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hi i have an Emotional Intelligence question. so i have this Super Cute friend, and i know she's a) gay, b) cool w trans ppl, and c) looking for a datemate. HOWEVER, my social anxiety is making me Stress abt asking her out and idek how, since i have like. -15 relationship experience. and to complicate things, even if she were interested in me, im p sure she wouldn't ask me out first bc of her own brainshit. help. also sorry if u don't do these anymore i just thought of u, feel free to not answer

Hello! I do try to answer all the questions I receive although sometimes I might not, usually because I don’t have a good answer or sometimes just because too much time goes by. Let me give this one a shot!

I might suggest the “test the waters” approach here. Sort of ease yourself into it. If you’re both a bit hesitant about these things, which it sounds like you are, then sending up a test balloon might be a good idea.

Ask her on a non-date date. Suggest going for coffee, or to a movie, or on a walk or something you know you both enjoy. Watch her response and body language. If she is enthusiastic about accepting, that’s a good sign. Then you could try a follow-up like “This could be a friend thing, or it could be a date thing. I’d be happy with either one. What do you think?” That gives you both an out.

Good luck!

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Who's jolly roger is the ugliest??? I mean Ace's is my favorite, and tbh I may get Usopp's behind my other ear.

idk sabo’s jolly roger is P Damn Ugly imo, mostly because it’s just so simple/not very specific to him and the S really does look like it’s drawn in comic sans (IT’S NOT HIS FAULT THO HE WAS A BABY WHEN HE CAME UP WITH IT).  i’ve never been a big fan of nami’s either bc……the tongue makes me uncomfortable…….which is such a shame since i love both of them so much lol.  i wish my fave character also had my fave jolly roger //orz.  i do quite like usopp’s!!  it’s really cute.

idek what my favorite jolly roger is tho….i love the more abstract ones, like law’s and drake’s.  and the kujah, arlong and blackbeard pirates’ jolly rogers are really cool bc they’re unique and kinda foreboding while still actually looking like jolly rogers.  my fave of the straw hats’ is probably chopper or robin’s though.


Kingdom of Lugunica Royal Election Participant, Emilia - エミリア


continuation of these c:

can you tell i ran out of ideas

i need a famous ship where they’re both insanely busy with album recordings & red carpets & tours & they’re trying to make this whole long distance relationship work but with the time differences & going months without seeing each other it’s difficult, not to mention all the rumors & shit. but then there’s all the cute things like showing up on tour to surprise each other & going to award shows together & just finally seeing each other again after going so long with only facetime dates, missed calls, & late night texts to get them by. honestly idek where i’m going with this i just know that i really want it ??? but like this or message me & we can figure everything out k cool


Choose your dans! inspired by this beautiful sketch by tomska!!I really loved the video and thought I might draw some dans (ノ*゚▽゚*)

I can’t fit “cant understand human body dan” in the box so have him just wondering about the whereabouts of the penis.

Just a random thought that came up while in class: I just imagine Lena in her office thinking about the gala and not wanting to go by herself. Then like a lightbulb goes off and whispers ‘Kara’ and she smiles. She starts wondering if it would be a good idea and then after a while she makes up her mind. She gets all the way to CatCo and then just stands there for a while wondering if this is the right thing. She steels her resolve and walks inside. Then when she gets to where Kara is supposed to be she finds that she isn’t there and is kinda sad. Someone asks her who she’s looking for and then directs her to where Kara really is. Lena sees Kara standing there and it takes her breath away. She then walks straight up to her and then she starts talking and asks her to the gala.

Like when she’s speaking it doesn’t seem like she’s nervous but inside she’s like a total ball of mush and she’s freaking out. Then when Kara says that she’d go it was like the best news ever.

Could someone make this a fic????

My favorite part of The Force Awakens is when Chewie is getting his wounds looked at back at base and he’s telling the doctor what he did and how scary it was, and she’s doing kindergarten voice at him and is like “wooow that sounds ~very~ brave~~~” like she’s putting a bandaid on a six year old. Like…that moment was so pure and gentle and made me wonder if Chewie is kind of childlike, but Han just respects him too much as a partner to nurture him in that way. Idek it was just real cute.

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Only if you keep Joly safe and happy. But yes okie dokie. Here’re your ships :D 

Star Wars:

Han Solo!!!!

idek dude I just think he’d dig you???? Like you’d be sarcastic and sassy together. He literally cannot draw for shit so he’d love seeing yours, he’d literally be asking to see your work. He makes this really cute face when he sees the things you draw, like his nose scrunches up and he lets out this real cute noise like halfway between a sigh and a gasp. And see this lil smile above, this is face he makes when he sees you bc dude you are just so dang gorgeous. Plus you’re like pretty badass, imagine the shenanigans you guys would get up to!! Like all the fun you would have romping round the galaxy, I’m sure he’d let you fly the Falcon.


Is there anyone else to ship you with, dev?

George Washington he would treat you right (I mean I’m thinking of like 23 year old GWash). Do I need to explain it? Idk I just think he’d love you so much, like he’s pretty chill and very different to Han, but I think you’d fit together. I’m just thinking lazy evenings spent reading and chilling outside Mount Vernon with a nice glass of wine. He would be watching you as you draw the sunset, and then when it gets too cold you could go and sit by the fire. Also GWash can also be pretty wild so you know he fits with your wilder side. (Also imagine the spicie times). He is just so????? Big and gentle and warm as well. The cuddles would be world class tbh.

Les Mis: 

Courfeyrac (would we be friends if I shipped you with anyone else lol?)

In my head Courf can draw so long evenings spent talking about revolution and drawing would be a thing. He’d love the way you argue with Enjy and he would watch Spongebob with you. He is also feisty like you and is very ready to flip tables. Like think about all the time you guys could spend reading and drawing and then the wilder side of Courf would come out and you guys would have the craziest adventures. Like he’d totally be down for a weekend in a cabin with copious amounts of alcohol. He loves it when you floof his hair, and it is completely irresistible (I mean look at that floof). Courf is also spicie and jokey and very clever so you guys would fit together so well. I am literally thinking so much love and care and warmth in your lives omg.

(pls do not hurt my son)

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