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They’ve been dancing around this for weeks, months, maybe even years, but there’s no denying it now. Sam hadn’t meant anything by it, really, but his teasing effectively cornered Dean, Sam’s arms trapping him between the little kitchen counter and Sam himself.

The air actually shifts at the realization of where they both are and their smiles drop to something much more serious. Sam can’t say he doesn’t want this, he knows deep down he can’t hide it anymore, can’t fool himself. He feels it’s something he’s never actually yearned for but being here, in this kitchenette in this crappy motel room, off some lone highway in east Kentucky, he’s pretty sure it was all leading here.

It’s a tangible thing between the two of them, tense and thick and Sam wants to shatter it, make a joke of it, pull away and brush it off, but they’re too far now, neither of them can. Now, it’s just the hesitation before the final leap and their hammering heartbeats.

Sam looks down at his brother and Dean’s staring back with wide eyes. He looks almost terrified, but Sam knows Dean would never let this thing between them hover on like this if he wasn’t thinking the same thing as Sam, if he didn’t want it, too.

Sam licks his lips and Dean’s eyes follow it, track it and he swallows. Sam gives a sharp intake of breath and then he’s moving forward, can’t stand the waiting anymore. Dean will never make the first move, Sam knows that now. It’s always Sam’s choice.

He’s slow, careful, doesn’t want to scare Dean off, but he turns and presses his lips to Dean’s rough cheek, stubble tickling the sensitive skin. Dean breathes in and holds it, Sam feels how tense and stiff he is between him and the counter, but he keeps going, slides his lips along to Dean’s ear and stays there, mouth closed and pressed against it.

Dean must be waiting for Sam to say something, like some password he has to utter before Dean will take any part in this, any sort of response, and then Sam just knows.

“I want this,” he whispers, “I do. And I know you do, too.”

That must be what Dean wanted to hear because he’s pulling back now to look at Sam’s face, only for a moment, eyes flicking back and forth quickly before he’s moving up for a long, soft kiss. Sam’s hands move to Dean’s waist and pull them closer together as they make out, deep and slow.

honestly one of my favorite things about sunny is how it makes the characters sympathetic without ever really trying to excuse or justify their shitty behavior

like, i feel bad for mac because he’s the product of poverty and neglectful parenting and toxic masculinity. i feel bad for dennis and dee because they were subjected to a childhood of verbal/emotional abuse and have a plethora of mental illnesses between them that they’ve never received proper treatment for. charlie is heavily implied to be a survivor of csa and very likely has some form of brain damage from a combination of the botched abortion and a lifetime of drug abuse. even frank is somewhat sympathetic considering he spent time on a psych ward during the 50s

but like. none of that changes the fact that they’re all Bad People who regularly do Bad Things (to varying degrees of badness, but still). they’re all people on the margins of society who have been let down in one way or another by the System, their parents, etc., but that only explains why they’re the way that they are, it doesn’t excuse it

i just think it’s a really delicate balance that could easily go wrong, but it’s something this show pulls off so well and i love them for it

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guess who is back with another character ?? yup, that’s me !! but, to the people who don’t know me, hii !! it’s me b, i play scarlett ( the perrie edwards fc ) and i’m back with this new muse, sebastian rusnak. now, here, bear with me bc this is my first time playing a male in a rp, seriously. so, i might be a little blah at the start with the writing and his bio bc i don’t have it completely figured out yet. but, here we go !!  i chose my bby paul bc i love him, so pls love him & plot with him ( also, if you haven’t plotted with scarlett, we can work on that too bc you can never have too many plots ) <33

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