idek the girl's name

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Oh, Harleen. A pretty name for a pretty girl—it’s too bad that you don’t know when to stop. Don’t worry, I’ll help you. You have to choose between him and your friends—who are you going to make pay for your sins? Either way, someone is going to end up dead.

Harley had been in her office for an hour now, collecting the things she thought could still be useful to her. As time passed the box piled up; some of her Arkham files, her favorite gun, the picture of Jay she’d kept in the back of her clipboard- all tiny reminders that Harley had never really left.

A knock on her door broke the silence of the room, taking Harley’s concentration. By the time she reached the door there was no one on the other side. Her gaze rose to check the roof, nothing. What she did find was a lone envelope, and the sight caused her to giggle. Had her co-workers actually gotten this afraid with her color scheme that they felt the need to fire her with a letter?

Harley waited until she was back at her chair before she opened it, legs stretched out over her desk— she wanted to be comfortable when she got the news. Her eyes read over the page a few times before she laughed, the laugh was sarcastic, yet a pinch of excitement had managed to come out. “Awe! Looks like I got me a secret admirer.”

Again, her eyes scanned over the words, and suddenly she felt alone. The same sense of isolation she’d felt in her room just a few hours ago. First, her body went cold as she began to shake. Then, the heat that took over her was enough to make her feel sick. The list of people Harley had upset, the list of her sins, were both too long for Harley to have any idea who this could be coming from. 

Was this a game? Was someone helping her get the spice back into her life? Was it an empty threat? 

Maybe if Harleen had gotten this letter she would have been more prone to the self-sacrifice route. Harley on the other hand, she didn’t see that as an option. Sure, she would play, but not without making her own rules. 

Slowly, her smile made its way onto her face again-  whatever this was, it was a promise of fun.