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“And we didn’t even know each other...”

Look. I know Zayn and Louis applied for the same job. And Niall and Liam went to the same Busted concert (presumably when they were like 8 years old when Busted was touring before 1D was formed). Both of those things are neat coincidences.

But they aren’t very significant to any of them, because they’ve mentioned both of those things like one time in interviews over the course 6 years (and it was arguably to try and make the Script concert seem like less of a thing). 

You know what’s significant? What Harry himself made significant? 

The Script concert. He had to make a public declaration about it…twice!

“This place is incredible to me…I remember coming to quite a few gigs here. I remember I stood right there watching the Script and it turns out, Louis was at the same gig!“ - Manchester, 22 December 2011

“This venue is quite special to me. I’ve been to quite a few gigs here before. And I remember, about 3 years ago, I was stood just about there to watch the Script in here, and it turns out, that Louis was at the same gig!” - Manchester, 23 December 2011

Louis and Zayn have never described their mutual employment pursuits as “incredible” or “quite special.” And neither have Liam and Niall described the Busted concert that way, despite it being literally the same scenario as Louis and Harry attending a Script concert at the same venue on the same day.

So you have to wonder why Harry cares so much, why it’s such a curious thing that they were there, together, on the same night, at the same time, doing the same thing, and they didn’t even know each other. 

But then fate twisted, and they did meet, and became so important to each other, that it made the night they missed each other that much more significant. 

i dont hold a grudge against my parents for the things they said about gay people when i was younger because they’ve both changed a lot and supported me immediately after i came out, but…… i really cant stress enough how deeply harmful it is for a gay child to grow up with parents who just assume their child is straight

it’s so so easy to see heterosexuality as the default and unwittingly disparage your children to their faces. it’s never YOUR kid that’s gay, it’s always your neighbor’s kid or your boss’ kid– when you’re ignorant and straight it’s easy to think that way. and i swear to god, my upbringing and my struggle to come to terms with being a lesbian could have been so much easier, soooo fucking different, if my parents had just every once in a while been aware enough to realize they might be talking to a gay child when they told me that: pretty gay women are a waste of beauty, gay relationships are something children shouldn’t be “exposed” to, gay people are “freaks,” and finally………… they’re glad their child isn’t gay because they wouldn’t want a loved one to have that burden.

and the thing is, overall, day-to-day, week-to-week my family was not overtly homophobic. those comments were spaced years apart, and usually gayness didn’t even come up in our household. but i fucking remember everything they said, every remark they made, because it made me panic and it made me deeply, deeply sad. i can forgive and move on from those moments, those pivotal moments when i was impressionable and vulnerable, but i can’t unhear anything that was said. and they can’t take any of it back. i have a great relationship with my parents now but that pain is still there, because that little 8 year old, 12 year old, 15 year old kid heard those things and absorbed them.

parents should always remember their kid is listening, and– SHOCK!– their kid isn’t necessarily straight!!!

grumpy old man keith: no you don’t ‘still got it’ calm down lance, no one wants to see you break a hip trying to show off

old man lance: we’ve been married for over sixty years and you still think you’re better at this than me, unbelievable

keith: well my memory isn’t what it used to be but last time i checked, yeah

lance: oh please keith your stories are always so boring

keith: if by boring you mean factual, you can’t even tell it the same way twice

lance: exactly!!!

their grandkids: granddad, grandpa, can you please just get on with the story

lance: oh right, of course, where were we

grandkids: you were getting to the part where you guys formed voltron

lance: oh right!! (strikes a pose) so there i was, in the thick of it, the universe’s only hope, your favorite grandpa, a little more ripped and youthful than he is now but (dabs) it was me, nonetheless

keith: oh my god


Kingdom of Lugunica Royal Election Participant, Emilia - エミリア

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Yoongi knows what he’s going in for. Idol life, dance practices, and exhausting nights. It comes with another price though, your personal life.

He’s not one to complain, he did choose to train and at times, he was grateful for it because they’re finally debuting. 2013, BTS will be born.

Several members were added, like the youngest of the 6 boys was Jungkook. That boy only had a few months training but still, he knows what he’s doing. Jimin as well, part of the youngest of the 6, only trained for a few months and debuting with them.

What he didn’t expect was the 7th member. Kim Seokjin. Pretty, tall, and silent. He’s to be the oldest in BTS but he looks too young to be even the second oldest like Yoongi is now. His jaw dropped a bit when he heard the older man sang his lines in a cover song. Soothing and somewhat angel like, Yoongi is hooked.

Debuting went smoothly and there’s bound to be interviews and shit like that but Yoongi finds himself staring at the eldest a couple of times that he has to make a mental note to stop eye fucking the eldest who is probably straight as a stick.

Namjoon knows Yoongi is bisexual. The leader couldn’t care less because can he help it? As long no one gets pregnant and gets a sex disease. Namjoon also notices the way Yoongi stares at Jin but he decided to let it roll. He doesn’t want the infamous, I-don’t-give-a-fuck™ Yoongi to be a walking block of ice. It’d be nice if his hyung would actually feel loved and hurt by someone he’s eyeing on.

Months past and Yoongi is still eye fucking the eldest. They’re not even room mates to begin with so thank God. Yoongi’s dick is saved. Jungkook is his roommate, Namjoon and Tae, while Jimin, Jin, and Hoseok are roommates. The set up is good but Jungkook, the little devil he is, notices Yoongi’s feelings for the oldest and
decided to tease him about it.

JK: You like Jin hyung!

Yoongi: Will you turn into a fetus and shut up?

JK: No way, hyung. You’re literally crushing on Jin hyung. I can’t
believe it. And people thought you were stone.

Yoongi: Ugh, don’t. (insert Yoongi looking put off here)

JK: Really, hyung? You like him, and I’ve heard the new song you just created. Sounds like you’re really into Jin hyung.

Yoongi: Fuck off to your friends already.

JK: Alright then, I’ll see you later, love sick hyung.

Jungkook says as he exits the room. Probably still smirking because of his hyungs defeat against his true feelings. Yoongi just sighs and lays back the headboard and wishes the stinking butterflies in his stomach (and ocassionally, boners) to please go the fuck away.

Yoongi opens his laptop to watch a movie, to distract himself and just (probably) move on. Its rare occasions like this that the 7 of them get breaks and Yoongi is more than (worse) happy alone in the dorms. Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok are eating somewhere in Gangnam. Namjoon and Jin are shopping together (cause god knows how many shirts they’ve lost after a few months of living together). And Jungkook, the actual spawn of satan, is out with his friends (or other devils).

Yoongi’s peace (suffering) and quiet (his mind won’t shut the fuck up) is finally over when Jin (the ray of light) arrives home with a tired Namjoon. The dorm is still empty when they arrive but the two didn’t know Yoongi is in bed. Yoongi can hear Namjoon’s complains about his back hurting because of too much walking and Jin’s mother-to-son talk to Namjoon about easily getting tired from walking like a 78 year old grandpa. How ironic.

Yoongi unplugs his earphones and went outside to see the comotion. He didn’t expect Jin to be in a tanktop and messy hair to look that hot, he almost wanted to punch himself in the face to stop staring and walk p r o p e r l y.

Jin: Yoongicchi, you’re here? I thought you joined the trio?

Yoongi: They’re loud so I just stayed here.

Jin: I see. How about kookie?

Yoongi: With his friends. Was it hot outside?

Namjoon: It felt like my back was being used as a skillet, shit.

Yoongi just hums in agreement and he sees Jin with 3 plastic bags beside him. Probably all the clothes they bought. They were probably like a cute c o u p l e. Yoongi felt his blood boil a bit and its not even because its actually hot outisde. He wish it was because of that tho.

Namjoon: Yoongi hyung?

Yoongi: What?

Namjoon: Why are you suddenly grumpy? What did I do? (insert crying emoji here for Namjoon’s hurt ass)

Jin: Aish, you probably will never get used to it. Its hot, its understandable. Right, Yoongicchi?

Jin approaches him and puts his arm around Yoongi’s shoulder. Yoongi feels like his stomach just did a summersault and Namjoon is internally fanboying in the inside over the situation. The sense of pride and happiness because he (and Jungkook now) knows about Yoongi’s feelings over the eldest.

Yoongi: Yah! Hyung, don’t put your arm around me. I’m already a bit sweaty here.

*in other words, “I’m too much of an ass to admit that you and I this close is going to give me a heartattack”*

Jin: Why? It’s not like I’m putting my sweat onto you!

Yoongi: Just, don’t.

*in other words, “Do”*

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You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.

nightlyneutrois replied to your post: “i wanna draw the cool kids in that 3rd wheel pic before the meme is…”:

Put them in a giant sweater all together in the middle doing the stuff in the picture.

im LAUGHING, for the one i wanna do itd probably be just