idek if this is zarry

harry/zayn after the brits (inspired by that lovely gif)

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But guys do you realise that if Larry is real (pretty sure it is but yeah), like imagine how bad Louis might feel because of like what he/management tweets on his account. Like all the rude sassy bitchy stuff. The tweets to skyleridk etc and when he blocked a few Larry shippers ages ago. What if one day Harry and Louis are just sitting or laying together going through their memories and Harry just says how grateful he is for the the fandom and grateful that he knows that if they ever come out Larry shippers will defiantly have their backs and support them. But Louis will get all emotional and guilty because if they come out one day we’ll be right about Larry. And all those days ‘he’ was mean about it on twitter did hurt a few of us which will make him all mushy and just wow we actually don’t think about how he might be feeling about how we react to it. We mainly just see fan arts and posts about how Harry will feel. Idk man I just thought of this don’t laugh at me.