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a series of unlikely crossovers


Psych 101. We all have something we want, but can’t have. So, tomorrow let’s start with what that is for you. And one more thing… If you think of stabbing me with whatever’s in your pocket, you better hope you don’t miss… Because if you do, I will kick your nuts up through your mouth and show you how we do it in Canarsie.

misapprehension: a mistaken belief about or interpretation of something.

Summary: Blaine makes assumptions and Kurt gets hugs. (aka 5+ times Blaine thinks Kurt and Elliott are in love and one time he realises why jumping to conclusions seriously does not make life any easier.)

A/N: I have no idea how this happened except that I really wanted to write about Elliott and how good he is for Kurt. And, well, I pretty much always want to write about Klaine. Also, I mean, come on. They’re all just so pretty, you just gotta get these feelings out sometimes.

Warning for shameless overuse of italics and dumb boys being dumb (but what else is new).

Also up on the AO3.

Sophomore year Blaine decides to move out of the college dorms. He just likes the idea of having a place of his own. And Tina knows a guy from her job at the diner who’s looking for a new roommate just now, after his old one moved to LA to become an actress.

The guy’s name is Kurt and Blaine likes him immediately. He has amazing hair and a very cute smile and wears really tight pants and is just a little awkward.

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OK, let’s hit this point by point.

1. Maybe don’t worry about giving me a chance if you’re being disappointed this greatly? Just scroll past, I stg I will keep on living.

2. So many of my fics are from Felicity’s perspective, and I see her as being very hard on herself, especially following the events of Havenrock. I think it’s a mistake to call that “blaming” her, and I’m sorry if anyone sees it that way.

3. Would you really prefer to think Felicity just is blindly dating a dude she hates? I was trying something. Thank you for telling me it disgusted you. Again, feel free to never read me again.

4. I have written so many fics about the things Oliver has done wrong idek.

5. In all seriousness, I don’t want to make anyone mad. Please don’t read anything that makes you feel like this.


Something in me DIED at Peleliu. Perhaps it was the childish  i n n o c e n c e  that accepted as faith the claim that Man is basically good. Possibly I  LOST  faith that politicians in high places, who do NOT have to endure war’s savagery, will ever stop blundering and sending others to endure IT 


And now… kiss!

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hey maddie im neglecting my calc homework right now too so we're in this together. idek what's going on right now something with areas and summation formulas and integrals and im just. l o s t.

Hahahaha we’re probably doing the same thing I think we’re doing definite integrals between two curves right now,,,,, GOOD LUCK
You know your YOI obsession is bad when doing calc homework makes you want to write some sort of mathematician/scientist AU

date a boy who
  • isn’t afraid to speak his mind
  • works hard
  • is super determined
  • speaks french
  • writes you love letters
  • has nice hair
  • is serious about honor
  • will fight anyone, seriously anyone
  • survived a hurricane
  • knows the ten duel commandments
  • has unbelievably attractive eyes??
  • pisses off thomas jefferson
  • is on the ten dollar bill
  • is Alexander Hamilton, just date A. Ham

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Do you have any recs for like a pitch perfect ish fic? Like an a cappella group or something? Idek if there are any but thanks

I only read this one (and it was fun !) :

- can i not like you for a while? : louis tomlinson is awful. harry is just as difficult, and they’re both terrible to each other. it makes being in the same acapella group together quite complicated. (43k)

I found this fic on AO3 too (haven’t read it though) :

- Nothing That You Do  : Louis wants to be in London making music, not at university wasting away, so when the perfect opportunity presents itself by the hand of Harry Styles and a bunch of singing young men, well, he’s not about to say no. Things aren’t always that easy though. Or a Pitch Perfect AU where Louis is Becca and movies are indie rock bands now.  (15k)

Have a nice day !

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i just wanted 2 say like... holy shit i just saw ur "there’s something wrong with those kids" drawing,,,, and oh man.... oh boy.... its just???? i love it??? just like a lot??? idk it just makes me feel ~emotions~ idek how to explain its just like EXACTLY the kinda art im into and boy its just good

omg thank u!!!! this is such a Good compliment bc that’s exactly how i want my ocs to make ppl feel

“You’re not Clara,” the Doctor says. “Where is Clara?”

“I am Clara. Don’t you see?”

“Where is she?” he shouts.

“Rose, tell him,” Clara pleads.

The Doctor turns to look at Rose, who stares back, her eyes dark and her lips curved in a smirk.

“Of course she’s Clara,” Rose purrs, edging closer to the Doctor. He eyes her warily, and she slides her hand up his chest to his shoulder. “Just like I’m Rose. Your Rose.”

She pushes to her toes, her lips brushing over his, and her eyes meet Clara’s over the Doctor’s shoulder. The women share a smile, and Rose pulls a perfume bottle from her bra, spritzing the contents right in the Doctor’s face. He crumples quickly, and Rose looks down at him as she pockets the perfume bottle.

“That was easy,” she murmurs, as Clara approaches her.

“He seems to favor that body over this one,” Clara says. “Men are all alike, no matter what species. Come on, let’s get him in a tank.”

Several minutes later, the Doctor comes to, and Rose and Clara approach the tank when they hear him rattling inside.

“Rose?” he calls. “Clara?”

“Right here, Doctor,” Clara replies.

“You’re not Clara. Where is she? Where is Rose?”

“They are here, you idiot. These bodies make such lovely vessels.”

“Get out of them, leave them alone, do you hear me?”

“Just sit tight, Doctor,” Clara says, sharing a smirk with Rose. “We’ll come back for you when it’s all over. If you’re still alive, of course.”

The girls turn away from the tank, smiles widening as the Doctor shouts after them, and join hands as they start down the corridor.

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So since you want angst, I've got an idea. It's a bit much, but I think it would be interesting. Spencer starts to like a newbie at the BAU who is a mole for a mob or something. He's unaware she's the bad guy and she takes advantage of this and leads him on. So the first couple chapters would be them starting their 'relationship', and the last few are her plotting to kill one of the agents or something like that. Probably wont have a happy ending. Idek if this makes sense sorry


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This cute boy added me on snap and we've been talking for two days and we have a few mutual friends but don't know each other and we had an actual conversation the first day but now it's just pictures but like I want to actully get to know him but idek how to do that ya know and also if we ever actually hangout how do u make that not awkward and like actually find things to talk about

Try asking him about himself! Get him talking, ask him about the things in the pictures he sends, tell him little things about you! If you want to hang out with him in person try something like if he sends you a pic of a certain food talk about a great food place you know and that you two should go sometimes, or be bold and ask if he wants to get coffee or icecream sometime! You got this!!

What makes you think you'll be alone?

Pairing: Marauders Era Wolfstar

Words:One thousand and something :)  

First thing published here so don’t hate me…


The Marauders were sat together in the common room, late on a Wednesday evening. Homework was completed, their OWLS were fast approaching, and so conversation turned to the boy’s futures. After the many remarks Sirius made to James about how he’d be taking up a permanent residence in the Potter’s house, they both stated they wanted to be Aurors.

“I could take him! Voldemort I mean,” Sirius joked which caused Peter to frown. James laughed and slapped Sirius arm, causing him to recoil a few inches.

“Yeah right. Over my dead body.”

“I could, don’t believe me? If you want I can try out a few hexes on y-”

“No, you’re alright,” he interrupted quickly, blocking the harsh blows he was getting.

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.:。*゚‘゚txt :: CAMI
  • CAMI: i was walking by a penny slot machine and there was an extra credit in it
  • CAMI: so i pushed the button and it lit up and started making noise and was freaking the fuck out
  • CAMI: and then the jackpot was only like $800??????????????
  • CAMI: no wonder poor people are poor. even hitting big sucks for them