idek this is so ugly i am so sorry

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idk why i feel so replaceable all the time? i mean.. i understand why i am but.. idk.. it hurts. I don't have anything special about me. honestly, if i were given a chance to change anything about me i would change everything. every single thing. my eyes are ugly,my nose is too big, my hair is gross. im rude and boring and clingy and honestly idek why i feel so hurt when my friend says she had fun with someone else? i just want this to end.

hey love, i’m sorry you’re feeling so shitty right now and believe me when i say i know exactly what it’s like, it’s really difficult to put up with and i’m proud of you for dealing w it everyday. listen, i know you’re probably not going to believe this but i hope that one day you will - you’re not replaceable at all. there is no one like you on this entire planet, you are entirely individual and that is your super power. there’s strength in being who you are, i promise. and i’m sorry if someone in your life has treated you like you’re anything less than that, bc you’re not. look, when it comes down to it we view ourselves a lot more critically than we view others, and most people are so focused on trying to be perfect themselves that they don’t even notice the ‘imperfections’ about you. and there are most likely people that look at you and see everything beautiful, everything good, and everything pure that you have to offer. you only see yourself from your level of perception. like, just bc you see yourself a certain way doesn’t mean other people see you like that at all. and your negative thoughts are just that - thoughts. they have no truth or meaning behind them unless you say that they do, but i know that seems hard to believe bc they’re so loud and they’re always there. hating yourself can make life extremely hard, and it might be a sign of an underlying issue, so please please PLEASE don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to someone about the way you’re feeling f that’s an option for you. they’re not going to think you’re weird or overreacting, you’d be surprised to know how many people feel the way you do about themselves. there are professionals out there that are able to give you options, that will help you understand why you feel this way, that will show you ways in which you can boost your confidence. and yes it’s scary and hard and you don’t have to do anything right away, but just think about it. when you let go all of the self hatred, when you stop fighting yourself, when you realize that you’re not just here for other people’s consumption, the real healing can begin. and i really believe in you, i really think you can get to that positive place. i hope you’re okay. message me anytime, okay? stay strong. 


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I'm sorry but I don't understand what you people see in Nick. He is really not pretty or good looking or what you people say he is. He looks kind of dull, and like a normal, middle aged man. Nothing special.

oh god you are totally right!!!

totally ugly seriously

i, for one, am disgusted

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