idek know what that is i just really like this pic


yamagata!!! just… dang. gosh diddly darn did they hit the nail on the head when it came to yamagata.

he looks a little funny and long-faced to me on his profile pic, but whatever. i believe he is the shiratorizawaling whose character we actually got the least insight into, but he sure as frick shows off a lot of emotion on his character sheet. we know what yamagata is like on the surface… but what are you like on the inside, yamagata? what are you thinking??

he pretty much goes from looking chill to miffed to downright murderous and idek what’s going on in the frog perspective pic but it’s still beautiful. his face is just incredible. look at those manry eyebrows. WOW. this is like… maybe THE best transition from comic to cartoon among the stzs. i am so impressed!!! i could stare at yamagata all day or at least until washijo yells at me not to!!!

he got to keep his really deep dark brown eyes too! what perfection!!! i don’t have a single thing to even mildly criticize here!