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I'm a bit confused. There are people who didn't know that his last name is 'Ren'? Did I make up a scene in my head from a prior season that cleared that up? Man I could have sworn that was a thing, but it's been so long idek anymore lol... didn't Oz say their names when introducing them as a team or am I crazy?

Ozpin did say “Lie Ren”, but since every character who’s ever addressed him calls him Ren, we all assumed that Ren was his given name, not his family name. Add the fact that he’s based on a Chinese character, it makes sense.

Honestly at this point, nobody knows what the official ship names are in Lady Midnight besides Jemma (JulianxEmma) like everyone is just making up their own

For MarkxKieran, is it Mieran or Kierark?

For CristinaxMark, is it Cristark or Rosethorn?

For TyxKit, is it Kitty or Heronthorn?

At this point every ship has like 700 different names and if you can identify the two characters that the ship name represents then I guess it’s valid idek anymore

Teen Vampire ~ Pack // Teen Wolf

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Plot: IDEK anymore. just read it will you 
Word Count: 496
Disclaimer: I’m not copywriting or anything. If I did I didn’t mean too.
Oh and EXTREMEMLY SHORT. I didn’t really know where I was going with this, I just had an idea and wrote it down.  

There was a harsh bang on my room door. I rolled my eyes and continued watching the scene unfolding on my laptop. Suddenly the door swung open and there stood the pack, glaring at me. “Where the hell have you been?” Derek said as he yanked apart the curtains causing me to squint as the bright sun rays filled the room.

“I’ve been here” I said in a slow and confused state as the rest of the pack piled into my room, “why?” Liam flopped onto my bed and clicked by laptops space bar, pausing what I was watching oh so peacefully before they showed up.

“You haven’t been answering your phone for three days” Liam said as he reached his hand out to play with the skinny silver ring on my index finger. Something he’s always done ever since we first met him.
“It’s been three days already?” I mumble to myself

“Have you actually been in your room this time?!” Stiles gave me an impressed but annoyed look, “great, we’ve been searching the town all day but you’ve been here doing God knows what” he dramatically fell back first onto my bed. He picked up my laptop from the screen and placed it on his chest.

“Teen Vampire?” Kira shrieked in delight “finally someone to fan girl with!”
“God Y/N really?” Scott sat up on my dresser and slouched on the wall.

“Hey, It’s like the best show ever!”  I defended the love of my life.

“Vampires? Really” Derek rolled his eyes and I nodded, “don’t knock it till you try it”

“You’ve been here for three days straight watching this show?” Lydia questioned. I playfully put my hand over my heart.
“This is not just some show, and it’s not as girly as it sounds. Actually the characters kinda remind me of you lot”

Stiles pressed play and stared at the screen, “This Ziles character is pretty energized huh” I chuckled and ran my free hand through Liam’s hair.
“I don’t know sounds pretty basic to me” Isaac suddenly chimed in.

I thought for a moment, “hey, are you guys free for the next forty-five minutes?”

.   .   .

“I called it!” Stiles hollered as the windows of the abandoned church smashed. The rest of the pack shushed him and I threw a few pieces of popcorn in his direction but to my surprise he actually caught them in his mouth and ate them. With help from Kira, we got everyone to watch the first episode of the first season in my living room, and let’s just say that my plan worked a charm because here we are now watching the final episode of the first out of six seasons.

“No, don’t leave them alone!” Lydia yelled at the tv screen, I chuckled at the sight of everyone being so intrigued despite a few hours ago they were so uninterested.

Well, It looks like a got a few new members into the fandom.      

((((so little drabble of the Fight-Teen Dreemurrs: Asriel, Frisk, and Chara. my first Undertale work ever so lol. this was something that @paychiri and i were talking about and i kind of had to write it bc. why wouldn’t i. they’re older teens here (hence the name) and it’s Asriel/Frisk with Chara just being rly entertained. hope you enjoy this piece of silly.))))

It was a beautiful day outside…

Birds were singing, flowers were blooming…

On days like these…

Chara wished the birds would shut the fuck up and wished the curtains were closed so they could go back to sleep.

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