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imagine evan hansen as john mulaney in his ‘party at mr. McNamara’s house’ and the person who took a shit on his computer was connor and jared was the one who broke the pool table and at the end instead of the fence line he says “I’ve never climbed a tree that high before! and then I woke up in the hospital”


Okay, what happened?


I had to constantly remind myself that I do not ship them while drawing this.

Doing so was an absolute pleasure though, thank you for the request I hope you like it!

Early Wake Up Calls

A soft breeze swept in through the open window as chirping birds and a mildly warm sun beginning to rise signalled the start of a new day.
The slight rise and fall of the duvet being the only indication of the forms that lay tangled in a heap of limbs beneath.
Everything about the scene expressed a calm and relaxed environment before-
‘Ouch! Fuck! Oi, Faceache, learn not to leave your fucking stupid keyboards all around the fucking hall!’
Followed by the sound of what could only be assumed to be said keyboard smashed against 2D’s bedroom door before Murdoc stormed off in a fury of heavy footfalls and varying curses.
The loud and unwelcome disruption only worked to ease one of the people in the bed out of their slumber, bleary eyes blinking open before slamming shut again at the blinding light of the sun shining in their face.
‘Ugh, Stu, this is another reason why I think it’s best we stay over at my place when we get together’ your voice was groggy and still laced with sleep as you tried a second time to pry your eyes open and keep them open with a little more force this time.
However, whether 2D had developed an incredible way of completely blocking Murdoc out in his sleep, or if his sleeping tablets were simply working a bit too well, the body beside, or rather completely on top of you, refused to awaken.
A sign escaped your parted lips after a few moments more of waiting to see if 2D would respond at all, which of course he didn’t as he continued to lightly whistle in your ear, something you’d discovered he done in his sleep due to his lack of front teeth.
You rolled your eyes with a huff and worked to decipher where his limbs ended and yours began so you’d be able to untangle yourself and get up to start the day. After a few moments you discovered your right hand was lodged underneath his left hip and your side, a bit of an awkward one to get out from but you could do it, he was basically dead to the world at the moment anyway, plus your left hand was free.
'Okay Stu, give me something to work with here’ you grumbled as you gripped his shoulder and started to gently shove him onto his side, he may be a lanky guy but damn was he heavier than he looked.
You only managed to slide him about an inch away from you before he mumbled something incoherent and shuffled himself even further on top of you, making you release his shoulder with a startled 'oof’ as he wrapped his arms tighter around you and buried his face into your neck, trapping both your arms in the process.
'Stu, please get up, I really need to pee’ you whined in his ear, trying to shuffle yourself around in an attempt to rouse him.
'Mmmm, just hold it’ a muffled reply came from the side of your neck making your eyes widen in realisation, the bugger was awake!
'2D, I’m really gonna need you to get your butt off of me, I literally can’t move’ you huffed, trying to pull yourself away, but another realisation washed over you, not only is he heavier than he looks, he’s stronger than he looks too.
'That don’t seem to be a problem to me’ he spoke, shuffling himself around while placing soft kisses on your neck, making you gasp out at the sensation.
'Stu, I promise you, I am so into where you’re going with this but I’m not joking, unless you let me go now I’m literally going to pee myself’ you whined, rocking your hips back into his which made him groan, but of course your reasons weren’t quite the same as his since you were genuinely trying to stop yourself from relieving yourself right there and then.
'You’ve got to be mad if you think I’m gonna let you get away from me now’ he finally raised his face from your neck, grinning down at you before bending his neck and catching your lips with his.
'Stu’ you almost sobbed between kisses as he slipped his hands under your t-shirt to rest on your hips as he grinded himself against you.
He finally moved himself up to straddle you, releasing your hands to allow you to bury them in his hair at the nape of his neck as you returned the kiss feverishly.
His hands had just began their journey upwards, dragging your top up in the process before he found the moment suddenly over as his back collided with the hardwood of his bedroom floor.
He could only lay there and wonder what the hell had happened as you suddenly jumped over him and ran into the bathroom attached to his room chanting 'I’m so sorry babe but I gotta pee, oh god I really gotta pee’ before the door slammed shut and he was left on the floor staring at the ceiling contemplating if there was a better way to initiate morning sex than this.