he glances at this really nice necklace and he’s “I’ll meet y'all later I gotta gO”
  • and you get home and there’s not only a necklace (birthstone plz) but like a giant teddy bear and cupcakes just because “I love you jagi”
  • probably gets you a puppy sooner or later and then gets jealous because that puppy sits on your lap 25/8 and hogs your attention and he’s not having that
  • pet names
  • “jagi, baby, boo, cupcake, baby girl”
  • honestly there’s probably a new name every day and it’s just
  • like there’s a whiteboard on the fridge and he’ll write your new nickname on the board and like a reason why he loves you so when you wake up you can be reminded he loves you
  • and when he’s away on tour every second he has of free time he’s face timing you and he needs to see your face and hear your voice and if you catch him late enough he’ll probably tear up a bit because he’s not good with the separation
  • and when he finally comes home you snuggle for like five days straight and kiss his face and he’s tickling you and talking about his plans to stuff you in his suitcase for the next tour
  • okay but dates??
  • like always really simple but super romantic at the same time??
  • like going to your favorite cafe and he holds your hand across the table and stares into your eyes for like seventeen hours and he kinda zones and he’s listening he swears but you’re so distracting
  • or like going to one of those pottery places and you’re painting a piggy bank and he’s got something next to you but he won’t let you look and when he finishes its a plate with both your names and the date you got together and later— when you get married he makes one with the wedding date and then consecutive plates with the dates all your kids are born and they’re all hanging in the family room and I just
  • although he’s not one for just chilling at home for date night like this is date night and he is a busy man he wants to take you out!!
  • he would be for things that give him an excuse to hold you like hello yes let’s go roller skating so I can hold your hand and fight all the boys that look at you and tease you when you trip “you just fell for me~”
  • “jimin stfu I swear”
  • jimin is the most jealous and he doesn’t even try to hide it like some boy is hitting on you he’s storming over and dragging you off so he can kiss your face all over and hold you in his arms
  • seriously he wouldn’t let it go over like “remember that one time jeongguk looked at you when you were wearing that bikini”
  • “jimin?? honey?? babe??” and you have to calm him down cause he’s all worked up and he’s flustered and red and it’s kinda cute actually
  • okay but this boy learns how to braid hair for you like you come home from work and he’s chilling watching videos on how to waterfall braid and he loves just running his fingers through your hair
  • and then he kinda just well since we’re already sitting all close come here and he just kisses your face all over
  • he’s always showing you off too like when you’re official every social media profile he has is covered in your pictures and they’re not even subtle like “hi yes this is my love when she woke up this morning doesn’t she look cuTE IN MY SHIRT???” and he’s so !! about showing the world you’re his
  • he’s always taking your picture and sending it to all the other boys like hello have you seen my lover aren’t you jealous I bet you are I’m even jealous of me
  • matching couple sweaters!! like all the time!! the cheesy he’s mine and she’s mine all of that going on forever amen
  • he would try to get you to dance too (and by try I mean force you with kisses)
  • like it’s really just an excuse to have his hands on your hips and his body pressed up against yours but he really does enjoy seeing you learn his passion and smiling and doing what he loves
  • he’s always teaching you their choreography and one day you make the mistake of trying to follow taehyung’s part and not jimin’s
  • big mistake
  • big big mistake
  • anYHOW
  • he’s smothering you all the time in his love and kissing you and cuddling you~
  • and you’re his entire world and!!
  • don’t date him just marry him okay and love him