idek this colouring man lmao

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Do you have tips for colouring hair? The way you colour yours is really pretty ^ q ^

Lmao Idek man hair is my kryptonite (as per everything else). I guess we’ll have Kise as our guinea pig. And I’m not sure if you’re asking about how I paint hair, or the colours I use for hair, so I’ll try touching up on both. Everything you see below is painted on one layer with a filled white BG to blend. The brush I use is the marker tool with the following settings.

Alright, here we have our sketch. I always paint/shade on the same layer with the base colour since it’s just easier to clean up, and if you make a mistake you just eye drop colours and fix it up.

(Also I noticed I forgot to paint his face first so I did that haha.)

Use your darkest, or the colour that is closest to your darkest, and kinda of define the shape of the hair. You just really want to get the edges at this point, it doesn’t matter what’s going on inside. This will create a fake “line art” later on and helps you separate things.

Use a medium tone, preferably of a different hue/saturation. Don’t go too crazy unless you want highlights. (Different hue shading like cyan on red, etc. is a little tricky, at least for me idk.)

Now use the actual pure colour and go back in there to pull out the shapes inside. Generally, when painting, avoid painting each strands of hair since it looks really dry and broken.

Like so. ;;;;

At this point, it’s mostly just defining the shapes, adding some darker/lighter tones depends on the colours you used earlier, small details.

Favourite part, adding the final touches. I said earlier that you shouldn’t paint each strands, because saving them for the few highlights can be very effective. It helps the hair to not look so blocky. Also, it’s fun.

Unless you’re painting in monochrome, avoid using the same hue with different brightness and saturation. It makes everything dull and not as colourful. Overusing of different colours can also mess up the base colours and appear very grey. So it’s really up to you how far you want to push it. I tend to go one or two hue over. I know some people can really utilize colours very well, but this is how I paint mine. It’s not like a “correct way” per say. It works for me and may be it’ll work for you?

This might have been confusing. you can ask me more questions if you’d like. I just take forever to answer them ;;;;;