idek know what your name is so

principessa101  asked:

2, 36 :)

2. what would you name your future kids?
idk honestly. when i was younger, i had a huge list of names i really liked but at this point idek. i really like a lot of names from the fandoms i’m a part of but i also am not sure i want to be one of those people that names their kids after their fave characters…. (on a side note, i know a set of twins named harrison and hermoine so…)

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
write and publish a book, get a job i don’t hate, be able to afford to live on my own

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I’ve done this before, but I wish the questions were more general and not so…fandom-centric. 

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Nickname: Sofa (bc my name is Sophie and its just been a thing lol)

Star sign: Pisces (ironic bc I am in fact a twin)

Height: 5′1 (so damn close to 5′2 ;-;)

Favorite music artist: At the moment? H O N N E (check them out, they’re super duper cool)

Last TV show you watched: …Miraculous Ladybug

What kind of stuff do you post: ML Fanfiction 

Do you have other blogs: Yes. @colors-of-cas

Why did you choose your URL: Idek, I was originally ‘vriskatarianserket’ but I needed a more ml-centric url so I decided I loved Marinette and that her eyes were the color of the sky, so thus ‘marinette-sky’ was born.

Hogwarts House: .Hufflepuff? (not a big fan of harry potter)

Pokemon Team: Mystic ;)

Favorite color: Orange. 

How many blankets do you sleep with: Haha funny story so I have this irrational phobia of blankets? Like, you know, the heavy ones that are usually on beds. So, instead I sleep with the sheets and a VERY thin couch throw over the sheets (tbh, I live in Texas it is never cold ever)

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@bloodydamnit ight so idek if this is still relevant to you but I saw your post about needing a model to base Rhys off of and then I saw your “Rhys attempt #1” drawing (which was pretty bomb) and you said you weren’t happy with it-

So I thought I’d throw this at you. I picture Rhys kinda like this, and some other people have said the same. I don’t know what his name is but… there’s his face.

I also think Ezra Miller might be a good model to base Rhys off of, but I personally think he looks more like The Darkling… but whatever they’re basically the same lmao

Hope this helps ^-^

ladyindigopinstripes said to linrinkuarts:

Ok, sorry about that. Um, It was actually a drawing request on Septiplier. You were drawing ragey stuff, but I loved how your Alt!Jack came out and I kinda wanted a drawing of Alt!Jack macking on Darkiplier while his hand is on top of his and Dark’s blushing. I know you’ve been getting requests lately so whenever you’re able to is ok.

I hope you like this bc I’m terribly sorry if this isn’t what you expected.

Pocket Gays- Chapter 1 (Kellic)

So…this is some weird pokemon but gay thing that I’m writing and idek know why. I apologize about ruining your childhood. There will probably be smut. I have no idea how many chapters of this there will be. Out Of Control is still my priority, so idk how regular updates of this will be. Don’t take it seriously. Also I’m just making this nonsense up. I haven’t watched Pokemon in years and can’t remember the technical stuff, so ignore. Enjoy!!


My name is Victor Fuentes and my goal in life is to be the best Pokegay trainer in the world. I was just a young boy when I first realized what I wanted to do with my life. Of course, my parents wanted me to get a real job, but my ambition was to travel the country, collecting all the gays that I could.

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