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                         Fairytale AU: No happily ever after for…. Cinderella.
When the glass slipper fit perfectly, the prince asked to marry Cinderella but before she set off to the palace with him, she wanted to have a little chat with her step mother and step sisters. Despite of the fact they mistreated her and made her life pretty miserable, she ended up forgiving them and invited one of them (her less cruel step sister) to join her and live in the palace too. However, as time as days went by the Prince realized Cinderella didn’t turn out to be that sweet girl he met at the ball because once Cinderella started living in the palace and started living a lifestyle she wasn’t used to, within time she began growing greedy and selfish. — and due to the following events Prince Charming decided to postponed the wedding until further notice with the excuse of wanting to get to know Cinderella better but instead he found comfort in Ella’s step-sister and later on began to have a relationship with her behind Ella’s back. And obviously it was just matter of time before the Prince realized he choose to marry the wrong sister and decided to stood up Ella at their wedding and run away with her step sister.  

Fic: I Really Can't Stay

Anonymous prompted: Can you write kurt being busy getting ready for Nyada but blaine is distracting him?

It is completely unfair that Blaine has, by some stroke of luck, managed to fit all of his classes into the days from Monday to Thursday, leaving him with Fridays off. It is especially unfair considering that Kurt has a 10am dance class that day followed by stage fighting and voice class and usually a shift at the diner.

He is used to busy days, he’d always tried to keep his schedule as full as possible when Blaine was still living in Ohio, just so that he didn’t have all that much time to miss him. But now that Blaine is here, getting up on a Friday morning to leave the house early has become – somewhat of a challenge.

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when the bestfriend question came up in today’s liveshow and dan answered with “when you’re with another person who’s a loser with no friends” and you just know he’s maybe talking about phil (no offense) you sit there and realize how wonderful their friendship is and how dan considers him as THE bestfriend and most of us would never find our THE bestfriend but dan found his and now i’m just emo about their friendship because actu a l f rie n d shi p g o a LS