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So say after legacy/high school nothing gets sorted out (I know I know I would hate that too but there’s lots of rumours about that being the case) and the ‘triangle’ remains. Both girls still like Lucas, and he hasn’t made a decision.

So after the campfire, and when they’ve started high school, Maya still teases Lucas/acts mostly the way she did before, but feels way too awkward to 'ha-hurr’ him again.

Maybe Lucas sorts out his shit with Riley, or whatever, but Maya doesn’t want to go out with him because of Riley - even though Riley is okay with it.

Maya and Lucas continue to get into these hot fights where you know they just want to kiss each other but they CAN’T

And Maya doesn’t ha-hurr Lucas. Ever. Maybe it reminds her too much of the campfire, or maybe it was ruined when there was all the 'he just held my face’ shit, or maybe she just feels too old to be acting like that.

But Lucas doesn’t like that.

So Lucas and Maya are arguing or whatever, teasing one another.


Yes, the next ha-hurr is initiated by Lucas.

We finally see how Lucas feels 😏


One of THE most true things about sungmin

It is very hard to read him….and 90% of the time you can’t tell what goes through his mind…

Emotionally, his poker face and ‘smile’ hides everything oh so perfectly….

he could be sad. he could be happy or he could be freaking mad…but you’ll never know

And he’s an expert at leaving you confused:

He would say it’s hard but the next moment he’ll ace it and will be the one who does it the best…

Or he would just smile like the cutest baby you’ve ever seen and the next moment you’ll see a sex god trying to impregnate everyone with just his stare….

Or he would smile like the kindest angel ever to walk the earth but the next moment he’ll sent a stare that would freeze over hell…

And he’s someone who knows he is cute and use it

when he doesn’t have anything else to say or screw up he’ll give you his cutest smile that melts you and forget that he missed a step…

But most of all he’s man who gives it all

He’s a man who believes in his principles and set rules on himself, disciplining himself….so he won’t be an hindrance to his own future, to his brothers, to his family, to his fans…  

He constantly practice because he feels that he need to give nothing but the best to the people who stand by him…

And so far he has never disappointed us…

I could write a book about him but still won’t finish saying what I see in him….

He’s a true idol…

He is Lee SungMin


“You always did things in such a roundabout way… And I know all about how Gramps cut you out…

“Bring it on. See, Master’s enemies are my enemies.”