idek i just realised


there was a chainsaw fight
I saw it at the waterpark 
and though the sun is up
it’s still getting dark

AJJ - Deathlessness

FoxSnake Week 2017 (lol)

This is for the Metal Gear ship: Gray Fox/Solid Snake

From November 5th - 11th 2017

Day 1 (Nov 5th): Best Friend

Day 2 (Nov 6th): Bloodshed

Day 3 (Nov 7th): Complementary

Day 4 (Nov 8th): Rebirth

Day 5 (Nov 9th): Training

Day 6 (Nov 10th): AU / “What if”

Day 7 (Nov 11th): The Fox and the Hound

**This is not official or anything. I’m only doing this for myself as a sort of fun activity to do during my Reading Week.

However, if anyone actually wanted to do it, feel free. And if you really want you can use the tag #foxsnakeweek but you can tag it as literally anything you want.

Also I’ve never made a “Ship Week” before nor joined one for that matter…so apparently there are descriptions for each day and I’m just like…interpret the title to whatever you want. Draw whatever you want. Write whatever you want. Be creative.


Can we talk about how in this video Anthony mentions that they never went to their senior prom, instead going to the Olive Garden with their girlfriends who were juniors.

But in today’s lunchtime Ian mentions how he never had a girlfriend in high school. He got one only after high school. Although he never said anything about not having a boyfriend

I don’t know it just seemed a bit suspicious to me…did he or did he not have a girlfriend? Anyways here’s what I believe is possible.

Ian and Anthony dated in high school but when they realized that Smosh was becoming very successful, they mutually agreed to break it off for fear of being judged by a huge audience (remember that this was 2005-06) and which might prevent Smosh from becoming even more popular.

Also, in this old interview we see that they’re very hesitant in answering whether they have girlfriends or not. An explanation for this could be the fake girlfriends theory as mentioned in the Ianthony Report. (Or maybe they were just shy but hey we’re not here to discuss that)

This is just a theory so I’d really appreciate it if no one bashes me for it

I may be overanalyzing but I’d really like to hear your opinions on this.