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okay sorry if this is weird but i have this professor at my uni and today it finally hit me of who he reminds me of. his demeanor, his gesticulation, his way of explaining, his actual gayness. he's just how i imagine your MSP and it's insane and i really like him and from now on i will only refer to him as 'real MSP'. just wanted to tell you that, idek why. give your plants a soft kiss from me and have a wonderful day~

HE CAN’T BE THE REAL MSP I’M THE REAL MSP WAIT *whispers* take a picture of him for me
he can be the fake MSP
*gives plants soft kisses*

Just imagine. Character a is a freshman in college, and character b (a family member or maybe their supervisor) asks how they’re adjusting to everything, and character a is all, “I’m doing great, handling the stress so well!!” And then they just let out the most humongous sneeze cause they didn’t happen to mention they’re sleep deprived and so overworked/overtired they’re sick with a stress-induced cold. And then they just straighten up and do finger guns at the very disbelieving character b and scurry away to go find some tissues or take a nap or something.

When I wanted to have a second baby and was talking to my husband about it, he asked me why. I said for him to think about how much he loved our first baby, how it’s such a big love that’s its overwhelming sometimes. And he said okay. And then I said now imagine having that twice.

And that is how I can be a louie and still love Harry. Or be a louie larrie. Or a louie harrie larrie. Or a larry larrie. Or whatever.

There’s always room for more love. And sometimes different loves can kind of bounce off each other and reflect and magnify each other.

  • Oikawa: iwa-chan, I know I'm no photographer, but I can picture us together.
  • Iwaizumi: ...
  • Oikawa: get it?~
  • Iwaizumi: shittykawa, do you know why I take photography classes?
  • Oikawa: awwww~ why?
  • Iwaizumi: it's because no matter how hard I try, I can't picture us together.
  • Matsunn and Makki: *highfive* Burn.
  • *crickets chirping*
  • Iwaizumi: wait. shit. are you fucking crying?
badboy!calum Imagine

cliquecalum requested: hello katie!! can u write a badboy!calum blurb where u accidentally find his notebook of scribbled song lyrics and what he would do if u found out some of them were about u? :-)

Let’s face it, school is always so boring. Being near the end of school only made the agony even worse. But nothing had prepared you for the hell that your next class offers each day.

Since the beginning of the school year you’ve sat in front of the one and only, too-bad-ass-for-anyone Calum Hood. He was a genuinely quiet guy at first - in fact he used to be slightly dorky. You got to know him a bit, became great friends; you guys even hung out for countless hours every week. It seemed like the start of a genuinely amazing friendship, or maybe something more.

That is, before he ran into Michael Clifford and his gang. Now he thinks he’s some hot shit because he beefed up, got a few tattoos and changed his style. He’s got the ability to charm any girl into his bed, only to toss them aside the next day and still have them hooked on him. A true asshole at the finest.

Despite this, the girls seem to love it; they think he’s so cool and mysterious, yet still the sweet guy he was before. They’re wrong, and only you seem to know the difference. He’s changed, and not for the better. All he does is act like an asshole now, and you’ve got the unfortunate experience to prove it.

“So, Y/N, how does it feel to still be a loser?” His taunting voice whispered in your ear. You didn’t even have to turn around to know that he had his cliche signature smirk.

“I dunno, how does it feel to be an asshole?” You replied quietly, trying not to draw attention. The last thing you needed was a scene - and another detention.

“Someone sounds hostile. What have I ever done to you sweetheart?” He asked mockingly, pushing your buttons even more.

“Take a look in the mirror, Calum. Maybe you’ll see past your shallow, pathetic interior and see something deeper.” You sighed, trying to give up on the conversation. You didn’t have the patience for him right now; your grade in this class is dropping quickly and you don’t need any more distractions.

“Well, this one time I looked in the mirror and saw myself balls deep in this hot chick, if that’s what you mean.” He laughed. “Y’know what I think? I think you wish that was you.”

“GOD DAMMIT CALUM YOU’RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE!” You shouted as you turned around. Right now, you don’t care about getting detention. Calum crossed a line. He may be right, but it pissed you off how vile he was about it.

“Y/N Y/L/N! DETENTION!” Your teacher shouted at you, causing you to turn around and blush. Calum couldn’t contain his laughter as you slunk down in your chair, annoyed and embarrassed.

“Guess I’ll be seeing you after school, Y/N.” Calum whispered in your ear, his voice almost seductive. It gave you shivers - both the good and bad kind.

Another half hour later and class finally got out. Your mind had been slipping throughout the rest of the lesson, so you were very slow to pack up your things. You purposefully blocked the aisle Calum had to walk through to annoy him, trying to do something to get back at him for earlier.

“Move.” Calum mumbled as he shoved his way past you. You let out a loud groan as the contents of your backpack spilled out onto the floor, mumbling curses at him under your breath as you went to pick up your things. 

An unfamiliar white notebook caught your eye; on the corner of it, scribbled in messy handwriting, was ‘property of calum hood’. You nearly called after him, to return the notebook, but you opted to take it instead, and give it back to him later. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find some embarrassing things in there instead of things like science notes.

After a whole lunch hour of reading the notebook, which turned out to be his song book, a part of you really wished you’d called after him.


Detention is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. More than half the time, the teacher in charge isn’t even here - he just keeps the door locked so we don’t walk out. However, it’s worse than bad when it’s only you and Calum in the room.

You wanted to give his song book back, but after viewing the contents inside, you’re not sure how to approach it. One wrong move, and all hell will probably break loose. You rested your head on your chin as you pondered a way to bring it up, as well as go over responses for any questions or accusations you got from him.

“Y/N!” Calum shouted, practically in your ear. You turned your head to glare at him, but as soon as your eyes caught his, you found yourself unable to hold his gaze.

“What do you want Calum?” You muttered, trying to forget everything you’d read in his song book.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He asked. You wondered why he was even interested in your thoughts, and why he seemed to be acting nicer to you; that is, until he made a snarky comment. “That face you were making looked really weird.”

“Just shut up Cal.” You retorted, leaning your forehead in between your index finger and thumb in an attempt to shield your blushing face from his gaze.

“Awww c’mon, I wanna know what’s got you so hot and bothered.” He replied. If he was a cartoon character, you’re certain his mischievous smile would have one of those flashy glints to it. But now, it was time to get him to be the flustered one as you pulled out his notebook from your bag.

“Well, I just so happened to find a certain notebook on the floor…” You started, smirking at Calum’s face as it’s typical cockiness was replaced with wide-eyed nervousness. “And it happened to have the most peculiar things in it…”

Calum opened his mouth to say something, yet was unable to produce any words. Truthfully, he didn’t know what to say; there’s no way he can dig himself out of this mess, let alone leave here unscathed. Something was bound to happen, and all he wanted to do was disappear from the face of the earth.

“The little notes on the sides of your songs are so cute. Here, let me read one.” You taunted as you opened the book. Calum just sat in his seat, his head held down; you assumed he was embarrassed.

“All I can think of is Y/N during this line. She’s so out of my limit.” You read, unable to suppress a smile. As much as an asshole Calum is, you were certainly pleased that he wrote such sweet things about you. “So, Calum, just how far out of your limit do you really think I am?”

Calum heaved out a sigh, and looked up at you. What shocked you was the tears in his eyes. He hadn’t exactly shed any yet, but it seemed as though he was about to. “You’re far more than a little bit out of my limit Y/N.”

You wanted to say something to make him feel better, because as much as you wanted to humiliate him you hate seeing people cry. But Calum continued, his words reeling in your mind. “You’re way out of my limit. When I first met you, I thought I kinda had a shot. And then I met Clifford and his friends and, well, for once I felt like I belonged with someone. I changed my style a bit and stuff, and because of that I felt a lot more confident. I felt confident enough to ask you out. And then I started getting all of this attention from other girls, so I kinda just went with it. But then I saw the looks you gave me… you looked like you hated my existence Y/N. It hurt, and I don’t deal well with rejection like that so I thought it’d be easier to just hate you back. I know I’m an asshole now, and I know I can’t make it up to you, but for the love of God will you please stop rubbing my feelings for you in my face. It hurts too much.”

After his little speech was finished you noticed how tears began to fall rapidly from his eyes and immediately felt like an asshole. Sure you thought Calum was the asshole, but here you are rubbing his feelings for you in his face, pouring lemon juice on his open wounds and there’s nowhere for him to escape it.

“Hey… Cal?” You started. He gave you no response, just sat there with his head in his hands and occasionally sniffling. “Look I… I’m sorry. I didn’t know that’s what you felt like, I just heard some nasty rumors about Clifford and thought you were trying to be a replica of him. I shouldn’t have judged anyone before getting to know them first. I’m sorry for making you cry, I honestly didn’t mean to hurt you like this. Think we could, y’know, start over?”

Calum looked up at you, his eyes bloodshot and still teary, yet holding the largest amount of happiness you’ve ever seen in someone’s eyes before. “Yeah, let’s start over.”

a/n: here is part two of the best friend!luke thing i’ve been writing. please let me know if you like it (or if you hate it but i really hope you don’t) feedback is always appreciated (^▽^) / part one + masterlist

The TV flicks through stations so fast each channel’s flash of sound blurs into one continuous hum, Luke’s thumb is pressed mindlessly to the remote. He’s not really looking for anything in particular, he’s not even paying attention, really, just biding time until his eyes are heavy enough that he can’t stave off impending sleep. At least once he’s asleep he won’t be conscious of whether or not you’ve come home.

It’s dark around him when he blinks heavy, eyes opening from what might’ve been a nap. He’s not sure but the remote is on the ground and the beer his other hand had been clutching is now seeping through his jeans to his leg. He groans and throws his head against the back of the couch, noting that you obviously weren’t back and now he has to try and wriggle out of wet jeans, as if the second skin of black denim isn’t difficult enough to tug off.

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moving with Michael

moving with Michael would include:

  • lot’s of dancing to music when you should be packing
  • Michael hoarding junk that you don’t need
  • ‘Michael we really don’t need that mug, it has no handle.’
  • 'yes we do! it’s the mug I drank out of when I got back from our first date.’
  • you packing up clothes and then Michael unpacking them again bc theyre not folded right
  • Michael calling the boys over for a house warming party in his new box fort.
  • trying to tidy and unpack at the same time but michaels box fort keeps getting in the way
  • 'babe the box fort needs to go.’
  • 'no! please can we keep it for one more day? I told the boys we could have a gaming day in here.’
  • cuddling together in the box fort
  • 'see I told you we should keep it here forever.’
  • having to tear down the box fort while michaels out bc if you don’t do it now it’ll never be gone
  • cuddling together in bed
  • agreeing to let Michael decorate the spare room by himself and being surprised at how nice it is

so idek if this is good but this is just a little blurb I thought id post bc im currently on holidays and I have no laptop so I wrote this on my phone bc its 11pm and im sitting in the hotel bar and im bored


so you know that video of luke, mike and cal playing the game? Imagine them being your best friends and the four of you are just chilling in mike’s room, having a night in. Usually ash would be there but he had work, but he promised he’d show up after his shift. And like the four of you, soon to be five would just stay up all night, playing video games, watching movies and eating junk food. And then, late a night, almost 5 in the morning the five of you would be sprawled around michael’s room, two on his bed, three on the floor and someone would speak up and be like,

“I’m so glad we’re all friends.” and you’d all agree and start talking about how the five of you met and how ashton had a massive crush on you back in elementary, and only luke knew, or how that one time you went on a date with calum and it went so bad that you two had a re-do date, before deciding that the two of you were better off friends, or how that one time you, luke and mike pulled an all nighter to talk to calum and ashton because they were in america, and the five of you couldn’t miss your friendiversary.

the 5 of you didn’t know what was in the future ahead of you, but as long as you had each other, everything would be alright.

like I was doing this makeup shit before very many of y’all which is why the entire internet owes me money but also, listen

  • a world in which women are expected to do things to their body in order to engage in a “public” is an unjust world, full stop
  • and so we have to listen to and hear our sisters who don’t or can’t wear makeup, especially when they operate in spaces that expect them to and penalize them for not wearing makeup
  • but also remember some perspective, I swear to god how many times I was on this site and heard people whose parents were probably lawyers be like Women Who Don’t Wear Diorshow Mascara Are Fired From Their Jobs On Site, like, listen, I come from nothing poor women, mainly poor fat disabled “ugly” women, many of whom don’t wear makeup to speak of, and they didn’t shrivel up and die or get sucked into hell for it, idek what to tell you
  • they even somehow exist in the world with hair on their bodies? 
  • which is not the same thing as not being penalized for not having the right bodies in public 
  • I desperately need you to consider that in many cases opting into makeup doesn’t offer women any kind of access–I intentionally want to keep this statement broad so you can imagine its reach
  • but I also need you to remember, because the season of blacklash is upon us, especially people who were in my askbox a year ago asking How Can I Do My Face Like Yours, RGR?, when you are textposting on how you are so glad Makeup Is Over, that the distance between a made-up face and an unmade face is not the same for everybody, and
  • it is nice and everything for you, a person with an unmutilated face for example, to rejoice in going out into the wild without makeup on, but when you start making fun of girls with drawn-on eyebrows again like you did three years ago think about… okay well if you do this maybe think about how you are a bad person, but also think about how you might also judge and ridicule her face without drawn-on eyebrows, you know?
  • anyway I’m watching everybody

Guys… Levi is such an amazing character like he blames himself for the deaths of Farlan and Isabel as well as his old squad and tries to distance himself from people because he harbors all that guilt. Yet he still goes on to care and mentor his new squad and even smiles at them and thanks them for believing and staying with him. Not to mention that when he got the chance to talk to Kenny he immediately asked him where the Titan serum was and didn’t question him about why he left him as a child in the underground. Like can you imagine the sense of abandonment Levi had?? His mother, who worked at a brothel, had just died and a new father figure came in, fed him, taught him how to survive, but then left him in the end yet he still put humanity first instead of himself and it just shows how unselfish and determined Levi is.


“Why not Dean, It’ll be fun” you giggled as you leaned against Dean’s beloved car “y/n babe, you know how much I love having sex with you but this car is my baby and we literally have a motel room right across the road” he pouted, grabbing your hands “But Deannnn, it’ll be fun, a little change in setting” you smirked, looking up at your boyfriend, who stood biting his lip

“Come to think of it, it doesn’t sound that bad, you manage to convince me to do the stupidest things y/n y/l/n” he sighed, opening the door to the Shiny black Impala and ushering you in “your lucky it’s dark and that I love you and y/n?” He said huskily, “Hm” you mumbled into the intense kiss you were now sharing as Dean propped himself up on top of you in the backseat “if we get caught, This was all your idea”

“That. Was. Amazing” Dean breathed as he wrapped his arms around your sweating and panting body, you lay on top of his sweaty chest, your legs tangled together “ told you you’d love it” you panted back to him, resting your head in his heart “I love you Dean, so much” “And I love you, so much more”

Soon enough you had both of ended in a game of ’ i love you more’ both of you repeatedly saying how much you loved each other and that one of you loved the other more and what you loved about each other, to many it would have been strange but to you and Dean, with the life you lived it was sometimes nice to take a break and remind your loved ones just how much you love them

so sherlock and john go to the scotland yard’s halloween party and sherlock dresses up as a bee obviously? and there’s drinks and music and dancing and at one point black and yellow starts playing and john whispers “this is your song” to sherlock and sherlock starts dancing in his lil bee costume and he soon attracts a small crowd around him and people are cheering and whistling at him and he’s having so much fun and john can’t stop grinning at him

Thoughts on Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

• the titles, the recap, the purple shirt of sex and Sheetlock… i am ready for this!
• he’s whipping a dead body again. Dead is apparently the new sexy…
• Steven Moffat. After being continuously accused of misogyny writes an episode of Sherlock based around women’s rights. Well played my good man, well played.
• She shot herself in the head with a gun. Where have I seen that before.
• Poor John, trying to get to the bottom of why Sherlock can’t handle women. The Johnlock is strong in this ep
• How did the burglar get in? Intruder window! BADUM TISS
• “okay I took all these drugs. Mainly cocain. Lets go dig up a grave it’ll be fun trust me its for a case”
• How did they manage to fuck up a timeline IN A NON SCIFI TV SHOW to the same standard as they fucked up Dr Who. How. HOW.
• this episode is so pretty. Everything about it is pretty.
• “Dead is the new sexy” see? I told you
• I’m gunna need a million and one gifs from this episode
• Mycroft really.. erm… filled out?
• “its on the tip of my tongue” which is exactly where I wish parts of me was
• revenge of the ex’s
• so… which Sherlock is imagining this? Or are they connected via shared moments of intoxication. Like an AU. Both real but when drugs are involved they share hallucinations of one another?
• idek I just need season 4. Hello haitus my old friend

Cameron Dallas Imagine

idek I’m not the best but I tried ha :b

You slowly breathe in as you open your eyes to see the beginning of the sunshine peek inside the bedroom through the closed curtains.

A pair of strong arms tighten around your waist and you feel a soft face nuzzle into your neck.

You feel a smile creep on your lips and you turn over and face your boyfriend, Cameron.

“Morning, baby.” he mumbles.

“Morning Cam.” you smile and peck his lips. “How long have you been awake?”

“No more than an hour. Its fine though; I enjoy holding you while you sleep.”

you laugh and sit up, your boyfriend following suit.

“What does today have in store?” you ask as you crawl out of the bed while your boyfriend stays in and stretches.

“Hmm, I dunno, babe. What do you wanna do? Today is your day.”

You wanted him to say that. With him being gone a lot, you hardly get anytime with him.

“Let’s have a stay inside day and cuddle and watch movies and kiss and stuff.” you smile.

Cameron chuckles and gets out of the bed and hugs you. “Sounds perfect.” he whispers in your ear.

“Yay!” You pull yourself from his grip, and run down the stairs setting up to the kitchen. “I got snacks, you got movie set up!”

“No breakfast first?” you hear his voice from the living room.

“Nah, it’s a movie day! popcorn and candy, not pancakes and all that crap.” you put the bag in the microwave and start to get the drinks and candy as you feel two arms sneak around your waist and lips on your shoulder.

“But I like pancakes.” he mumbles into the kiss.

You turn around and wrap your arms around his neck, his still in your waist.

“Mhmm, so do I, but today is MY day Cameron Dallas.” you smirk and kiss his cheek, then attempting to walk away to finish what you had been doing.

He picks you up instead, and places you on the countertop, standing between your legs. “Today’s your day, but I still want a proper breakfast.”

You smirk, shaking your head and laughing softly. “Cameron I’m not making pancakes.”

“No?” he cocks his eyebrow.


“Guess I’m gonna have to convince you.” he sighs and leans in to kiss you.

As you lean in too, you both are interrupted by the sound of the microwave beeping, making Cameron jump back.

You laugh and hop down from the counter. “Looks like popcorn it is.” you get the bowl and fill it with the freshly popped corn and finish getting drinks, walking into the living room with Cameron grumbling, but laughing softly.

“Next time Y/N, I will have my pancakes.”

He sits on the couch and you lay in his lap.

“Next time Cameron, I promise.” you kiss his nose and play the movie.