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“Oh, Merlin.” Arthur said quietly. “What did I tell you about crying? No man is worth your tears, not even me.” He sat down beside his friend and rested his hand on Merlin’s arm, touching his skin without any pressure. He didn’t necessarily want to reach through him again. Arthur just wished he could let him know that he was there. Then Merlin could get the potion from Gaius that they’d used too see Uther. And if Merlin could see him… if he could just see him, maybe then he would stop feeling like a part of his soul was missing.


seunghyun cutely adjusting the straps of his huge crownstick

I know a lot of people think that if William is in the revival, it’s going to be because he’s in danger and they have to go and find him.  But let’s be real, this is Mulder and Scully’s son we’re talking about.  Remember all of the stupid, reckless, and dangerous shit Mulder got into because he wanted to find out information about aliens?  William is not just going to spend his life sitting around, wondering who is biological parents are.  He’s going to break into places and fuck shit up to find out what he needs to know.  Then something like this is going to happen half way through the revival:

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