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Sick Healer AU!

nightlyneutrois replied to your post: “i wanna draw the cool kids in that 3rd wheel pic before the meme is…”:

Put them in a giant sweater all together in the middle doing the stuff in the picture.

im LAUGHING, for the one i wanna do itd probably be just

roosterteehth  asked:

What do you think of a team building exercise four horseman!AU??

Biggest bunch of horseman nerds ever lemme tell you. 

Matt would maybe be famine, Jeremy as pestilence, Kdin as death and Lindsay as War. 

If they were an immortal bunch, they probably would of been really formidable and terrifying beings forever ago. And as the years went on, and times changed, they sort of began to modernize themselves with it, and as a result their abilities kinda become modernized as well.

Matt of course as Famine would have his dry humor. I can see him being able to just kinda take a sort of life force away from organic objects near him as well. The ground would dry up and plants would dehydrate. Somehow there’d never be enough equipment or supplies or anything when he’s around and he just kinda shrugs like ‘what do you expect?? I am the harbinger of scarcity!’

For Jeremy I can just see him being Pestilence mainly as a hint to him being a zombie in minecraft and the potions guy. Plus he’d have that sort of coy pestilent behaviour, where he’ll push buttons (like killing matt’s wolves). He’d be more dangerous with his power though, being able to basically poison and infect things. And that could either be very literal or more in the figurative sense of having a contagious attitude or habit. Pranking people into eating suddenly old food could be a common thing too

Kdin as Death pretty much explains itself. He’d have the power to kill things essentially. But to counter that he has his very lively, energetic personality. So most of the time people probably assume Matt is Death. In a modern setting though I can kind of see there being a bit of loophole in his power where he would be able to kill characters in video games too at will. So to mess with people he could just 'mysteriously’ kill their character. And irl, it’d be very useful for pest control! 

Lindsay would also kind of have that contrast, of being War but also having a fun loving and generally happy personality. Not to be taken lightly though cuz she’s really a badass bringer of War. She’d thrive in conflict and just all around enjoy any kind of combat, rough housing or argument for the sake of it.

All four together would wreak so much havoc, but also most of the time they’d be too busy messing with each other to wreak any real sort of real chaos onto the world. lol. Aka they could be really dangerous if they all weren’t big 'ol nerds to the extreme.