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favourite underappreciated characters andromeda tonks


hayley atwell as catherine fedden | the line of beauty, pt. i


@anon#1 omg //sneezes from the holy water I’m allergic to dat stuff mang. Yesh here ya goes, no sins yet but here ya goes

@anon#2 Here’s what I think. Round 1!!!

Her hands are big enough to shut Bakugou up

@anon#3 I enjoy doing blushes and sparkles ahaha XD I hope this is cute enough fer you~ Round 2!!!

@mariomendoza Sorry, got no izuocha but I got some bakutsuyu and bakukendou, have a taste

gryffindorheart  asked:

“ i didn’t ask for your help, or your advice.” to draco

“Well it’s a good thing I’ve generously offered it at no cost then, isn’t it?” Draco returned, the sneer in his tone heavily implying that his interest lay less in helping or advising her, and more in simply knowing what she was up to. He may be too proud to admit to certain less than desirable traits, but nosiness was not one of them. At her movement forward, he tugged his arm back, amusement pulling at the corner of his lips. “What do you need it for, anyway?” He asked, holding the jar of knotgrass just out of her reach.

@gryffindorheart // ask meme.

they called me a princess
as they handed me a diamond-studded crown
that glimmered in the sun
and in the moonlight,
transformed into a halo.

they called me a monster
as i plucked those diamonds out with bloody hands
and replaced them with the bones of the conquered,
and in the moonlight,
my teeth looked like fangs.

—  a poem a day [15/365] (h.q.)

all i know is if we don’t get a scene where a distraught stiles confesses what he did to lydia i am going to be one highkey upset piece of trash